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Drupal-Travelport API Integration - Easy Step-by-Step Guide

As a travel agency that is either starting up or is already established you have to invest in technological innovation. Because the market is moving very quickly if you choose to stay and ponder then you will be left behind.

This article is about drupal api integration, we will delve into the features of this travel solution as well as the advantages that one can get by incorporating this solution. First, let us break down the word “Drupal Travelport API”.


Previously, if a travel website company wanted to expand their business online, they had to go for software development services. And build the tech solution from scratch or buy it from another company.


What is Drupal?


Drupal plugin api is a free, open-source web content management system that provides back-end framework to thousands of websites on the internet ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political and government websites. It provides you with a sophisticated platform which has been created by a community of 1.39 million members out of which 117,000 users actively contribute towards creating 44,000 free modules that are easy on the eye as well as easy to use. drupal development company offers more than 2800 themes which you can choose from according to your liking.


Who is Travelport?

Guide to Drupal-Travelport API IntegrationGuide to Drupal-Travelport API Integration

Travelport is a Global Distribution System (GDS) that is based in the United Kingdom, they own popular systems including Worldspan, Galileo and Apollo systems. Travelport has access to many travel supplier’s inventories. By acquiring their API, a travel agency can access these inventories, furthermore, they can book tickets by the use of Travelport’s API. Travelport in layman terms collects data from different airlines and provides it to your agency through their drupal api.


What is an API?


Galileo api integration stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of, well-defined rules which helps an application to interact with certain libraries. It is intended to simplify the interaction of an application. An API can take forms, but often includes a specification for routines data structures, object classes, variable or remote calls. Documentation for the API is provided to facilitate usage and implementation. In layman terms, it creates a conduit between the libraries of a supplier and the customers of a distributor. Giving them a platform to perform transactions.


adivaha® is a travel solutions provider with clients in different parts of the world. The innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions we offer have helped us establish a name in this industry. We offer drupal api Integration services, a process which may sound complicated but is very easy to perform. We provide you with shortcodes, our solution will contain an admin panel, you can use these shortcodes in the admin panel for quick and easy integration. No coding is required which means that any layman can perform this amadeus api integration, we will also guide you through the entire process making sure that there are no hiccups and the process goes super smooth. Now that we know of the ease of integrating this solution, let’s take a look at some of its features:

  • Display flights in domestic as well as the international sector- This solution will let you offer tickets for both domestic as well as international flight through a single-window interface.
  • Real-time availability and bookings- Travellers will be able to make real-time bookings through your platform. They will receive a PNR as soon as their payment goes through.
  • Easy ticket cancellation process- You and your travellers can cancel tickets easily through your single-window platform.Multi-way search Benefits with Vast Inventory- This solution allows travellers to book round-tickets as well as tickets to multiple destinations.
  • Time and effort saving- Travellers will be able to bypass the strenuous process of talking to agencies on the phone and will be able to book tickets through your online platform, saving time and effort.
  • Simple to use- Even though Drupal offers a sophisticated system, it is very simple to use.
  • Increases sales- When you have the backing of a strong system and a vast inventory it will translate into only one thing and that is an increase in sales.
  • Simple to understand payment dashboard- This solution consists of a payment dashboard that records every sale that goes through your custom website. Making it easier for you to calculate your commission.
  • Compact admin control panel- An embedded control panel will allow you to perform multiple functions and make things easy for your business.
  • Integrated Payment gateway- Drupal Travelport Integration will also provide you with a payment gateway, making things more convenient for you. Because now, you don’t have to hunt for a payment gateway
  • Cater to more customers- You will be able to cater to customers all around the world. By using our embedded marketing tools, you will be able to attract many customers.
  • Faster reservations- Our solution will allow travellers to view ticket prices and book them in real-time, they will get a PNR instantly on the screen as well as in their emails.
  • Offer a large inventory- Through our solution, you can sell tickets of over 400 airlines in destinations all over the world. Allowing travellers to find and book tickets for their favourite destinations hassle download free plugin.
  • Cut costs- By automating your business you will be able to lower your operation costs. This solution will do most of the work for you enabling you to cut your costs.
  • Introduce yourself as a private brand- The emails you send will have your companies name and logo on it. Your customers will remember you because of your unique presence and your services. You can also target your custom audience by sending them personalized emails informing them of new offers and discounts.
  • Excellent customer service- Our customer service is one of the best around. We listen to our customer's immediate doubts and address them in a quick manner. You will never feel dissatisfied after acquiring our services, we will stay in constant communication before, during and after the integration process.

We have multiple options to satisfy all your travel solution needs. You can go through our portfolio and our client’s testimonies to view the ardent effort we put in satisfying all our customer’s needs.


These features may look enticing to you on face-value. But what are its benefits? TO understand if this option is a good fit for your business let us now look at some advantages of Drupal Travelport API Integration:


By reading this article you might have come to the conclusion that this solution is unique and caters to all your needs. You should take your time to think about integrating this solution. But don’t wait for too long because every day that you don’t flight api integration this option, you miss out on an opportunity to increase your brand value as well as your customer base.


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