White label Travel Portal

A pre-built White label travel website helps your travel agency to sell a range of travel products pretty instantly - from hotels to flights to holidays and buses that too through the choice of your supplier. With adivaha® White label travel solution, you can do everything online and in one place, without the need for any technical knowledge or design skills. Easy Backoffice, extensive reporting with integrated Expense Management System. Upload funds easily and instantly through Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card.

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White Label Travel Portal


Pre-Integrated Travel APIs

adivaha® white label travel portal lets you connect multiple GDS, Bedbanks and OTAs through adivaha® CRS in just matter of few minutes. No coding skills needed. From booking emails to Cancellations, everything is automated keeping you stay away from all the hassle.
Choose the package that best fits your business, setup your white label travel website for your agency by yourself. Keep your customers refreshed with a library of pre-built layouts. You can change the designs anytime having 100% control over text, images, videos and CSS.

Don't want to get into the Hassle?

Don't have any API yet? or donot want to get into the hassle of paper work and contractings? Go LIVE almost instantly with the white label travel portal in-built travel API, scans the best possible rates offered by these travel giants, from design through optimization, we've got all the tools and features you need to create a high-performing travel website, even if you're a beginner. Easy Backoffice tool lets you manage your website with extensive reporting of your sales and expenses. Recharge your account instantly through Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card.

Hotel Booking
Book in 80,000+ destinations across the world.
  • 70+ International Suppliers
  • Worldwide Inventories
  • Best deals in 5,50,000+ Hotels
  • 535 Million TripAdvisor Reviews & Ratings
  • Pay at Hotels
  • 60% properties offerings Free Cancellations
  • Integrated Google Map (On Request)
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Search by Geo Location
White Label Travel Portal
Flight Booking
900+ Airlines across the world.
  • 10+ Flights Suppliers
  • All GDS Integrated
  • All LCC/Domestic Flights
  • Real-time Booking (PNR Generation)
  • Hold Ticket(s)
  • Private Branded E-Tickets (PDF)
  • Ticket Reissuance
  • Integrated Cancellation
  • Real-time Cancellation of LCC/Domestic Flights
  • Search by Geo Location
White Label Travel Portal

Integrated Payment Gateways

Install/Activate the Payment Gateways of your interest. Enter your credentials and go LIVE pretty instantly.

White Label Travel Portal Features

Precompiled package of Hotels, Flights, Tours, Bus
and Car booking web travel portal with 100% Private branding.

White Label Travel Portal
Expandable and Modular System

You can make changes to the wireframe of your website. Adding features according to your requirements.

White Label Travel Portal
Combo Services

You will be able to sell multiple services (ie. Hotels, Flights, Activities, Car Rentals and Transfers) through a single-window platform.

Realtime search, availability and booking

This engine will allow you to display live inventory. You don't need to adjust the prices of the commodity, everything will be automatic.

White Label Travel Portal
Instant PNR

Your customers will receive a PNR as soon as their payment goes through the payment gateway.

White Label Travel Portal
Design Library

You can choose from the multiple designs that are present in our design library.

New Designs each year

Our front end designers work ardently to provide you with unique and amazing designs every year.

White Label Travel Portal
Upgrade anytime

You have the option to upgrade your engine to include more functionalities as any time.

White Label Travel Portal
Integrated Blog

This feature will enable you to write detailed blogs on your services which in turn will attract more customers.

White Label Travel Portal

Cater to different travellers by selling multiple travel products on your website.

White Label Travel Portal
Secure mid-office

This plugin allows you to reduce human errors, enabling you to keep a tight ship.

White Label Travel Portal

In this modern day and age, people tend to use their mobiles more often than their systems. Our plugin is mobile-responsive which means that your customer will face no hassle when they’re trying to book a service through your plugin.

White Label Travel Portal
End to End Booking/No Redirects

Your customer will finish the entire booking process while remaining on your website.

White Label Travel Portal
Private Branded Confirmation and Acknowledgment Emails

You will be able to present yourself as a brand by sending private branded emails to your customers.

White Label Travel Portal
Automated SMS Confirmations and Acknowledgments

This plugin will give you the power to send instant automated SMS confirmations.

White Label Travel Portal
Private Branded E-Ticket & E-Vouchers

You will be able to provide E-Ticket & E-Vouchers with your brand mark to your customers.

White Label Travel Portal

This feature will allow you to accept payment in different currencies without the hassle of converting them every time.

White Label Travel Portal
Integrated Multiple Payment Gateways

You don't need to go through the hassles of getting a payment gateway as you get one with this plugin.

White Label Travel Portal
100% Customizable

You can change the colour combination and font of your plugin to make it match with your website.

White Label Travel Portal
Social Media Integrations

You will be able to connect your social media accounts to your website, enabling you to connect with more people.

Over 250000 Hotels with discounted rates

You will receive access to the discounted inventory of more than 250000 hotels.

White Label Travel Portal
Customizable Markups

You will be able to set your mark-ups according to your business model and your market understanding.

White Label Travel Portal
Easy Installation

We provide you with shortcodes that help you seamlessly integrate our plugin without causing any issues on your website.

White Label Travel Portal
Free Lifetime Subscription

One you acquire our services, you will be free updates as well as information about our new technological innovation.

White Label Travel Portal
No Hidden Charges

We only ask you for a one-time fee. We make sure that you don't have to invest over and over again in your business.

White Label Travel Portal
No Coding at all

No coding is involved during this process. Any average layman can do this by inserting simple shortcodes that we provide.

White Label Travel Portal
Customer/Technical Support

We will provide you with excellent customer support as well as troubleshoot any issues that develop down the line.

White Label Travel Portal
Worldwide Inventories

Our plugin will provide you access to the global inventory synced with top travel suppliers spread across 190 different countries all over the world.

White Label Travel Portal
Special itineraries are available with adivaha®

We provide you with cherry-picked itineraries enabling you to avail the best deals.

White Label Travel Portal
Net and commissionable fares

We will provide you with net rates as well as commissionable fares, you can choose according to your business model.

White Label Travel Portal
Best price assured

We will provide you with negotiated prices. These prices are the best in the market.

White Label Travel Portal
Automated settlement

Automating the process of settlement of funds between your company and the customer makes your life convenient.

White Label Travel Portal

Geo-location destination auto-populate, the currency and the language will be switch according to the location.

White Label Travel Portal
Customer does not need to have Direct Supplier agreements and API credentials

This feature will bypass the ordeal of getting all the paperwork for an API in order.

White Label Travel Portal
Ticket Cancellation Feature

This feature enables on the spot cancellation through your single-window platform.

White Label Travel Portal
Integrated Chat

This feature will allow you to chat with your customers as soon as they visit your website.

White Label Travel Portal
New Designs each year

Our front end designers work ardently to provide you with unique and amazing designs every year.

White Label Travel Portal
SEO Friendly

You can use marketing tools including SEO to rank your page higher in google search.

White Label Travel Portal

You can add extra features including B2B and B2B2C extensions depending on your business module.

White Label Travel Portal
Promotional Marketing

You can send your customers promotional emails and keep them up to date regarding any new deals.

White Label Travel Portal
GDS Integrations

Integrate your plugin with renowned GDS systems and get the ammunition to become a market leader.

White Label Travel Portal
Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reports on your plugin dashboard as well as connect your google analytics account to the website.

White Label Travel Portal
B2B Extension

This feature will enable you to become a wholesaler, you can rope in agents who will use your portal to rope in more customers.

Travelport Software

You are at the right place! adivaha® is a World's driving travel innovation organization over the globe. It is consistently the point of movement innovation to build their benefits and lift client assistance.

Do you want travelport software features??

Our Movement innovation conveys the Travelport Programming, it enormously encourages head out innovation to do as such. It is a cost-proficient, quick and precise web based booking motor. The advantage of this office is to get moment acquisition of administrations, auto-general email affirmation, and accessibility check. CRM, bookkeeping and booking will work in a better manner with this product through a focal reservation framework. Another significant intrigue that movement offices get with the utilization of Travelport Programming is to figure out how to embrace well. They can even get a decent bond with various provider frameworks. It is anything but difficult to get business subtleties framework through Travelport Programming.


There are numerous eminent highlights of Travelport Programming. Aggregate Travel Programming device to quick thin your decisions and contact numerous movement innovations. This Travelport Programming can improve the customer's movement forms and lessen their running expenses. Progressed Travelport Programming for movement offices travel organization and visit administrators that robotize their business, advertising, tasks, and funds.

Travel port softwareTravelport

It encourages head out innovation to get total detailing level basic for the developing travel the board clients to bill, announcing, and settlement. It sells a movement item rapidly, transfers different sorts of stock like went based costing, unit-based estimating and inhabitants based valuing. It includes records, depictions, recordings, maps, and pictures to travel bundles. It oversees supplements, limits, installment arrangements, power outage dates, and advancements and stays limitations. Further one of a kind highlights of Travelport Programming are joined with the outsider administrator continuously, succession travelport software for inestimable gatherings utilizing its nature of gathering booking, utilizes default formats for the diverse reason like administration and operational reports, creates venture, charges, vouchers, traveler show reports, solicitations and some more. It is the need of movement innovation to utilize the Travelport Programming to hang out in the present serious reality where weight is given from territorial players, super organizations and online travel organizations. This product extraordinarily highlights how to computerize ticket settlement. Effective utilization of this product is to get advanced business information.


adivaha® is the best travel entryway improvement organization across the world. adivaha® as the best travel item fills the push of movement customers with the best-structured design. We are masters in the field of movement innovation serving colossal clients with our Travelport Programming. Travel Innovation is an ideal travel gateway intended for the movement organizations to interface with different stock sellers as all the highest GDS incorporations, a huge number of lodgings and visit bundles which thus serves practically all movement related administrations. A well-give transport entrance is the one which has sufficient choices for its clients. It must bring a very much recognized measure of offers and offices for voyaging hopefuls and should be sufficiently intelligent to keep the clients intrigued. We offer a movement innovation booking motor if simple answers for your changed travel issues. This administration vows to oblige your voyaging needs, for example, booking tickets, and so on. Our dependable Travelport Programming guarantees least dangers and is exceptionally solid as far as execution just as security. We offer quality types of assistance alongside the advantage of booking trips on the web. Travelport Programming Improvement from adivaha® is upstanding measures for bringing the much-required change in the office's working and advancement process. We give profoundly joined business data frameworks for various kinds of visit to executives organizations and travel innovation.


In the current friend of neck to neck vary, make a trip the executives organizations need to contend in the market with high weight from tremendous names in the movement business. Continuation of the utilization of obsolete innovation and ineffectual procedures will do nothing but bad in the market. With the expansion in rivalry and the reduction in financial conditions, the organizations are bound to endure misfortunes. Online Travelport software Programming will right away profit any movement site advancing lodgings, resorts, and so on. This framework supplies a quick, right and practical internet booking motor. Travel programming is structured and develops for Movement Administrators and Inbound Visit Administrators who make the booking of explorers and gather installment from them. Your clients will like the office of accessibility check, moment acquisition of administrations and auto-produced email affirmation. You have total control over costs and accessibility at all properties get into your database.


Advantages of Travelport Programming for Movement Business With the assistance of programmed doubt sealing, you can appreciate a prevalent level examination with less weight for errands. The product arrangements from adivaha® are enormously limiting the necessity for different visit office programming frameworks. A typical interface with more noteworthy normalized apparatuses helps in expanding the general business profitability. The timeframe requires to make travel the board reports can be decreased to spare more opportunity for viably overseeing distinctive business assignments. The significant endeavors from adivaha® web experts guarantee a superior exhibition for your Travelport Programming and make better opportunities for development. Higher business income by utilizing standard revealing fitness for the improvement of assorted advertising programs with the assistance of past information. Customers can compose unrecognized merchant commission and recognize administration charges. Staffing or more expenses can be diminished and limit manual mediation, blunder remedies and twofold sections with the assistance of improved work process and mechanization. Work process can be to a great extent diminished between discrete frameworks. With incredible overseeing frameworks for the two administrators and clients, customers can improve the degree of consumer loyalty. With the assistance of a solitary information source, you can remarkably limit the reaction time. By the arrangement of making notices for clients, you can get ease in deals endeavors relying available conditions. With Movement Organization Booking Motor, booking can be firm in a hurry and exclusively customized agendas are promptly accessible for clients. Clients can likewise produce travel way or can pick through a scope of bundles. Thus, to give a decent look and commendable measures in the market, our movement programming advancement group concocts imaginative thoughts that are appropriate with the current market and works best for future conditions.


adivaha® Travelport Programming Improvement in everywhere throughout the world. Being an innovation, you elevate legitimately to customers in this manner ongoing availability to a wide scope of providers is pivotal. In any case, connecting to various dealer, each with its own necessities isn't a simple undertaking. Our answer will flexibly you with proficient and helpful XML incorporation of different various providers and permit you to total the entirety of the assets into a solitary center point; which at that point introduced in a uniform manner to your clients. Travel Innovation has become a fundamental piece of the movement business. Thus, it is nothing unexpected that there is a colossal interest for Travelport Programming, which is quick and advantageous to work. Be that as it may, having said that, in the event that you are a movement innovation, and as of now perusing this bit of post, will you arbitrarily pick a movement programming or visit administrator programming so far as that is concerned? No, I presume. Also, it is very clear too. There are recognized parameters, and I am certain, you need your movement programming to meet those characteristics. These are not immovable standards that you should have, however as there is a state "Quality does make a difference". Consequently, you ought to consistently go for them. In any case, do you realize what are these parameters or characteristics that your movement programming must meet? All things considered, I will do that precisely that. In this way, stay with me. I will take you through it.


As you probably are aware Travelport's software Programming is fundamentally a movement and cost the executives programming for movement innovation. Subsequently, it must have each one of those characteristics that fill the need of movement and cost the executives. Since we live in a quick paced world; where everybody is moving; we ensure that our Travelport programming is quick and portable benevolent also. Truly, this is the primary thing that you should be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt of. What's more, there are several explanations for it.

  • First of all, the vast majority of the traffic originates from tab and portable nowadays, and you don't need your clients to creep sidewise to see your substance. Subsequently, ensure that your movement booking programming is improved for such gadgets. What's more, second, a large portion of your potential clients would be in a hurry. They may attempt to get to while going in vehicle, all things considered, if your Travelport programming neglects to react in time. They would essentially exit. Subsequently, spread a visit booking programming, which is quick and responsive. As you most likely are aware the movement entry is of two kinds: B2B and B2C travel gateway. Thus, as a trip specialist, you unquestionably would prefer not to think of movement programming; that is just appropriate for a specific kind of movement entrance. What you need to ensure is-the trip specialists bookkeeping framework must be perfect with both B2B and B2C travel gateway. Along these lines, you would have the option to utilize a solitary interface for the two kinds of movement entryways.
  • The booking the executives framework must be one of the most significant things to have in your movement programming arrangement. Furthermore, it is nothing unexpected considering the way that your goal is to give a one-stop answer for your clients. Consequently, reserving the board framework must incorporate worldwide and residential flight booking motor, global and local inn booking motor, and vehicle booking motor, and so forth.
  • This way, you would have the option to fulfill the need of your clients particularly effectively; and the best travel programming has them all. Travelport Programming is something new in the movement business, yet it has contributed colossally to create increasingly more income from the movement business.
  • In any case, creating bitty Travelport Programming wouldn't support your motivation. Henceforth, search for a decent and very much experienced choice at your exchange. Well on the off chance that you can discuss us here, adivaha® has full skill on movement gateway advancement that incorporates B2B travel entry improvement, B2C travel entryway improvement, Travelport Programming, visit the executives programming, or in any event, creating travel office think about programming so far as that is concerned.
  • Booking Innovation – adivaha® uses the Travelport booking innovation that permits our operators to interface flawlessly to locate the best rates quick. It offers progressions, for example, a gooey interface that gives our operators huge productivity and smart rate shows with the goal that we can promptly think about arranged, consortium, and corporate rates.

Travelport Technologies That Benefit the Traveler


To fulfill obligation of care, numerous organizations necessitate that cordiality reservations be incorporated into the GDS travel reservation so they can follow their explorers. Stefanie investigated adivaha's corporate lodging reservations that were made outside the GDS and gave suggestions to Travelport on the most proficient method to recognize these fragments to chance administration projects, for example, Travelport recently affirmed that they are probably going to actualize Stefanie's very much educated recommendations to additionally improve the innovation.


Exclusive Rates – Travelport arranged uncommon rates straightforwardly with 1,000 lodgings in 48 nations. Travelport selective rates incorporate at any rate one advantage not accessible through different channels. These may incorporate limited rates and best accessible rate, serious completely adaptable level rates or included worth luxuries, e.g., (complimentary breakfast or Wi-Fi. )These rates are intended to supplement existing rate programs, not contend, so they fill the holes the corporate rate programs my leave.


On the Accommodation Highest point master board, Stefanie noticed that adivaha® additionally arranges inn rates for the benefit of our corporate records. Inns should stack the rebate codes into the GDS; notwithstanding, numerous lodgings don't comprehend the innovation or procedure so it doesn't complete. At the point when this occurs, Travelport goes about as a go-between to get the arranged rates stacked with the goal that we can give a smooth and proficient reservation procedure to our explorers.


Drive Me – This new Travelport innovation is a "one-stop-shop" for all vehicle needs, including car benefits just as rental vehicles. By utilizing it, adivaha® gives our customers overall vehicle specialist organizations in 1,000 urban communities. This apparatus not just offers rate examinations, including corporate contracted understandings yet in particular, meets an organization's obligation of care commitments by guaranteeing that they know where their explorers are and can get in touch with them even on the last leg of their excursion.


adivaha® is pleased to share that Stefanie was indispensably associated with the plan and testing of the Drive Me Travelport item. Her comprehension of the torment purposes of vehicle bookings for both the specialist and the explorer added to the execution of an improved innovation and increases present expectations on ground transportation reservations

Our Services

adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

Meta Search Engine

Our Travelport solution gathers, ranks and presents data systematically.

WordPress Travel Plugins

Make your WordPress website a one-stop-travel-shop.

White label Travel Portal

Create a internet booking portal from scratch.

B2B Travel Booking Software

Become a supplier to agents by integrating our B2B module.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Cater to corporate clients without any fuss.

Itinerary Builder

Let your customers build their tour itinerary by themselves.

GDS/OTA Integration

Get API's of global travel consolidators.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programme

We Design And Develop Digital Gifting Solutions For Everyone.

Mobile Apps

We are in a digital era and if your business does not have a mobile app,

Travel APIs

Integrate API's from other vendors into our plugin .

For API Owners

Are you looking to market your API to other agents without incurring the costs of integration and maintenance?

Please don't hesitate to


adivaha® Reviews from Trustpilot

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  • Ak

    Vaibhav Vetal

    April 27

    Since inception of my talk with Mr

    Since inception of my talk with Mr. Prashant, he has been kind and quite responsive in assisting me with my expectation in creating travel platform. Excellent and really good support as their team is really enthusiastic in comprehending and delivering the requirements. Appreciate your efforts and keep up the good work, Team Adivaha!

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  • Ak


    March 16

    I think it is the best company work…

    I think it is the best company work well. adivaha® has been responsive to my wishes, and I am happy with corporation . Quick response too. The price has also been very reasonable. I can recommend adivaha® for anyone who wants to build a travel website.

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  • Ak

    O. Hornell

    March 06

    It worked well

    I think it worked well. adivaha® has been responsive to my wishes, and I am happy with the end result. Quick communication too. The price has also been very reasonable. I can recommend adivaha® for anyone who wants to build a travel website.

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  • Ak

    Khaled Musawa

    March 06

    Best in Travel Technology…

    I worked with many travel technology companies and I am sure that adivaha® is one of the Best in

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  • Ak

    RM Trip

    March 05

    Advaha is a very recommended travel…

    Advaha is a very recommended travel solution having really energetic professional team. Our project has been handled very neatly and all issues are well solved by them with their passion of work. I really recommend then for any need of travel solution. Their Services are awesome and prices are really reasonable.The communication team is pro active and give all their time and informations on notime. Thanks to all the Team of Advaha.

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  • Ak

    Georgi Stefanov

    March 04

    Awesome Service! Great Support!

    Awesome service! I have used several of Adivaha's travel solutions and always the service has been A+! I can open heatedly recommend them to anyone looking to monetize their travel related traffic. They guys and girls at adivaha® are fast and extremely competent! Thanks a million!

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  • Ak

    X X

    Mar 03

    Good support

    Installed plagin within 2 weeks, good support, I recommend travel plugin from Adivaha, as they are professional in the field with high values on customer satisfaction and their team is so nice with a quick responds.thanks Meghali , who are always there in communication and do the needful as required.

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  • Ak


    Dec 30

    Honestly they surpassed my…

    Honestly they surpassed my expectations!!!!! Even on holiday still I got response to my questions. Their WhatsApp solutions is the best I've seen in any platform. Thanks to them my web portal is now live and I'm now in business.

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  • Ak

    Kola Kins

    Feb 21

    adivaha® has good travel solutions and competent team

    adivaha® has good travel solutions, their developers are patient, understanding and very good. Hum! I was troubling them but they were calm and professional. They work with time, they completed my job before the deadline date. I strongly recommend them.

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  • Ak

    Chal Gman

    Feb 21

    5 STAR Professional Services

    This is the second time that my boyfriend and I purchased travel platform from adivaha® for our new domain, and this time, we invested in full package for different domain. You know what that means and what brought us back for the second time with the goal to expand our business based on their platform. Those who have been doing business with this team know what I am talking about. THEY SIMPLY NEVER LET YOU DOWN! Their organized team of developers provide professional services far beyond and above what they promise. Their prompt responses in refining and polishing our platforms for professional look and optimum operation landed us in positive return on investment in our previous purchase, and thus, we decided to invest more in different package to diversify our business this time. Through the past few years, we worked with Preeti and Prashant, and this time, Meghali partnered in our new package purchase and setting up new platform. All we can say is Thank You for your good work! Know that there are also a group of developer team by their side whom I have not mentioned their names, but equally deserves our gratitude. Because of their patience, care, kind responses and professional work, we developed a relationship that goes beyond being business partners, and, thus, we see them as friends. Thank you for your good work!

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  • Ak

    Ravi Gupta

    Feb 15

    I highly recommend the travel…

    I highly recommend the travel solutions from Adivaha, as they are professional in the field with high values on customer satisfaction and their team is so nice with a quick responds.I would like to thank all staff of adivaha® especially Meghali , who are always there in communication and do the needful as required.

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  • Ak


    Feb 13

    Dear travel agent over the world i was…

    Dear travel agent over the world i was looking for professional and cheap Solutions >> here with adivaha® Team i find it pulse a good services and any time i fell the welcome between theme, the words is not enough to say thank you Adiavaha Team, and looking to work with you again and again.

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  • Ak

    One Media

    Feb 11

    Very quick and very professional

    Very quick and very professional. Also good Plugins. They take time for the questions and ask if you want any modifications. Also you can reach them out in different ways like whatsapp, mail and phone. Happy working with them, more projects Will follow soon.

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  • Ak

    Koko Kassem

    Jan 15

    I appreciate them effort ,profissional…

    I appreciate them effort ,profissional and Mr. parshant is very friendly .and they finish everything in 3 weeks API flights and API hotels .thanks adivaha.

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  • Ak

    Altimimi Altimimi

    Jan 13

    Excellent company Adivaha

    Excellent company, it is with you every step of the way, communicating, solving any problems or changes on the site very quickly and always answering and advice on emails quickly. I use adivaha® only when I need to work on my site

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  • Ak

    Rakesh Kumar

    Jan 10

    Thank you so much Mr.Mukesh

    Thank you so much Mr.Mukesh. your are slove my problem & deliver my project according to my requirements! so again thank you so much for work hard

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