How to Launch a Niche Hotel Website With Affiliate Links?

I want to create some niche-interest hotel affiliate sites, EG: vegan friendly hotels, etc and want a quick and easy way to collect ONLY relevant hotel listings (based on if they are vegan friendly etc) so I can get affiliate payments from hotel affiliate programs.

Would any of your themes/plugins/packages do this for me?
Which should I be looking at?

I see you have themes for HotelsCombined and Agoda (and more) do you have a solution that works with all of them?

Because  mine would be a niche site, I would want the greatest access possible to the most hotels to ensure any that fit the vegan, etc, criteria could be included.


magma Default Asked on October 17, 2018 in
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Dear Magma,

Yes, we do offer such customizations.  The best would be to go with Travelpayouts whitelabel solution with the requested customziation. Please email us at with all the requirements and the concern person will take it forward from there.

Prashant Purchased Answered on October 19, 2018.
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