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With respect to your questions. I will be pointing the numbers respectively.

1. Support is for life time.

2. Expedia use to make changes in their API standards in a certain period of time. We help you with any patches/fixes due to these changes for 1 year free of cost. “Free Life time updates” means, you don’t have to pay for the updated theme (with added features) after an year of purchase. You may have to pay a nominal charges for updating the theme.  So, suppose you buy the theme today and later after 2 years you wish to update your theme with the latest one, you just have to pay the setup fees and not the total theme cost.

3. Customer has to buy additional plugin WPML in order to make theme multilingual. This may lead to hidden  investments which may be misunderstood by the customers. So, we keep it separate.

4. Languages and currencies don’t changes automatically, you can set the default language and currency which customer may have to switch in case if they with to change it.

5. You can use it in upto 5 domains but all the domains must be yours.

6. Yes, is based on Travelpayouts Whitelabeling solution and is using the same theme.

Prashant Purchased Answered on March 27, 2017.
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