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Hi there,
We have a few questions to ask.
1- We only want flight booking commission-based plugin. But we want to know if we can use any theme and your plugin will work that?
2- How much charges would be in total for website and flight booking plugin only?
3- I can see there is markup based plugin as well. Will that solution work with your payment gateways as you provide in a commission-based plugin?
4- How do we get paid for commissions or markups?
5- Can you provide us a live test run with the admin area, where we can see all the options for the commission-based plugin and how that works?
6- What about the support for customers, once they convert and want further assistance with matters. For example they want to modify the dates or want a refund. Who will handle that?
7- Are your rates competitive, because if they are not, no one will buy especially in the USA.
8- Is there any rate difference in markup and commission-based plugin on live site? For example, We use a markup-based plugin and set the markup to 0, so the price of a flight using this plugin will differ from the commission-based plugin as you have set 3% on that?
9- If we decide to go with the markup-based plugin and want to switch to the commission-based plugin in the future, will it be possible by paying the only difference in the price of these plugins, or will we need to buy commission-based plugin again?
10- What are the payout options for both commission and markup based plugins if we don’t have Paypal, is it possible to get the payment in the local bank account?

The solution we are looking for is to provide realtime flight bookings where customers will not be redirected to third-party sites.

I may have more questions for you.
Thank you

tbco Default Asked on May 21, 2020 in Adivaha Travel Plugins.
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Thanks for your reply TBCO, Please find the response below in BOLD.

6- You only told about the refund, but what if the customer requires further support regarding his booking. Who will support them in that case? Will we be the ones to handle that support level by contacting you or is there any support agent from your company to handle that? – Some of our customers prefer to deal the customers themselves and coordinate with us. Some of them want to stay away from the hassle. It totally depends on your business doings. We are ok anyway.

8- As you have both plugins but i can’t see separate demo for each plugin. Is it possible for you to tell me the rates based on each plugin for an example flight? For example. Flying from Newyork and Destination Chicago and send me the difference between markup-based plugin with 0 markup and the commission-based plugin for the first flight that comes up? Just to see the rates difference. – The current demo that you see doesn’t has any markup added. So the price that you see is what you will be offered.

9- Can you tell me in more detail. I asked if an upgrade from markup to commission possible with only price difference like $999-$499= $500. So if we choose to upgrade from markup to commission we need to pay $500 or $999? – You are right, you just need to pay the price difference and you can upgrade the plugin anytime.

10- For further clarification, i want to know that the commission that YOU will have, based on a transaction from the commission-based plugin, how will you send it to us? We may not use Paypal, so is it possible for you to send it through wire transfer to our local bank account after a certain amount limit like $500 or so? – Yes, right we do Bank Transfers to the customers who don’t have Paypal.


Prashant Support Team Answered on May 24, 2020.
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