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Ready to go-LIVE travel solutions that helps your travel agency to sell a range of travel services pretty instantly. adivaha® travel solutions make sure you have no boundation over your imagination, you can do everything online, without the need for any technical knowledge or design skills. Easy Backoffice, extensive reporting with integrated Funds Management System. Upload funds easily and instantly through Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card. The best part is, we do offer customizations in case you believe it will boost your business!

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How to Choose the Right Flight Booking API

The information Feed generates best flight search apis booking data based on your individual needs as well as all value, routing, tax and surcharge info. adivaha's Flight Information Feed may also be a service designed as an airline for tour operators, online travel agencies. You will make a choice from information about the availability-checked internet fare or high-quality information about the low value carrier.

For an inventory of low-priced carrier details that can be accessed please contact our sales team. A great type of export formats yield the flight booking plugin wordpress reservation api information in your selection systems, but not limited to the existing tour operator system and the player of Peakwork.


Your benefits

  • Enable dynamic packaging within your selection tour booking system wordpress, with all reasonable flight information.
  • Get flight information that is customized to your particular needs.
  • Drastically cut down the search response times and unnecessary hits to the global distribution system.
  • Boost consumer experience by providing fare casting and value drop communications services.
  • Gain from matchless selection of low-priced data and quality.

Technical Highlights

  • Based on this list, the Feed Service mechanically runs a group of queries to collect tariffs, value, routing and tax information via either our best flight booking plugin wordpress api or Cache module.
  • You offer the "Job-Lists" consisting of the ORG / DEST / DATE required etc. Through our ftp server, in csv-format. Also, updates could be requested daily.
  • You are importing that go into your selection system.
  • If this process has been completed, you will receive the flight information in one format in each of the following formats: SEALTIX, X-Format (proprietary XML Format), (Peakwork) EDF, KATI, INFX1, INFX2.
  • For practicality checking for live convenience and booking please see our flight booking api.
Tips for Selecting the Ideal Flight Booking APITips for Selecting the Ideal Flight Booking API

Rule Engine

The adivaha® Rule Engine provides our flight booking api integration api with the option of process rules to dynamically select the most successful tariff sources for any given request.

For example, low-priced airlines are precursors on specific routes, while higher prices may result from a personal global distribution system's. Even, in the best-price order, the global distribution network doesn't always send you along with your most famous airline. A fixed competitive advantage is being able to figure out the most effective and lowest prices provided for each particular scenario. The adivaha® rule engine supports your individual methods for airline booking software and the global distribution network, thus improving your role as negotiator. In fact, you can get higher kick-back rewards by supporting targeted linked airlines.

Your benefits

  • Defining the problem differs to the very best of accuracy.
  • Person control of all sources of fare.
  • The individual choice of the required sources of fare allows for a discount on community action rates.
  • Enhance global distribution system standard -Best-Price-Searches.
  • Global distribution system and airline policy for individuals, e.g.:
  • Systematic use of multiple global distribution systems for diverse routing operations.
  • Systemic development of individual airlines.
  • Rule Engine Convenience offered best wordpress flight booking plugin api for Adivaha.

Technical Highlights

Define your rules:

  • And behavior (number of required tariffs and related kind and source of fare).
  • Criteria for questions (airlines, routes, styles of passengers, cabin categories, etc.).
  • Defines situations of disengagement, if queries fail on a given platform.
  • Set the rules as goals.
  • Achievable combinations of wordpress airline theme free download with quotas or low cost carriers.
  • Allotment Manager incorporation feasible to assess availabilities.


Adivaha Agent is that for consolidators, business partnerships and online travel agencies the optimal and economical flight search and booking program. Victimization of the package does not require any information from the global distribution system. Using the intuitive, interactive interface, all call center staff, b2c travel portal agents and travel consultants are able to make and book the most effective offers at an incredibly short time from a variety of fares. adivaha® Agent offers all relevant information, such as reservations, flight times and reservation limits, cabin types, costs and repair fees.

Victimization can be controlled and managed by the integrated booking manager, e.g. incorporating OSIs, reserve seats, and SSRs. The agent will also calculate a personal service fee, and produce offers mechanically. adivaha® Agent covers the entire method in just one system, from flight selection to air ticket booking and up to price ticketing with the consolidator for global distribution system fares or price ticket order. Therefore save time and boost your sales team's potency. Your users or agents invariably maintain a standing overview of each booking within the process.

Your benefits

Individual application, e.g. for:

  • Consolidator (Travel agencies, in call centres).
  • Travel Agencies (with or although not having internet fares).
  • Cooperation with travel agency.
  • Staff preparation is cut to a minimum.
  • Effective consulting and delivery platform: the whole wordpress process in one system would be done by call center staff.
  • Provision as a Software-as-a-Service Solution: No operating software, hardware or value.
  • You make the most of current updates and changes in the market, mechanically.

Technical Highlights

  • Multi-global distribution system practicality and support of a variety of types of fare: written, Internet, Ethnic (LBR), Business, CAT 35, Corporate, WebFares and many more.
  • One-way, come back and ask multistop options.
  • Service fees can be measured and applied using a range of parameters (both by the consolidator and also by the agent).
  • The prospect of several netfare repositories concurrently asking questions.
  • Create and submit deals as MS Word documents or directly via email.
  • Selling Choice to sell verbal airlines on a spec definition. Routing bolstered your monetary objectives.
  • Deposit payments via integrated PSPs (Computop and eMerchantPay) and Mastercard payments.
  • Optional travel booking wordpress perform attainable via Book & Keep.
  • Waitlist Reservations (On Amadeus).
  • Supplier payments via a Mastercard (Virtual Account Numbers).
  • Global distribution system fares ticketing as well as Amadeus Void / Refund / Revalidate.
  • Booking manager facilitating full enforcement and procedure options for completed bookings e.g. ticket order, add / cancel parts, seat reservation, PDF confirmation, storage of OSI / SSR / remarks / frequent-flyer numbers.
  • Supported Ad-Server: ads on waiting screen in line with routing.
  • Check Monitor with detailed, agent- and affiliate-level Look-to-Book management choices and Look-to-Ticketing indicators.

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    Efficiently manage and book corporate travel with a comprehensive and easy-to-use travel booking tool service.

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    Integrate powerful travel APIs into your website or application to access a wealth of travel data and services for your customers.

    Itinerary Builder

    Create and organize your perfect trip with ease using a customizable travel itinerary builder.

    Allotment Marketplace

    A search engine for search engines. Find the best travel deals across multiple search engines

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    Chatbot service offers a convenient for travelers.

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    Increase customer retention and satisfaction with gift cards and loyalty programs for your travel business.

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