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The spread of information travel technology and the tendency of communities towards online services in the present age have caused all businesses to move to the e-commerce market to avoid reducing profits and eliminating competition from the market.

And in the meantime, more successful people are becoming more intelligent and increasingly fast. Take this path. Especially in the tourism industry, this according to researchers in the coming years, all transactions and financial transactions in this industry will be done online and on the Internet.Hotel Booking web Application Company is designed for travel agencies and online hotel booking system. Through this software, agencies and hotels can enter all their internal and external destinations with very detailed details without any restrictions. After much research and study and with the efforts of the adivaha® technology team has been specially introduced for travel agencies.


Using this web software, the online travel agency can book all hotels that are guaranteed inside or outside the country or obtain a license to book rooms in those hotels, online and 24 hours a day. In such a way that the traveler or the partner agency, by visiting the agency’s website, books their desired rooms completely online and receive a definite voucher.

Why do you need a web application for hotels?


We can affirm that hotel businesses have benefited thanks to the Applications since their sales increased due to the fact that people today find it comfortable to buy and carry out transactions through an app. But, how could an application benefit a hotel or restaurant? According to a study, restaurants and hotels see the online booking system as the most efficient and simple way for both them and their customers. According to experts, online hotel booking api has grown by 170%. The same has happened with Hotels who can, through an application, offer their guests a practical and efficient way to make a reservation. In addition, after increasing the online presence of both restaurants and hotels, it has made them achieve an increase in customers through loyalty.

Hotel booking web application companyHotel Booking Web Application Company

How the Hotel Booking web Application Company system works; 


See the speed and ease of using hotel reservation engines. To experience this speed and convenience, you can try. The philosophy of creating this web application company is to gather hotels of different cities in one place. As a result, you can easily select the hotel by checking the hotel data, including facilities, pictures and location, and finally online payment. 


Web Application Company is used to provide applications for a hotel, motel, hostel, or other accommodation systems. If you own a hotel and are tired of spilling tons of money on booking sites, completely change the way you get a booking application with this. With our best hotel booking App Company, you can collect reservation requests directly on your website! To do this, first, choose a free template, customize it to suit your needs, and add it to your website. 


In this way, you can receive booking requests directly from your form and easily access your data stored securely in your account from any device. Make your hotel booking api integration application as splendid as your hotel with Web Application Company easy-to-use form creator. With the drag and drop feature of this web booking application, you can add different form fields to your form, change the page layout, upload your logo and display the photos of the rooms on your form. 


With help of the Hotel Booking web Application Company, you can reduce intermediaries and increase the speed and efficiency of the hotel booking process. Having an online central reservation system, given the authority it gives the agency more than the web service, increases the agency's profit and revenue in selling the hotel.


Most web services of hotel sales are not online and after booking by the traveler needs to coordinate with the hotel, which may cause cancellation at this stage. But in online flight booking apis due to previous arrangements, the reservation is completely final and the traveler and the agency will not have any worries about this.


In addition to the above, the existence of a hotel extranet system increases the agency's credibility between partners and hotels and thus increases the customer. It has become an essential tool to optimize administrative processes and increase reservations. These company systems not only automate the day-to-day operations of the hotel but also enhance the guest experience from the moment they make a reservation until they return home.


Features of Booking web Application Company: 

  • Hotel management systems. 
  • This Web Application Company facilitates the administration of the hotel's daily activities, from accepting reservations to managing cancellations and sign-in sheets. These programs also usually have an invoice management module and provide statistics that allow hotel management to be optimized. Such as the occupancy rate or cleaning, service, and maintenance costs.

  • Channel managers.
  • These are distribution programs that connect hoteliers with different agents, who have permanent and real-time access to the availability of the accommodation to be able to resell the rooms in exchange for a commission.

  • Online booking engines.
  • Basically, this Web Application Company provides tools that allow hotels to accept online reservations directly on the corporate website and manage their payment.

  • Pricing tools. 
  • This Application Company program enables you to implement a more effective revenue management strategy. Basically, it automates the process by calculating what each room needs to generate to be profitable and changes the rates automatically. This helps you increase your income with minimal investment and a great time saver.

  • Tools to create websites.  
  • The hotel website represents a virtual showcase that potential guests visit to decide whether or not to stay there. An effective content management system optimizes the hotel's site SEO and creates a more personalized experience for guests.


Hotel booking api integration Web Application Company's software is increasingly complete, with customizable modules according to customer needs. This company not only allows you to manage hotel booking and invoices but also keep availability and rates synchronized with online travel agencies. It also allows you to make reservations on the website and manage payments. If you have a hotel or hotels in or even abroad, or you have obtained permission to sell part of its rooms by contacting those hotels, this company is the best way to make hotel reservations and earn money. It is through the sale of hotel rooms. With this web application on your agency site, travelers or your colleagues can buy the rooms that you have entered on the system online at any time of the day and night and pay for it by connecting to your bank portal.


Our experts will provide a complete explanation at your service and will answer all your questions and ambiguities. Then, according to your needs and desired items, a memorandum of understanding is prepared and a cooperation contract is concluded. After this stage, the project enters the technical and programming stages and the technical team designs and implements the system based on your opinions and tastes.



Hotel Booking Web Application Company is a streamline for the administrative tasks of hotel operators and owners while increasing their reservations in both the short and long term. From the beginning of your guests' online ticket booking software, until they complete their stay and send their comments when they return home. Your hotel booking technology needs to improve their experience with your brand. Finding the best hotel booking application that offers the services you want and need is key to managing your hotel effectively in a global economic climate.

Keep in mind that recording your comments about your experience can guide other travelers as well.


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