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Creating a Travel Price Comparison Site with WordPress: Guide

A price comparison template in the form of product price comparisons on online shop websites seems to be quite influencing customer decisions in buying the products or services you offer. Of course, this method will benefit you as a business owner because it can increase the chances of converting visitors who come to the website. Furthermore, you only need to display product comparison wordpress choices, prices, and descriptions of the products/services that you offer. 

In this tutorial, we will discuss the best template on a wordpress price comparison website theme template WordPress.The Price comparison template will be very useful for those who work with e-commerce sites that sell products and services at different tier levels. Although many business-oriented Wordpress templates initially have a pricing table, site owners quite often may want to create something new for retailers. If you are one of them or just want to update your website with an available pricing table, you've come to the right place.If you own an ecommerce site, you can improve the design you sell. Also, it is necessary to make it useful and easy to follow, and clearly introduce the pricing policy to the audience. Once this shop is reached, modern buyers will first be interested in the numbers. So using an effective and clear pricing structured template is a must. Today, we bring you a wordpress price comparison theme template that you can safely download for free or premium, without much effort.


ic Principles of Price comparison template

Those who run an ecommerce site that offers a product range with one or more options can use it openly; you should consider the total by increasing conversions, demonstrating effective pricing. Before we move on to our compilation of the most popular free price comparison theme for wordpress pricing template, it is necessary to take a look at the organizing principles of such a template. 

Affordable Travel Price Comparison Site with WordPressAffordable Travel Price Comparison Site with WordPress
  • Make it easy like breathing
  • Statistics show that simple pricing sells well. Modern customers can slip out of them without reading. The Price comparison template is easy to understand and it is possible to increase conversions if it doesn't have any unnecessary features. Moreover, pricing should be easy to compare. In addition to the cost of a particular product, the free price comparison theme for wordpress template provides users with several alternatives. They will not hesitate to add it to the cart to see the most suitable offers.

  • Various alternatives
  • You can offer various alternatives that can help people in the decision making process. Price comparison template main features are product/service/plan ownership, provide short and clear descriptions, and provide them with a best price comparison wordpress themes tag and allow them to be selected. As a rule, the most popular offers are in the middle, so it is necessary to follow this trend and highlight it as such.

  • Offer users many currency options
  • Your international market targeting is particularly important. It goes without saying that Europeans will prefer to pay in euros and most US citizens in dollars. Do not victimize people by choosing a currency to avoid losing income and customers.

  • Be interactive
  • Have you met someone who played Google's Doodles at least once in your life? You can add some fun to the pricing page with a Price comparison template and make it more attractive. You can ask people to press the buttons to see what happens next. You can provide such a possibility. Entertain them while shopping from you.

  • e a buyer feel in control at all times
  • Nobody wants to be surprised and stupid when it comes to money questions. So it is important to finally explain what happens after the payment is completed.As you can see, when it comes to price comparison plugin template design, it is necessary to make all these clear and simple. Your e-commerce site should be accessible to people of various nationalities, with different life philosophies and ideologies. So, making it useful should be the highest priority.


Why is the Price comparison template useful?

Take a hosting service, for example. Packages for average users with a personal price comparison website theme cost a maximum of almost $ -- per month. This seems like a very reasonable amount. This is, of course, until you see a similar service available for just two or three dollars a month. It's easy for those who are not familiar with the small differences that make the difference between these services lost among many different services.In this case, the potential customer evaluates the pros and cons of each package according to his needs and decides which offer offers the best option for him. Therefore, it makes comparisons with other services instead of cost-oriented analyses that determine the price of the service to determine what the service is worth to itself.

As companies are aware of this, they try to take advantage of this situation by creating price compare sites wherever possible. They understandably highlight the key differences between packages, features, and prices, and offer attractive offers for companies selling different tiers of the same service.An average price comparison website theme template will have at least three rows to create a hierarchy between basic, average, and premium services. During the basic service, there are offers at the entry-level, where only the most necessary basic features, better features are broken down into more expensive packages, including a free or trial option if possible.Price comparison website wordpress template is prepared well, it will be easier to compare the columns and determine the differences, and the prices appear more reasonable for customers.



  • Very useful and designed to fit all plugins
  • Ready-made templates have been created to increase conversion rates the most
  • The price comparison template has a comprehensive customizer.
  • The price comparison template can be arranged as drag and drop.
  • The price comparison template has a unique CSS.
  • Simple drag and drop table builder and a successful visual guide to this process.
  • Ability to add a video to tables.
  • Unique CSS.  
  • Simple table creation process that includes all the features (title, description, prices, time period, icons, payment buttons, etc.) you want in a standard price table.
  • The Price comparison template has the option to colors some special areas
  • Ability to add tables to each post via short codes.
  • You can edit your price tables with simple short codes.
  • Simple customization menus for all options in the Price comparison template.
  • Option to add useful information for every feature in the packages.
  • Simple animations.
  • Icons for ticks and crosses
  • The package includes 250 default templates for tables. The price comparison template contains many visual styles for every taste.
  • Over 1900 font options.
  • Live preview mode.
  • Supports PayPal purchase buttons.
  • Fully compatible with Visual Composer.
  • All designs are optimized for touch devices.
  • Live preview option.
  • Ability to switch between normal and floating columns, between expandable rows and colored columns.
  • Animations for columns.
  • Easy mode option.
  • Over 40 icons.
  • Short codes for all templates.


adivaha® is a development company famous for its latest technology Themes, templates, and wordpress price comparison plugin with popular functions such as live chat, social sharing buttons, and photo galleries within the Wordpress ecosystem. Once again, they have achieved a successful job with this Price comparison template solution.This handy little comparison template has everything needed for price charts. The template includes many ready-made templates, a simple interface, and a comprehensive customizer to test different configurations.Price comparison wordpress template might be a good option to attract new customers, but it doesn't make anyone rich overnight. To be successful, you should also investigate what your competitors are doing, how they set their prices, and what features they offer. By doing all this, if you can offer good quality or price from your competitors, you will be one step ahead. 

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