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I’m looking to build a website that is similar to [url_hidden], basically a site that sells packaged vacations, mostly resorts, all inclusive etc. Which of your plugins would allow me to do so? I see you have the Packaged Vacations Booking Plugin and one is commission based and the other is markup based. Would those be the best option? Other than the profit structure what are the major differences?

Thank you!

tmbordeaux Visitor Asked on April 28, 2020 in Adivaha Travel Plugins.
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Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for your reply. Primarily, I see that the main concern is the deposit. Which is totally fine. I understand and totally respect that. In that case, I  would suggest you go with Commission based plugins. It comes with an integrated checkout and all the payments are routed to Adivaha for further booking process and you don’t have to maintain deposits.

Cost would be $1499 for the “Resorts and Flights Packages”

On a very separate note : Its not only difficult to get/maintain APIs, Its way too expensive too. Every Airline/Flight has its own criteria. Some of them would ask you to prove the sale for a minimum 2 years, Some of them would ask for some commitment (ie. 1000 bookings a week or so. Just an example), Some may ask you for a heavy Security deposit and They can either ask you to go with a Prepaid Model.

Apart from that you need to have Travel certifications, Team and pay bare API costs too, which in overall would cost around $15-20K, then there is development and maintenance cost too. We understand, not every agency is comfortable investing that much, this is where Adivaha comes into picture. We make clients and divide the cost involved. This, as a customer, helps you in achieving the very same thing at a much lower cost. So even if you don’t prepay for the Flights, someone on behalf of you is paying it. Hope you understand what i mean to say.

Let me know your thoughts.

Happy to help!

Preeti Purchased Answered on May 4, 2020.
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