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Integrating Booking.Com’s API into WordPress – Step by Step Guide

The acronym API refers to the Application Programming Interface, a type of software that enables the communication between two applications. Every time you use an app like Facebook or check the weather forecast on your mobile, you are using an API.

For example, most of the accommodations that work with are also listed on other online travel agencies (OTAs). When they receive a reservation through one of those OTAs, it is an API that allows the system to interact with the travel booking wordpress systems of the other OTAs to update and synchronize the availability in all of them.At, we collaborate with a variety of connectivity providers to ensure that partners have access to, and can choose from, the best products and servicesWe want to ensure that our collaboration with API providers consistently helps to host providers grow their business. To maintain quality collaborations, we have created a new system: the API Wordpress program.


What is API WordPress? 

API WordPress is an interface that developers can use to access WordPress outside of their WordPress installation space. You have access to that interface via JavaScript, which means you can use it to build an attractive website or application.So it means API is an interface for connecting third party websites with booking wordpress themes, without the programming language of those websites being important! This program is designed to encourage API providers to take concrete action that benefits the accommodations they work with. In exchange for each action they take, the provider earns points in the program.


They also earn points if they help us test new products or share your opinion on specific topics.Depending on the score, they will be within one of the three levels of the program. The tiers reflect your overall performance and can help you identify which vendor can best suit your business travel booking platform.This system is a piece of software that acts as an interface between two other programs. For example, if you use a third-party application to send posts to Twitter, you are using the Twitter API to connect the platform to your software.


What are the levels of the API for collaborators? 

Integrating Booking.Com’s API Into WordPressIntegrating Booking.Com’s API Into WordPress

In the program, API providers earn points, which are then translated into an overall score. Depending on your score, providers will be at the Standard, Advanced, or Premier level.When a provider starts working with wordpress, they join the Partner program as a Standard partner. With these providers, you can safely update your rates and availability on API, as well as extract your reservations through their system.


Advanced providers allow you to safely update your rates and availability on API, and also extract your reservations. However, unlike the standard ones, they have more products and offer a greater selection of functionalities in their system. The exact nature of these functionalities depends on the provider itself.Premier providers are our best and highest-value providers. These widget providers offer the most advanced systems with the widest selection of products and services. Also, the quality of the connection is usually superior to that of the advanced ones.

How can we see what level our API provider is at?

To see where your APIs provider is within the Partner program, log into the extranet, click on “Account” and then on “API Provider”.There you will see a list of these system providers that are part of this program for collaborators, as well as their level, the quality score of the connection, a link to their website, and you will also have an option to connect with booking wordpress theme directly.


How can we earn points? 

Providers who are part of the Partner Program can earn points in these categories: 

  • Business value. This score reflects how much business an API provider generates and how it manages the accommodation integration process.
  • Accommodation performance. This score reflects how providers are actively helping accommodations to improve their performance, whether by driving revenue, conversion, or other performance indicators. It also includes sharing information or giving advice on new products.
  • Products and quality. Providers earn points when they adopt some API Wordpress program that is designed to help manage accommodations online.
  • Commitment. When suppliers share their opinion with us, they earn points. They can do this by participating in market research interviews or by testing new products that are still in beta.

Why is it important to connect API to WordPress? 

Connecting API to WordPress is not a new idea. In fact, WordPress has APIs to interact with templates, plugins, and more. 

  • The WordPress API is obsolete
  • Regarding the use of the API in WordPress, it should be said that the existing API works very well for the internal affairs of WordPress, but it is very troublesome about the software outside the WordPress platform, and it has bothered many programmers.

  • The new WordPress API is a comprehensive interface
  • As we found out, the key to building an API travel booking wordpress plugin is its comprehensiveness. This API is based on JSON and enables WordPress to easily connect with other websites and services. The WP API is a big change, as it enables WordPress to interact with other websites, no matter what programming language they are written in. Since the other party runs on the HTTP protocol, both parties can send their requests bilaterally. This method allows almost any application to interact with the WordPress platform through a standard path.

  • This development has become easier and more flexible
  • As mentioned, JSON makes WordPress communication with the outside world easier. For programmers, this means that not only do they have access to additional expedia wordpress plugin tools, but other programming languages ​​also find a fair opportunity to integrate with WordPress, which has been very limited in the past.

    As a result, the use of frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and other frameworks is provided for WordPress.

  • Integrating third party content has become much easier
  • Because the API wordpress enables WordPress to interact well with other travel api integration technologies. Based on this, it has become very easy to put WordPress content into other applications and services.

  • Uniform interface
  • The URLs used to access resources on the system must be consistent and accessible through a common approach such as GET.

  • Client-Server
  • Customer and web applications must be separate; so you can develop them independently of each other. If server-side technology (i.e. WordPress) changes, the server-side application (an application) should still be able to access it through the online booking wordpress theme free download same simple method.

  • Ability to save
  • To improve the speed and compliance with web standards, all resources must have cache or cache. Storage can be done on a server or browser.

  • Layered system
  • API system allows you to use multiple layers to access it and store data on medium servers if needed. The server cannot tell whether the end customer is directly connected to it or not!

  • Backend in WordPress will change forever
  • As you can see in the new update, the API can take on all the responsibilities of the WordPress admin. A comprehensive interface means that the WordPress build travel search engine website dashboard is ready to be redesigned and even completely replaced. Developers will be able to make the admin or blog section completely separate from WordPress as they like.

  • WordPress API will enter the mobile app market
  • Another advantage of this format is that it is supported by both iOS and Android. This advantage paves the way for the development of mobile applications under WordPress.


The ability to easily place content through the API creates the potential for WordPress to serve as a server for mobile users. The good news is that integrating the API provides opportunities for those who specialize in working with travel booking wordpress plugin. Demand for WordPress professionals and WordPress hosting will increase as the API Wordpress opens the way for other platforms to enter WordPress.


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