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I’m looking to build a website that is similar to [url_hidden], basically a site that sells packaged vacations, mostly resorts, all inclusive etc. Which of your plugins would allow me to do so? I see you have the Packaged Vacations Booking Plugin and one is commission based and the other is markup based. Would those be the best option? Other than the profit structure what are the major differences?

Thank you!

tmbordeaux Visitor Asked on April 28, 2020 in Adivaha Travel Plugins.
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While I really appreciate the original explanation I’m still a bit confused so maybe you can use your expertise to help me figure out what I need.


-Your budget is limited, you need to keep cost as low as possible.
-You want to offer packages, primarily resort and air.
-Your average sale is typically over $1499 (because you specialize in high end resorts)
-You want to keep it all white label, no affiliate style redirects
-You don’t care if you make your profit pre or post, doesn’t matter. (but a large security deposit may be an issue)
-You want to earn a nice profit via markups or commission (no affiliate rates *of course air may be an exception)
-You would most likely do a third part theme integration

  • What would be your plan be? How would you meet your needs with Adivaha?
  • Ballpark estimate? (consider deposits as well)
  • Can you provide links to the pages of the plugins you’d use? (if available)

I am open to all suggestions. I understand if everything I want is not possible so I’d love to hear your point of view.

I will be looking to begin this project soon, your company has so many great options I’m just having a hard time deciding what avenue will work for me and what the approximate cost would be. If you could give me an outline of what you think would work I can take it from there and make a final decision.

Thank you kindly!

tmbordeaux Visitor Answered on May 4, 2020.
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