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  • Hi Anand,

    As its a wordpress theme, It will predefined. It has all the features inbuilt and you don’t have to purcahse/subscribe to any additional plugins in order ot make this theme work.


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  • Dear Phil,

    Thanks for inquiring with us. Yes, thats possible, We have emailed you more info. Please check.

    Feel free to ask me in case you have any questions.


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  • Support Team Asked on June 15, 2015 in No Category.

    Hi Hasan,

    Thanks for inquiring with us. Please find the respective answers below.
    1. It starts from 5% and grows as you get older.

    2. No additional cost is applicable.

    3. They offer hotels only. They have stopped their Cars, Flights, Packages long years ago. There is no other company who provides online booking feature in their API.

    4.¬†Yes, We are offering Flights from WEGO,¬†Its based on “Pay per exit clicks”¬†Which means you gain commissions even if no bookings takes place

    You gain a commission every time your customers gets redirected to the service providers website.

    5.¬†You can purchase the “Addons”¬†to extend features in your site. Elsewise there are no hidden charges

    6. Will you be selling tour packages online ? If yes, we have addon for selling tour packages online ?

    7.¬†Expedia is limited to Hotels only. They have stopped their Holidays, Flights, cars and cruises API long years back ūüôā

    8. Yes, its worldwide

    9.  We can set the default currency for both Hotels and Flights

    10. A basic shared hosting will work

    1. Apache (Linux) 500 MB – 2 GB
    2. Database (2 GB)


    Should you have any questions, Please feel free to ask me.


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  • Support Team Asked on June 14, 2015 in No Category.

    Hi Raushan,

    Our concern division will get in touch with you for the Reseller login if your profile interests them.

    Let us know if we can help you any other way.


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  • Hi Juliandika,

    Combining two or more API is a big game terms of Development and Infrastructure. In order to achieve that, you must have the API access to multiple travel sites (ie,,, etc) which is quite a challenging job.  Most of the travel companies expect a working site with a good volume of bookings/month. There are other certain terms which makes the job almost impossible for the new affiliates obtaining the API access.

    To the solution to it, You may go with some aggregator websites like, Travelpayouts.  You can apply for their API and can have your own customized price comparison website.  Or you can go with their Whitelabeling solution which is cost effective, easy affiliation programs and easy to maintain.

    Here is how Whitelabeling theme looks like

    TravelPayouts :

    Demo :

    This theme is using Adivaha APIs and its services are limited to Adivaha only. ¬†It’s checkout system makes it different in terms of the feature if compared to any price comparison website. Whereas in Adivaha theme, your visitors never leave your website at the time of checkout. Its helpful if you want to represent yourself as a BRAND similar to agoda, Your customers will be able to register themselves and manage their bookings within the website.

    Let us know if you have any more question.


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  • Hi Jason,

    Your website will be a mix of Theme and Plugin. Theme is as customizable as any other theme. Landing pages are meant for SEO purposes. You will be able to create as many number of such landing pages with “Generic SEO content”. Our support team will guide you how to do it.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with.


    Adivaha Team

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  • Dear Yazdani,

    Walekum Assalam…

    Greetings from Adivaha

    Thanks for showing your interest in our services. Just to let you know that we deal in multiple Hotel & Flights API integrations. So may be you will have to come up with the source you would like to use. 

    Just to give you an idea, you will get all the integrated APIs inbuilt in Adivaha Plugins, but in case if you wish to go with some specific API or Third Party Integration, you will have to get your own API and you can then use the plugin freely.

    If you are looking for a customized solution you may please feel free to get in touch with us at

    Currently the Plugins we provide with integrated API services are

      1. Hotel Booking Plugin
      2. Flights Booking Plugin (GDS and LCCs)
      3. Packaged Vacations (Hotels + Flights) Booking Plugin
      4. Tours Booking Plugin
      5. Activities Booking Plugin
      6. Sightseeing Booking Plugin
      7. Resorts Booking Plugin
      8. Homestays Booking Plugin
      9. Vacation Rental Booking Plugin
      10. Euro Rail Booking Plugin
      11. Bus Booking Plugin
      12. Car Booking Plugin
      13. Transfer Booking Plugin
      14. Cruise Booking Plugin

    Apart from that we offer all the Third Party and GDS API Integrations at a very reasonable cost.

    Whatsapp : +91 9999 854 201
    Email :
    Skype : thewebconz

    Please feel free to whatsapp me anytime if you still have questions.

    Hope it helps!

    Team Adivaha

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  • Dear Rod,

    Thanks for showing interest in our services.  With respect to your queries

    1. As the site will be hosted in your server, you are free to create Cname the very same way we usually do. There are lot many affiliates integrated into the theme. You are free to choose between “Price Comparison” or “Online Booking” website. All the other products than Adivaha and GDS are meta search. So¬† you can go with Adivaha Real Time Hotel Booking theme if you want your customers to stay in your website at the time of checkout.

    2. As the site is 100% customizable. We are free to build logic. 

    3. It works the very same way. 

    4. Yes the site is responsive.

    5. Yes, its possible. We have emailed you about this scope of work.

    6. Yes, we have additional addon to sell your property along with Adivaha ones.

    5. As the theme is 100% customizable, we can surely reskin any part of the theme.

    Feel free to ask us in case if you have any question.


    Adivaha Team.

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