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  • Hi there,
    Thank you for the detailed explanation.
    For further clarification please see below.

    6- You only told about the refund, but what if the customer requires further support regarding his booking. Who will support them in that case? Will we be the ones to handle that support level by contacting you or is there any support agent from your company to handle that?

    8- As you have both plugins but i can’t see separate demo for each plugin. Is it possible for you to tell me the rates based on each plugin for an example flight? For example. Flying from Newyork and Destination Chicago and send me the difference between markup-based plugin with 0 markup and the commission-based plugin for the first flight that comes up? Just to see the rates difference.

    9- Can you tell me in more detail. I asked if an upgrade from markup to commission possible with only price difference like $999-$499= $500. So if we choose to upgrade from markup to commission we need to pay $500 or $999?

    10- For further clarification, i want to know that the commission that YOU will have, based on a transaction from the commission-based plugin, how will you send it to us? We may not use Paypal, so is it possible for you to send it through wire transfer to our local bank account after a certain amount limit like $500 or so?

    Thank you

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