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How to Use an Air Ticket Booking Plugin on WordPress

Do you need to fly to another city or even to another country for work, or have you planned with your whole family to relax in hot countries soon? There is no need to worry about booking flight tickets, Ticket Booking Plugin Wordpress spending long hours traveling to airport ticket offices, timing, and standing in long queues. There is another option for resolving the issue, and that is the Air ticket booking plugin WordPress.

On numerous Internet resources, there are specialized search engines that will check the availability of tickets for any flight. Travel Affiliate Wordpress Theme Select the optimal cost of the flight; acquaint you with the special offers of airlines, without spending a lot of time. In fact, the procedure is as follows: you fill out the proposed form, where you indicate the route, date and time of departure, the desired airline, and the cost of tickets - and your reservation is ready!


How Does WordPress Ticket Booking Plugin Works

This flight ticket booking system works smoothly. There are several reasons why a ticket booking plugin will be one of your most valuable assets. This improves the user experience of your travel site. Travel Affiliate Wordpress Theme While some people enjoy talking to a real person on the phone or chatting, many just want to make an appointment or order without speaking to anyone. This kind of plugin allows your visitors to make an appointment or place an order through your site without wasting their precious time.


Expecting users to book tickets or make pre-orders will make it easier for you as a travel business owner. No more emails or untimely phone calls. This plugin takes over the entire process and you can focus on more important things. Wordpress Travel Affiliate Plugin These WordPress plugins come with fully integrated payment features. It is a plugin for flight ticket booking, embedding cutting edge approaches to software architecture and technology in WordPress.

Air Ticket Booking Plugin WordPressAir Ticket Booking Plugin WordPress

All elements from the user interface and UX design to internal API were developed by a professional team that usually works on large travel booking platforms. Agoda API It has all the good things. A robust WordPress dashboard user interface, highly detailed reports to optimize your flight bookings, and an extremely user-friendly booking page in the front-end will turn your website into a booking paradise.

Benefits of Air Ticket Booking Plugin

Air ticket booking plugin WordPress is a complete flight booking solution available for tour business owners. The plugin works very well with almost every business case that a booking system requires. Tour Booking Wordpress Theme You can convert any existing WooCommerce product to a bookable resource, service, and time. Also, you can define the duration of the ticket booking with any value of minutes, hours, days, or even months.

The plugin allows you to customize the availability of a flight ticket booking that truly reflects its flexibility. If you are unable to offer reservations for certain days, the plugin may block those days and allow reservations for others. You can also set your booking to be only available for a couple of hours every day or any day. You can set the maximum number of ticket bookings for a time slot, as well as set the day/time for the opening and closing of your bookings. Wordpress Affiliate Theme The plugin allows complete control over any accessibility scenario with its simple accessibility settings.

It has a dedicated section where you can customize the cost of your ticket booking using multiple combinations of pricing rules. You can apply these rules to any booking to show different prices for different time periods or seasons. This booking solution can allow cancellations from your customers up to a certain time before booking. There is another cool feature that only allows you to confirm you’re booking Booking Wordpress Theme if you want.


The main features

Here are a few other features that come with this flexible travel booking wordpress plugin.

  • Check-in and check-out, number of adults and children, real-time-search, which is also widget ready
  • Easy booking form for travelers. Smart algorithm for finding accommodation (including recommended rooms).
  • Determine special prices based on specific days, times, number of participants, etc. by setting prices and rules for participants
  • Email notifications for new bookings, cancellations, or confirmations Allowing customers to choose the number of people participating in the booking event and setting prices per person
  • Allowing customers to select additional resources with their flight booking and charge them accordingly
  • Sync your ticket booking with your Google Calendar
  • Synchronize orders between multiple products Dedicated booking management section to manage all your bookings in one place Unlimited orders without the monthly subscription
  • Flexible pricing system: seasonal pricing. Sale of additional hotel packages and services.
  • Automatic and manual flight ticket booking confirmation modes (with or without payment).
  • Online and offline payments are accepted
  • Admin and custom email notifications
  • Discount coupons
  • Automatically sync orders through online managers
  • Professionally translated into multiple languages ​​and ready to read. Convenient booking calendar.
  • Actions and filters for developers
  • Flexible flight booking rules, also the ability to block all accommodation or individual rooms for a certain period of time

Design of WordPress Ticket Booking System

In this flight ticket booking, systems include airline flight schedules, fares, passenger reservations, and ticket check-ins. Travel Booking System Wordpress The direct distribution of the airline operates within its own reservation system and also displays information in this plugin. It has a direct distribution channel for consumers who use the internet or mobile apps to make their own reservations. Since flight reservation systems are business-critical applications and are functionally complex, operating a proprietary airline reservation system is relatively expensive.

This Air ticket booking plugin WordPress has been designed specifically for the needs of the flight booking industry. It is a complete solution for creating beautiful accommodation and enabling online booking. It can be used for hotels, apartments, B & B, hostels, and so on. Accommodation Wordpress Theme So if you're building a hotel website in WordPress and don't want to strain your brain with any workaround, such as a feature-rich booking calendar, this plugin will fit your needs perfectly. What's more, the plugin is an easy-to-use tool even for non-techies, where the hardest part is just adding and setting up a shortcode.

It is a complete booking engine for your travel site; you don't need to hire a programmer to do it. With this, you can easily do it yourself without even spending too much time on it. Booking Affiliate Wordpress Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can quickly adjust the settings for your custom flight bookings and add fresh additions to your page as early as possible. With a reliable and easy-to-use ticket booking engine, you can save tons of time keeping your business running smoothly.



It is a WordPress flight ticket booking plugin for anyone who offers online booking and accommodation. You can easily adapt this to your travel needs and requirements. Agoda Wordpress Theme Existing travel companies, feel free to integrate the plugin into your sites and pre-order. Even if you are already using any booking software, it may not work for you, the owner, and the end-user.

Don't be afraid to use this best solution. Once you use this, you will know how much you missed it. Show natural guests and returning guests your convenient dates with a modern calendar and let them book directly from your website. Affiliate Data Feed No more phone calls needed additional letters and additional documents. It's all online, collected, and organized. Divide the rate tables and let them complete the deal with a beautiful flight ticket booking form.

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