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  • Hi Ahmad,

    Thanks for posting your question. 

    Every plugin comes with its own features, functionalities, limitations and cost. You can find all the services offered by us here

    Our theme comes free with the plugins

    You will soon hear from your personal account manager for all your queries

    Team Adivaha

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  • Dear Simon,

    Thanks for showing interest in our services. What I have understood is that currently you are doing it all manual and looking for tools to automate your process. Your airline’s clients will be able to book the hotels in your portal with Virtual payments (or Credits) and all this information should be passed to the airline for further settlement.

    Yes, we do offer B2B and Self Booking tool along with Mobile Apps. I have replied to your email with a detailed workflow. and commercials Let us know your thoughts.





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  • Support Team Asked on June 29, 2020 in Adivaha Travel Plugins.
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for showing interest in our services. Please find answers to your respective questions below.

    What is the difference between the metasearch engine and the travel booking engine? 

    Meta Search Engine : It will be based on Travelpayouts whitelabel and works similar to Your customers will be able to find different rates for same hotel offered by multiple suppliers. You won’t be having bookings in your website. Your customers will be redirected to third party site for further booking process. You earn a commission from the supplier on each sale made through your site.
    Example sites (Please check Hotels and Flights only) :

    Travel Booking Engine : These portals have complete booking feature, which means, your customers are not redirected to third party and stays on your website at the time of booking and confirmations. Your customers will be able to Login, register and even cancel the reservation within your website. So this way, you have list of all your customers for any further promotional plannings.

    Example sites (Please check Hotels and Flights only) :

    -Is it possible to develop a custom homepage? – Yes, It is. One has total control over the looks of the website.

    I´d love to have something like -Is it possible to create a list of most popular destinations that Czech people are traveling to and create a subpages with a search engine to them? For example – –

    Yes, we do have this feature. One of our customers website landing page link.

    -Is it possible to have Czech Language and CZK (Czech Crowns) currency on all the websites? – Yes, Offcourse.

    Can You provide us an example of website that has custom design by You and are built on Your engine? – Sure, you can take a look at few of them here.

    Let us know if you have any more question. You can even email us at







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  • Dear Robin,

    Thanks for showing interest in our services. Please find the plugin close to your requirements. What i have understood so far is, only your registered/paid members should have access to the hotels/bookings.

    Few of the USPs of Hotel Booking Plugin
    Book in 80,000+ destinations across the world.

      • 80+ International Suppliers
      • Worldwide Inventories
      • Best deals in 5,50,000+ Hotels
      • 535 Million TripAdvisor Reviews & Ratings
      • 60% properties offerings Free Cancellations
      • High-Resolution Photos

    WorkFlow : 
    You will be able to add your own markup from Admin and sell the hotels directly through your website without redirecting it to any third party website. Your customers will be able to download the E-Tickets and E-Vouchers and cancel their reservations straight from your website. We offer easy wayouts for settlements.


    Payment Gateways : Plugin comes with integrated Payment gateways ie, Paypal, Razorpay, PayUmoney, CCAvenue, 2Checkout, etc already. We are open to integrate your local payment gateway of your choice @ $99 extra.


    Online Demo

    Pricing & Plan : 

    Theme : Free

    Hotel Booking Plugin : $999

    Technical Support : Free

    Let me know if you need the costing for the membership or will you be taking care of that piece of work. The cost for membership will be from ${hidden}.

    Let me know if you have any more question.





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  • Dear Fawaz Bushehri,

    Thanks for posting this question. Thats Great. All you need to do is to order the TBO Hotels and Flights plugin which will cost you $999 for each module making the cost $1998.

    Our tech team will get in touch with you within 24 hours and setup the plugin onto your existing website and get it certified from TBO.

    Time Estimate

    Plugin Setup : 24-48 hrs
    Certification Process : 1-3 Weeks

    Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread.



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  • Support Team Asked on June 19, 2020 in Third Party API Integration.

    Dear MyersN13,

    Thanks for posting your question. Yes, we do offer Travel APIs to the customers who meet our minimum criteria in the same cost as Plugins. So its totally upto you whether you wish to build your portal on your own or use the prebuilt plugins.

    Please submit your request by filling the inquiry form below

    You will receive an email if the concern team finds everything ok. Please note that you may not receive an email in case of rejection.

    Let us know if you have any question



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  • Support Team Asked on June 17, 2020 in Adivaha Travel Plugins.

    Dear Customer,

    Currently we have no certification from Amadeus as such. But we did Amadeus Applications based on Amadeus Self Service API and got the application certified from Amadeus.

    Let us know if you have any more question.



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  • Hey, Nice Question,

    Basically that totally depends on your business strategy, the market you are going to target (your domestic/international) and the overall business you already have/will/can generate. We are a travel technology company who helps you in having your own private branded Web Portal offering different travel services. We even offer third party integration with the OTA or GDS of your choice at very reasonable, no hidden prices, and fixed setup ETA. So that you plan your budget and time accordingly. There is no yearly cost, so once you enter the family, you stay with us lifetime. We are always here in case if you would like to re-workout on your travel ideas in case in future.

    Every online travel business works the very same way and their major challenge is to build online reputation.

    1. You should always have to workout on your PR (Personal Relationship) first and build the trust among your customers.
    2. Along with that you also need to make sure your customers can find you easily if they have travel needs.

    Once you stay ahead in these two points. Then you start generating business and keep growing.

    But just to give you an idea, We expect 5-10 bookings per 100 visitor 1st year depending on the quality of traffic. You are free to decide your markup, so you have total control over you earnings while keeping the prices competitive.

    Though Adivaha, helps you stay away from all the hassles ie. Private Branded site, Mobile apps, B2B or Corporate Solution, multiple designs, Easy to use Backoffice. But as a startup,  even you will have to go through the challenges others went through.

    Hope you understand what i mean. Please donot hesitate to ask in case you have any more question



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  • Dear Nico,

    Please find the respective answers below in BOLD

    I am interested in the amadeus plugin to offer flights in my website in wordpress. I also have an Amadeus account. I am not a IATA member, but I can issue my tickets with a consolidator in Argentina. But I have a couple of questions.1st, How doest it work with profits? How do I earn money from every sold flight.- You will receive net rates from Amadeus via their API. You need to add markup on top of it and sell it to your customers. You can then issue the ticket and settle the account through the consolidator of your choice.

    2nd, Is the plugin translated to spanish? or, Is it ready to translate with any other plugin like wpml? – You can have any default language for Amadues Flights.

    3rd, Can I use it with any theme? I am using Traveler (shinethemes) Last question, What currency are the costs shown in your site? You are free to use it on any theme. Our tech team will set it up and private brand it so that it looks seamlessly integrated into your existing design

    Let me know if you have any question.


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  • Dear Andreas,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Sure, we can help you out with the Travelpayouts Portal setup but with respect to your concern about not visible in your existing site. I would bring your kind notice that doesn’t allow their partners to share inventories/prices to their affiliates.

    So its not Travelpayouts, you will not find in any affiliate program. is very strict in their terms and conditions. So even if you setup a new Travelpayouts account, you will not be able to list

    As far as setting up the Travelportal based on Travelpayouts is concerned, Yes, we just need your wordpress setup and our team will take care of the rest. Installation, Private Branding and setting it to LIVE.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


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