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Integrating Joomla and Galileo APIs for Web Development

Joomla Galileo Integration is a global distribution system that allows you to book and sell various types of transportation and services of travel agencies industry suppliers.

Also, the airline ticketing system provides the users the data on the schedule, availability, pricing, and rules of services providers as well as additional reference information. Galileo API is an intuitive and user-friendly project design environment that meets almost all operating requirements of an OTA.


Joomla api integration global distribution system with a strong background has been occupied by an electronic reservation system originally developed by adivaha® Airlines. So, it is fair to assume that Joomla Galileo API serves many countries. Joomla Galileo has several APIs for car rentals, which allow the construction of a comprehensive search and booking platform: Calculation of interest rate depending on length and fee, accurate geographical search, search based on special requirements, and so on. Allows the analysis of information about available hotels and tours. Joomla Galileo API is probably the only API that covers all directions and continents equally.


adivaha® company travel is an official certification by the developer to Galileo APIs Services. The reservation system supports the sale of airline tickets on the agency’s website through the Joomla Galileo sabre api integration.


At the moment, to develop the adivaha® travel product in the framework of cooperation with the new protocol of interaction with the Joomla Galileo API. It is more efficient and provides more features than the previous version of the Galileo API. Given the transition to this more functional protocol of interaction with the Galileo API, the completion of the new functionality will be carried out only for the OTAs gds api connector and will not be made for Galileo API.


If you have to deal with multiple APIs to access different content on your website, sell all travel-related products, shop & book, Joomla API Integration changes your life significantly.

Travel Site with Joomla and Galileo API IntegrationTravel Site with Joomla and Galileo API Integration

Joomla Galileo API Integration collects content from multiple sources, such as GDSs (airline/vehicle/hotel), low-cost carriers, and high-speed rail, merchandising, and non-GDS hotel api integration, through a single API connection. By providing a single API, Galileo allows developers to and allows them to access multiple content sources, reducing time to market for an app. A single contract with Galileo API and superior customer support also facilitates this process.


If on the joomla plugin Galileo API side the hiding of passenger data is not turned off, then after booking the current date is used on the date of birth. On test HAP, hiding is not disabled.


If some of the original armor segments have been deleted, then the tickets remain active but invalid in PNR. The introduction of new, including completely identical, segments still leads to invalid tickets. For example, such a situation may arise when the changes in the schedule made by the airline are accepted through the addition of a new TC segment with the assignment of the old UN status. Such tickets require re-issuance for their return to PNR as not only active but also valid. If active tickets are not in the PNR, adivaha® OTA considers that they need to be reissued for this PNR, sets the reservation status different from “booked”, parses these tickets into the reservation, and returns a warning about the need to reissue tickets for a certain reservation. The appropriate notification is sent to the agency.


In adivaha® OTA, the booking form prevents reservation errors related to violation of Galileo's flights api integration restrictions on the number of characters reserved for the passenger's full name:


There are times when the airline did not properly file the commission in the fare, because of which the commission in the issued ticket does not correspond to the commission indicated in the pricing. We cannot change or redefine the commission that the airline prescribed in the fare. The problem is solved only on the Joomla apollo integration side together with the / c (or an agent together with a / c).


Advantages and features of Joomla Galileo amadeus api integration:

  • Galileo API Integration reduces costs associated with learning and maintaining multiple APIs.
  • Joomla Galileo API allows companies to build better content and richer travel apps.
  • Galileo API Integration Provides access to product content from multiple sources.
  • Joomla Galileo API Integration simplifies and improves application performance by reducing the number of calls required to complete end-to-end workflows.
  • It accelerates the delivery of travel-related applications with industry-standard technologies that depend on common structures and provide a standard and secure programming environment.
  • Users can choose to extend existing application packages by adding features and content integrated with the Joomla Galileo API Integration. Or users can apply it as a complete solution with Universal API.
  • Reduction of time spent on start-up and maintenance by carrying out project simulation on the development PC.
  • Visualization software for all XV devices and PC.
  • An intuitive user guide lets you create a project in half a day.
  • Orientation towards international technical equipment (such as keyboards predefined according to specific languages, the possibility of changing languages ​​, and the measurement units in use).
  • Over 100 protocols for almost all current PLCs allow Joomla Galileo API. Integration software to be used in conjunction with API systems from other manufacturers
  • Assurance of know-how in project design thanks to compatibility before continuous projects
  • Joomla Galileo API Integration visualization software communicates with CODESYS, allowing the import/export of API variables.
  • No performance level scaling or restrictions on variables or screens in Joomla Galileo API Integration.
  • Support for multiple tasks and varying priority levels.
  • Message queue functionality.
  • Ability to control several of the general-purpose receiver input-output lines
  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated hardware platform.
  • Improves manufacturability and product reliability.
  • Simplifies system design to reduce costs.

The Galileo API Integration is a set of predefined functions for developing custom inventory management to run from and interface with the adivaha® OTA platform. With the Joomla Galileo Integration, you can develop specialized applications to further extend the functionality of selected versions of adivaha® customers.


The joomla modules Galileo API Integration scheme is normalized to be available to any of the APIs providers.

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