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Which is the Best Free WordPress Plugin for Online Booking?

The website of a booking system plays a fundamental role in the relationship with the guest. Promoting a good experience for him is also simplifying direct booking on his own website. This reality is possible with an integrated wordpress online booking plugin

The booking plugin is an e-commerce technology aimed exclusively at sales in the multiple hotel booking wordpress theme market. OTAs have been using this concept for some time. However, there are several advantages when online bookings are made possible on your website. It is true that some independent hotel owners and small chains still hesitate to invest in this type of sales tool. However, the trend towards automating internal hotel processes is a change that is here to stay. In the end, the pandemic accelerated technological processes that were previously considered supportive. However, concentrating reservations on the hotel's own website, with exclusive promotions dedicated to the guest's interest, is an essential requirement for high performance in direct sales. However, increasing direct bookings is not a goal that can be achieved with a single tool. What will improve the profitability of your site is a set of strategies implemented correctly and effectively. The online booking wordpress theme plugin is a fundamental part of this strategic plan. Let's find out why. See here, why this booking plugin makes a difference in a booking sales strategy. 


What is an online booking plugin and how does it work? 

The online booking plugin, as it is also known, is a reservation management system. That is a method of bringing the e-commerce technology used by OTAs to your travel api integration in wordpress/hotel booking website.  It is also available to the customer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your hotel sells directly to the guest without the need for dedicated hardware. The online booking plugin means that you will make it possible, on the website of the hotel and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for customers to make direct bookings without OTA's, therefore, without paying commissions. As with a purchase made on Booking, your guest will be able to see the availability of rooms, additional services, days of stay, rates, and even exclusive promotions, directly on their online page. With the online booking wordpress plugin, your booking website has all the information your guest needs.

Best Free WordPress Plugin for Online BookingBest Free WordPress Plugin for Online Booking

Why must you have this online booking plugin? 

Generally, holiday customers want to see all the options that are suitable for them and choose the most suitable one in terms of quality, time, and price. With the availability of the rooms, the dates suitable for accommodation, the price table in the system, customers can easily complete their reservations in a few steps by saving time from their home. Thanks to thisonline booking system wordpress plugin, you will be able to receive reservations from your own website, with your own virtual POS, under your own management, without any intermediaries.This Online booking Wordpress plugin is more than just a booking calendar. It is an advanced scheduling and data management system that allows your guests to schedule their own appointments and provide all the details needed to complete your services without interrupting your busy day.


This tool can improve you’re:

Operational efficiency: Reduce the time and cost of making telephone or email bookings to focus on more important tasks.

  • Customer Experience
  • Your customers can easily choose a suitable date and time when it suits them, without the hassle of having to call and wait during business hours.

  • Competitive advantage
  • Your customers will likely enjoy your wordpress booking integration experience and you won't risk losing customers because your phone lines are busy.Overall, this online booking management plugin is one of the most effective ways to simplify the appointment management of your business. If you play your cards right, you could get an increase in productivity and revenue.


Features of the online booking plugin

  • Accept online reservations
  • Your own mobile-optimized booking website or wordpress api integration with your current website. Plus, accept bookings directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

  • Notifications via SMS / Email
  • Send reminders to staff and clients when appointments are booked, cancelled, or rescheduled.

  • Safety is essential
  • Secure communication and all data backed up daily. We even have a dedicated safety officer to keep the team on their feet!

  • Calendar settings 
  • Configure the calendar template you want, the maximum number of months to show, the first day of the week, or if you want single days or multiple selections to be shown.

  • Availability
  • Mark which days of the week you are not available for your clients to select an appointment (for example, Saturday and Sunday).

  • Reservations administration panel
  • Set up your own panel with the next online appointments that your clients have made: reservation order, date format, number of reservations per page, etc.

  • Advanced
  • Configure whether your clients can make more than one online reservation per day, use pending days as available or avoid duplication of reservations.

  • Multi-language
  • Offer multi-language customer service and attention 24 hours a day. 

  • Multi-Currency
  • Select the currency you want to work with, and offer your services with greater independence. You can in turn define different tax values ​​applied to your products and services.

  • Configure your services with a personalized name, offers, and extra services
  • Unlimited types of services are created (rooms, apartments, activities, visits ...) indicate a description, put a photo to make it more attractive, and define its price in each season. You can also create offers and activate them when it suits you and you can create extra contracting services for the client: breakfast, bicycles, parking, snacks, diving classes, excursions, etc. Increasing the average customer spend.

  • You can configure multiple seasons
  • As many seasons or special dates as you want. By default, there are three types of the season: low, medium, and high. In the seasonal maintenance section, you can change the names or create new seasons or special dates such as weekends or bridges.

  • Reservation registration and database creation
  • The hotel booking system wordpress plugin allows you to keep track of the reservations received based on different variables. The data of the registered reservations are the property of the business and can be downloaded in an excellent document for further analysis or use that database for marketing campaigns.

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Configure how you want to work with the booking plugin; whether or not you want to ask your customers for credit card details, to make a transfer, integrate api with wordpress it with PAYPAL, or integrate it with your bank if you have a payment gateway. 

  • Training and continuous technical support
  • We set it up for you for free and deliver it to you ready to use. We offer support for questions, queries ... by phone or online. Maintaining a continuous relationship between supplier and client.

  • Flat rate or commission
  • You can choose between a flat rate and a commission model. This online booking wordpress theme free download plugin is offered on a rental basis, with a fixed monthly cost, or with a commission for a successful reservation.



Online reservation plugin system works in integration with the multi hotel booking system wordpress management system, the guest can make a reservation directly on the website of the hotel, room availability, room pictures, transfer requests are inquired according to the quotas determined in the front office management system. The reservation made is instantly recorded in the front office management system and the forecast is re-arranged, according to the preferred payment method. The bank provides is taken and the necessary transfer is made and a confirmation mail is sent to the guest and hotel mail addresses. This Online booking Wordpress plugin is a no, 1 booking system.Since it works integrated with the Management System, the availability date, room pictures, transfer process, and prices are constantly updated. There is no need for manual intervention and the second action.


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