RE: Do you offer a pre-designed travel affiliate template?

Dear Adivaha

Can you please advise on the following?

1. Do you offer a pre-designed travel affiliate template?

2. Basically I’m looking at the and Travelstart plug in. Can you please advise what you require from me in order to activate the plug ins (i.e do you require short codes etc). From what I understand is that does not give white labels to their affiliates and Travelstart does not give API integration.

3. Do you offer a Viator (tours) plug in? If not, which tour affiliates are compatable with your travel templates.

4. Can you also please advise the estimate costs and perhaps email me examples of the pre-designed travel templates that one can choose from?

Basically what I require is a travel template that works on wordpress which enables me to add and Travelstart.

Looking forward your feedback.



illane Default Asked on May 18, 2020 in Adivaha Themes.
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2 Answers

Dear Siva,

Thanks for showing interest in our services. Unfortunately, Hotels+Flights isn’t applicable in Travelpayouts products as Travelpayouts doesn’t offers complete booking feature, Its moreover a price comparison website. But you can surely have the rest of the modules.

Travelpayouts Combo  : $377 (Which includes, Hotels and Flights from Travelpayouts and Tours, Sightseeing and Activities from Viator)
Cartrawler Cars : $169
Total : $546
Inclusions : Complete Portal Setup, Private Branding, Testing, Setting it to LIVE and free maintenance down the road.

Online Demo
Few of the customers using our Travelpayouts Solution

Please don’t hesitate to ask in case if you have any question.

Krishna Purchased Answered on May 18, 2020.
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