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Yes, it works automatically. The theme remains the same its just the affiliate and technical support to their services changes.  Every time you make a sale, you gain a commission from the Travel company you affiliated with. Every affiliate is different in terms of their terms and conditions of their API/Whitelabeling usage and payment structure Currently we have solutions for WEGO (Based on Whitelabeling), Travelpayouts (Based on Whitelabeling) and Expedia (Based on API). Whitelabeling is always cheaper than API solution.

Theme remains the same, just the affiliate changes..

For an eg,

WEGO affiliate will cost u $250
Travelpayouts Affiliate $250
Expedia affiliate  $599, $799, $999

Pricing and Plan

WEGO and Travelpayouts are basically a Hotels and Flights Price Comparison. Though their commissioning structure are different. WEGO commissions are based on Pay Per Exit Clicks whereas Travelpayouts on a Pay per sale basis.

Expedia Theme is based on API with the inbuilt booking feature, this way you can introduce yourself as a Brand similar to Yatra, Expedia, Booking or any other Online Hotel Booking company. Commissions in Expedia is 5% of total Sale amount. Though i recommend you to check their commission structure on their official website Purchased Answered on September 21, 2016.
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