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  • Thank you, this all sounds good. I was just a little confused by your many options. And yes I’m a full time travel agent so I understand how expensive it can be. The cost to partner or utilize an API with most suppliers is completely out of my range. $1499 is reasonable though and the 13% commission would work for me.

    • Just a few more questions. Do any of your demos use that specific plugin so I can play with it a bit?
    • Who handles the customer service for guest who book via the commission based plugins?
    • Does it pull from one specific travel supplier?

    I think those are the last question I’ll have 🙂
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  • While I really appreciate the original explanation I’m still a bit confused so maybe you can use your expertise to help me figure out what I need.


    -Your budget is limited, you need to keep cost as low as possible.
    -You want to offer packages, primarily resort and air.
    -Your average sale is typically over $1499 (because you specialize in high end resorts)
    -You want to keep it all white label, no affiliate style redirects
    -You don’t care if you make your profit pre or post, doesn’t matter. (but a large security deposit may be an issue)
    -You want to earn a nice profit via markups or commission (no affiliate rates *of course air may be an exception)
    -You would most likely do a third part theme integration

    • What would be your plan be? How would you meet your needs with Adivaha?
    • Ballpark estimate? (consider deposits as well)
    • Can you provide links to the pages of the plugins you’d use? (if available)

    I am open to all suggestions. I understand if everything I want is not possible so I’d love to hear your point of view.

    I will be looking to begin this project soon, your company has so many great options I’m just having a hard time deciding what avenue will work for me and what the approximate cost would be. If you could give me an outline of what you think would work I can take it from there and make a final decision.

    Thank you kindly!

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