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How can build a website similar to Trivago? It seems website exit for the third party API provider and customer will disconnect from the original webpage. Is there way not to exit? or carry the main webpage return back link? I’m interested Flights, Car and Hotels

sambengal Default Asked on September 18, 2018 in Third Party API Integration.
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The demo has all the three features (ie, hotels, flights and cars) with real time booking feature. This means, your customers will be able to book through your site and you will gain commission with each booking. We don’t fetch customers data in any manner. So your customers will always remain yours.

All the payments are routed to Expedia for further booking process. The End user receives an instant confirmation under your brand. You get flat 10% of total booking amount in hotels. You will be able to view all your bookings and generated commissions in your WP Admin Dashboard and can withdraw your payment to your Paypal account once the threshold amount reaches $100. Expedia won’t accept the payment if interfered. So you cannot add markups. We have other solutions for markups if that interests you but its for Travel Agents only.

You don’t have to partnership with Expedia in order to have this website setup. You will be able to see all your bookings and generated commissions in your Adivaha Dashboard

You will be receiving commissions from Adivaha and not Expedia. Just to keep it transparent, we have two way booking traking.
1. You will be able to see all your bookings in Admin
2. You will receive confirmation emails of all your booking.
Commissions for hotels is flat 10%

Expedia doesn’t offers flights API. So we have other options to go with.

Feel free to share your valuable thoughts.

Prashant Purchased Answered on September 18, 2018.
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