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adivaha® Travel Booking Engine lets you convert your Joomla, WIX or even a HTML based website into a powerful Online Travel Portal offering Hotels, Flights, Packaged Vacations, Tours etc within few mins by yourself. No coding required.

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Travel booking engine

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Add Travel booking engine plugin into your existing site within 5 minutes and start selling Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, Activities and Transfers right away using APIs from Giant Bedbanks, OTA and GDS with Travel Booking Engine Combo.

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From design through optimization, we've got all the tools and features you need to create a high-performing travel website, even if you're a beginner.

Hotel Booking

Book in 80,000+ destinations across the world.

  • 70+ International Suppliers
  • Worldwide Inventories
  • Best deals in 5,50,000+ Hotels
  • 535 Million TripAdvisor Reviews & Ratings
  • Pay at Hotels
  • 60% properties offerings Free Cancellations
  • Integrated Google Map (On Request)
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Search by Geo Location
Travel booking engine

Flight Booking

900+ Airlines across the world.

  • 10+ Flights Suppliers
  • All GDS Integrated
  • All LCC/Domestic Flights
  • Real-time Booking (PNR Generation)
  • Hold Ticket(s)
  • Private Branded E-Tickets (PDF)
  • Ticket Reissuance
  • Integrated Cancellation
  • Real-time Cancellation of LCC/Domestic Flights
  • Search by Geo Location
Travel booking engine

adivaha® Travel Themes

adivaha® Travel Booking Engine ensures all the plugins works perfectly as expected with the optimized speed and performance. Keep Refreshing your customers with practical designs and easy navigations. adivaha® gives you multiple options for home pages, headers, colors etc. Which can easily be managed from admin via shortcodes and settings. Documentation availabe here.

Travel Booking Engine Features

Precompiled package of Hotels, Flights, Tours, Bus
and Car booking web travel portal with 100% Private branding.

Travel booking engine
Expandable and Modular System

You can make changes to the wireframe of your website. Adding features according to your requirements.

Travel booking engine
Combo Services

You will be able to sell multiple services (ie. Hotels, Flights, Activities, Car Rentals and Transfers) through a single-window platform.

Realtime search, availability and booking

This engine will allow you to display live inventory. You don't need to adjust the prices of the commodity, everything will be automatic.

Travel booking engine
Instant PNR

Your customers will receive a PNR as soon as their payment goes through the payment gateway.

Travel booking engine
Design Library

You can choose from the multiple designs that are present in our design library.

New Designs each year

Our front end designers work ardently to provide you with unique and amazing designs every year.

Travel booking engine
Upgrade anytime

You have the option to upgrade your engine to include more functionalities as any time.

Travel booking engine
Integrated Blog

This feature will enable you to write detailed blogs on your services which in turn will attract more customers.

Travel booking engine

Cater to different travellers by selling multiple travel products on your website.

Travel booking engine
Secure mid-office

This plugin allows you to reduce human errors, enabling you to keep a tight ship.

Travel booking engine

In this modern day and age, people tend to use their mobiles more often than their systems. Our plugin is mobile-responsive which means that your customer will face no hassle when they’re trying to book a service through your plugin.

Travel booking engine
End to End Booking/No Redirects

Your customer will finish the entire booking process while remaining on your website.

Travel booking engine
Private Branded Confirmation and Acknowledgment Emails

You will be able to present yourself as a brand by sending private branded emails to your customers.

Travel booking engine
Automated SMS Confirmations and Acknowledgments

This plugin will give you the power to send instant automated SMS confirmations.

Travel booking engine
Private Branded E-Ticket & E-Vouchers

You will be able to provide E-Ticket & E-Vouchers with your brand mark to your customers.

Travel booking engine

This feature will allow you to accept payment in different currencies without the hassle of converting them every time.

Travel booking engine
Integrated Multiple Payment Gateways

You don't need to go through the hassles of getting a payment gateway as you get one with this plugin.

Travel booking engine
100% Customizable

You can change the colour combination and font of your plugin to make it match with your website.

Travel booking engine
Social Media Integrations

You will be able to connect your social media accounts to your website, enabling you to connect with more people.

Over 250000 Hotels with discounted rates

You will receive access to the discounted inventory of more than 250000 hotels.

Travel booking engine
Customizable Markups

You will be able to set your mark-ups according to your business model and your market understanding.

Travel booking engine
Easy Installation

We provide you with shortcodes that help you seamlessly integrate our plugin without causing any issues on your website.

Travel booking engine
Free Lifetime Subscription

One you acquire our services, you will be free updates as well as information about our new technological innovation.

Travel booking engine
No Hidden Charges

We only ask you for a one-time fee. We make sure that you don't have to invest over and over again in your business.

Travel booking engine
No Coding at all

No coding is involved during this process. Any average layman can do this by inserting simple shortcodes that we provide.

Travel booking engine
Customer/Technical Support

We will provide you with excellent customer support as well as troubleshoot any issues that develop down the line.

Travel booking engine
Worldwide Inventories

Our plugin will provide you access to the global inventory synced with top travel suppliers spread across 190 different countries all over the world.

Travel booking engine
Special itineraries are available with adivaha®

We provide you with cherry-picked itineraries enabling you to avail the best deals.

Travel booking engine
Net and commissionable fares

We will provide you with net rates as well as commissionable fares, you can choose according to your business model.

Travel booking engine
Best price assured

We will provide you with negotiated prices. These prices are the best in the market.

Travel booking engine
Automated settlement

Automating the process of settlement of funds between your company and the customer makes your life convenient.

Travel booking engine

Geo-location destination auto-populate, the currency and the language will be switch according to the location.

Travel booking engine
Customer does not need to have Direct Supplier agreements and API credentials

This feature will bypass the ordeal of getting all the paperwork for an API in order.

Travel booking engine
Ticket Cancellation Feature

This feature enables on the spot cancellation through your single-window platform.

Travel booking engine
Integrated Chat

This feature will allow you to chat with your customers as soon as they visit your website.

Travel booking engine
New Designs each year

Our front end designers work ardently to provide you with unique and amazing designs every year.

Travel booking engine
SEO Friendly

You can use marketing tools including SEO to rank your page higher in google search.

Travel booking engine

You can add extra features including B2B and B2B2C extensions depending on your business module.

Travel booking engine
Promotional Marketing

You can send your customers promotional emails and keep them up to date regarding any new deals.

Travel booking engine
GDS Integrations

Integrate your plugin with renowned GDS systems and get the ammunition to become a market leader.

Travel booking engine
Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reports on your plugin dashboard as well as connect your google analytics account to the website.

Travel booking engine
B2B Extension

This feature will enable you to become a wholesaler, you can rope in agents who will use your portal to rope in more customers.

What to Look For in the Best Travel Booking Engines

adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions is one of the leading travel technology company that provides Travel Technology Solutions to clients who wish to bring their travel business online by offering their customers multiple services like Hotel booking, flight, cars and so on. Our Travel Technology software package can assist you to instrument your innovative ideas and vision. We have a tendency to square measure the skilled travel software package companies that's skillful in Travel API Integration of GDS like Amadeus, which provide your customers a good vary of travel product with period of time handiness, details, fares, rules and policies. Travel booking engine have a tendency to enhance the client service search expertise and give them the possibility of selecting the most effective from different types of product, we provide Travel Technology solutions to Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and Destination Management firms. Our Travel Technology Solutions conjointly includes Contracted/Extra-net System for Hotels, Cars and Packages. Travel Agencies and Tour Operators will currently transfer their own inventory of contractile hotels, tours and cars. they'll manage their knowledge and connect them to any Travel Portal.

Travel technology company is leading travel software package supplier that uses the facility of technology to assist hotels, airlines and travel firms to succeed in reaching the world audience and increase the profits. In today's competitive travel business, it's quite challenging to develop an innovative travel technology solution that is secure in travel market; thus it's demanding to settle on a travel technology company. Let’s ascertain best travel technology resolution for your business. Travel Portal Solutions that discovers most powerful and important travel technology resolution for travel business, adivaha® Travel Booking Engine API is one of the leading travel technology company that supply best travel technology solutions in world travel market ensuing into increase revenue for agency and tour operators. Most Travel Technology Companies offer services that are expensive such has development of a travel portal, an API or travel back-office system and the license are also very expensive, we try to reduce the cost of travel technology so that travel firms will get their return on investments (ROI) quicker. This can be achieved by active involvement and suggestion of price effective ways by Travel Technology Company before the commencement of the project. We can achieve this because our team comprised of professionals from travel operations who have wide experiences working with different travel products and services from all over the world. This is always a win-win situation for both the Travel Technology Company offering this travel technology solutions and Travel Company or agencies.

Choose the Best Travel Booking EnginesChoose the Best Travel Booking Engines

Travel Technology Solution

Another major catalyst for lower prices of development is demographic location, which has an advantage of availability of extremely accomplished resources at fraction of prices incurred out of Asian nation. adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions is one of the leading travel technology company providing leading edge technology solutions for travel companies and agencies. We provide internet and mobile technology for all segments of travel like air booking reservation system or software package, hotel reservation system and the software package, travel back-office software package, Tour CMS or content management system, automotive reservation system and vacation package booking software package or web site. Our travel portals, software package and websites square measure out there to grow your business, off-the-Shelf or made-to-order. We are able to develop a made-to-order websites and portals for travel firms, destination management firms, travel agencies, B2B travel agents, tour operators and residential based travel agents. If you're looking for best worth and thinking what the value of a travel is booking engine or a travel software package, we are able to assure you a competitive price and personalized service with complete hand holding experience. Travel technology solution is innovative resolution specialized in developing travel modules like agency software package, tour operator software package, travel technology module, web site development, GDS or Travel API Integration India for travel agents and travel agencies to resolve business complexities and maximize business gain with the utilization of latest travel technology trends. adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions is one of the leading Travel Technology Company developing the most effective travel technology resolution to suit the wants of all travel businesses. As a travel technology company, we have great team members to providing innovative travel technology for travel agencies, travel management firms and tour operators. This travel technology resolution helps travel firms automate their business procedures, maximize profits and improve their client service expertise. Talking about Travel Technology Solution to understand a lot concerning this spectacular travel software package, we have to discuss some vital points:

Benefits of Travel Technology Solution

Let’s ascertain how travel technology solutions are helpful for travel business. Travel technology solutions have added new components to the business of the travel agencies. At the moment travel agencies have their own B2C and B2B on-line travel portal, travel technology software package solutions, travel mobile applications and travel web pages. Travel Technology Solution helps travel agents to enhance client experience and make high whole presence in world travel business market with technology that delivers, high performance and easy travel booking engine for flights, hotels, tours, visas, packages and automotive rentals to earn a lot of travel bookings via multiple sales channels like B2C & B2B for travel firms. They conjointly supply multi-currency and Multi-language ability. We conjointly offer travel technology solution like Travel CRM Software, back workplace system, accounting software package, CMS, B2B or B2C booking engine, mobile applications and so on to assist travel agents to enhance their business and also increase business visibility. adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions is a prominent Travel Technology Company delivers innovative travel technology resolution for travel business. These travel technology resolution includes:

  • Travel Agency Software package
  • Tour Operator software package
  • Blockchain building booking technology
  • Hotel Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Tour Booking
  • API Integration
  • Travel Portal Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Travel Technology Services

With several years of experience and having several clients all over the world, our Travel Technology Company has integrated solutions from the world best travel aggregates, that embody integrations with GDS like AMADEUS and building API consolidators, automotive API consolidators, and bus API consolidators and so on. All of our members have ample expertise in travel domain latest web technologies. Travel portal solution and product include but not limited to;

  • Online Travel software package
  • Airline Reservation
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Car Reservation
  • Holiday and Tour Content Management System
  • Hire Travel Web Developers
  • Hire Travel Web Designers

Technological advancements that are easing up the travel businesses

Technology has been the most discussed topic of all time as this determines the success and failure of any company in most industries; we have a tendency to square measure a great deal tuned in to the impact of technology within the travel business additionally. As per the Google Travel study, it absolutely was known that seventy four percent of travellers set up their journeys over the web, whereas a mere thirteen percent of the travellers search for travel agencies for doing this. Technology helps travel and tourism sector evolve, you need to bear in mind of the impact that technology brought within the travel and tourism business; Without doubt, it's considerably reworked the travel business and its operations; be it client satisfaction or on-line booking. With the ever-changing travellers’ expectation and behavior, technology is aiding companies to assist them in growing. Complete different players within the Travel booking engine and technology sector are adopting differing types of technologies in their business to enhance client expertise. Let’s discuss some of these technologies.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is providing a stylish expertise for travellers around the world as they'll experience what their dream destination seems like precisely on mobile phone. For instance 360-degree video, travellers are likely to experience the surfing experience. Not solely this, there are many different examples. VR content was developed and permits customers to expertise what its wish to be on top of the land with a virtual video of paragliding. VR helps to administer customers’ first-hand journey expertise even before they book them. This technology is welcome by most customers because it provides you a way of decision-making additionally to travel not.


Whether Google Glass or Samsung galaxy gear smart watch, wearable devices offer a personalized experience, they are used as safety and security measures throughout the course of travel. Concerning the success of wearables within the travel and tourism sector, I keep in mind filmmaker MagicBand that acts as a subject park price tag, guest area keys. The corporate has sold-out over twenty nine million magic bands.

Mobile Technology

Mobile has been without doubt the foremost vital among all, because it plays a significant role within the growth of the travel business. Our mobile acts as a guide, edifice locater, hotel locater, map and lots more which is important throughout the travel. Everything currently revolves around your palm, from laissez passer to coach tickets and lot more. With the assistance of mobile technology, the user will have all the knowledge and information relating to their trip.

Internet Connectivity

Mostly nowadays we all have access to the internet, we'd like to browse various things over the web, send pictures over social media sites and so on. It won’t be wrong to mention, that we have been hooked on to the web. When travelling, we ought to connect with their friends and family so as to updated them concerning what’s occurring within the trip, that's the reason why Travel and Tour firms provides quick & free internet access to boost customers’ experience while travelling.

Block Chain

Block chain is a rare technology that helps to change the travel business during a holistic method. This technology is especially involved with finance however it seems that it's having a serious impact within the lives of individuals in the travel business. Severally we've seen that there hasn’t been abundant experimentation occurring with it, however there’re potentials that it'll be handy in the distinction of passengers at the airport, guaranteeing transparency in tourists’ opinions, and allows ease and security of payments. Block chain is an innovation able to amendment the globe as we are most likely tuned in to it. Despite that it’s primarily connected with finance; it likewise provides the concept that it will have an effect on travel.

Data Analysis

Recently, big data has been a chat of the city. Still, they have to indicate all the opportunities it offers for the travel business. Since this technology yields rather more for various players across different business, it's been wide getting used. This technology is wide employed in the hotel chain. This helps them to work out completely different data concerning their guest that permits them to focus on what's best for the marketing. Essentially, they examine their info to check for the amount spent, the explanation for the trip, the country of origin and cross-checks this data with public data from government sources so as to make the foremost appropriate client profile at an equivalent time bringing home the bacon the next success rate.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology is backing up the general method of the travel business; it is easing most operations in the hotels, airlines including completely different alternative firms by connecting smart devices, systems and processes. With the assistance of this technology, the travel business will uplift the operational potency and client experience. From permitting tourists for automatic check-ins and check-outs to the hotels, IoT helps every player within the travel business during an important method. It won’t be wrong to mention that technology has a verdant impact on the travel business. Technology travel company acts as a middleman as a result of it comes into play from the time travellers begin to set up their trip to the time it gets all over. This shows however dependent travel business players square measure on technology. Just in case, you're searching for travel technology solutions you'll prefer a travel technology company. Being a leading travel technology company, adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions delivers top-notch services to its clients across the world.

The Future of Travel business

Travel app development company believes that in future, we have a tendency to probably encounter more & more of automatic method within the travelling business – like neck pillows can currently offer massages & provide wake-up calls, the hotels are utterly submerged within the water bodies to administer the complete aquatic look. There square measure large numbers of innovations & technologies beneath the progress which will presently be unveiled for the aim of the convenient travel experience. Let’s see the longer term.

Airports the foremost Tourist destinations

  • Previously, the airports were used for stay time or time off whenever there was a delayed or off flight state of affairs however presently airports can become a spot where every person would love to pay their vacation time additionally.
  • Many airports are turning their infrastructure & facilities game to go because they want to be the world’s best airport. Take into consideration, this airport is kind of in buzz since it provides leisure activities within the kind of foremost art exhibits, upside pool, movie in luxurious silver screens.
  • Then there's Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport that encompasses a library for book readers, Dutch masterpieces that are obtained from Rijksmuseum.
  • At Munich airport, there square measure specialized ophthalmologists and dental specialists who practice there.
  • There are several alternative airports which square measure is attending to host more of such activities so travellers will pay most of their time with full luxury and relaxation.

Wearable Personal Digital Assistant

  • In the nearest future, travellers can have their personal technology gadgets within the kind of jewelry or watches which will facilitate travellers proposal for his or her itinerary & will track alternative period of time events associated with their travel – this is supposes by travel app development services.
  • In conjunction with 3D technology, these wearable can have holograph pictures to narrate mortal concerning the direction or destination he ought to visit by computing the factors like global climate change or shortest route with the facility of automation & computing.
  • These wearable application can have new interacting technologies which will facilitate travellers have hassle-free travel – articulates travel mobile application development company.

Space and Ocean Journey

Surreptitiously possessed businesses square measure are heading with exciting ideas & square measure are appearing to build hotels in the space, it'll be an expensive event however people who are square measure searching for extreme travel experience will certainly be passionate about it. Such hotels square measures are beneath progress and square measure are believed to supply facilities like zero gravity spa, house gilders and observatories to possess a close check up on the galaxies. In this present world, technology and travel go simultaneously in the industry, Technology is redefining the method people travels and therefore is taking part in a crucial role in remodeling Airlines, Hotels, OTAs, TMCs, Airports, automotive rentals, and alternative connected verticals. The proliferation of devices, rise of the connected mortal, and an on-demand atmosphere has soar the pressure on organizations to be agile, enhance productivity, and diminish back the prices.

Use of API in Remodeling Travel Businesses

API’s are use in remodeling Travel Businesses, API means Applications Program Interface, is usually a group of tools, protocols for developing a software package application. adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions being a prominent Travel API Integration service purveyor is leading with the newest trends in API management and its implementation. An application programming interface that generates a channel for the business to deliver its product & services, the different application communicates perfectly with the assistance of an Applications Program Interface API. An API Applications Program Interface defines however parts of software package ought to interrelate; a suitable Applications Program Interface ( API ) improves the method a program ought to be developed. Applications Program Interface are fundamental for communication between programs, in relation to public or open Applications Program Interface (API), social media titans Facebook and Twitter square measure few firms that have accomplished the smart use of it. A general Applications Program Interface (API) company is such that publishes its software package to be freely employed by users across the world.

Importance of Applications Program Interface in Travel Business

Applications Program Interface APIs are vital within the travel business as they're equipped with options that drive clients for his or her businesses. It permits the travel business to speak with the back-end system, it is well known and recognize that currently API helps in shaping the way to speak with the software package, a suitable API Applications Program Interface consists of many options that makes it different the among alternative has the best Applications Program Interface. It stipulates an extremely dynamic data that came back from the XML pages. The following are some of the characteristics of a perfect API:

  • Direct payment from clients to travel agencies
  • You will add markups for your agents to customers
  • It provides extremely dynamic data reverted from the XML pages
  • Less maintenance content this will enable us to specialize in the core task
  • Reduces travel agencies cost per head

Hotel Applications Program Interface

Hotel booking Applications Program Interface (API) transforms the appointments into bookings and generating higher returns per booking. It helps the hotel to avoid wasting time by reducing the number of emails and phone calls needed for the handling and also the confirmation of their reservations. Hotel booking software package is carrying a powerful capability of attracting on-line users and improve their business interactions, optimize their expenses. It helps in obtaining important competitive benefits which might be obtained by employing that type of Hotel portal.

Attributes of Hotel Booking Applications Program Interface

  • Ability to line up promotion or company charges
  • Interfaces with social Booking Buttons
  • Interface to Trip connect
  • Assimilation with Property Management Systems
  • Harmonious reservation delivery

Flight Applications Program Interface

Flight Applications Program Interface (API) allows travelers to book tickets for the flight on-line and a vital role within the development of various airlines recently. Presently, everything has essentially being modified to the online mode from offline mode. adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions Flight API can facilitate your business increase revenues whereas automating each method. The applications created with API are compatible to run on multiple devices utilizing the newest responsive technologies.

Attributes of Flight Applications Program Interface

  • It offers quick and error-free reservation facility
  • It has Search, book, authorize with just one Application Program Interface (API) integration
  • Delivers higher client service
  • The instant booking verification is provided
  • Browse to show the real time costs

Important Features for the most effective Travel Portal Development

Nowadays, wherever everyone seems to be talking concerning the advantages of the technology be it the service providers or the consumers, it's a proven fact that technology has modified the complete method of however a business operates. Like each business, the travel business is additionally experiencing huge changes within the overall operations thanks to technological advancement for roughly a decade. As travel agencies or travel agents try to induce their business online as a result of the competition being difficult. For assisting those companies various travel portal development ompany around the world are operating indefatigably. adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions is such a corporation that provides each travel technology solutions for companies within the travel business. With some immensely veteran and dedicated team of developers, adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions is providing travel portal development services to its clients for an extended time with brilliant success rate. If you're attending to build a travel portal you would like to strategize each step and also the content that has to move into your travel portal. For management purpose, here are some essential options that you just ought to tell your service provider to feature in your travel portal.

Search Filter

A Travel portal website which is not clear practicality restricts travellers in booking a vacation package or tickets to various destinations, thus it is important to have a search filter because it is critical for a travel portal to ease the holidays’ packages booking and lots more. A portal with comprehensive search filters, clear practicality, easy-to-use will create your customer’s experience on your business web site terrific.

Quality Pictures and Videos

Lovely pictures and videos on your travel portal lets client explore them and there’s a high likelihood that they'll initiate booking. Travel Portal Developer uses high quality videos, 360° video additionally as appealing pictures within the travel portal to fashion them visually enticing.

Payment System

Suggestion of numerous payment choices to the clients ought to be the real motive as you're expecting them to initiate booking from your travel portal. Effective payment integration system ought to be treated because the core principle whereas providing in each travel portal development services, multiple payment modes leave a sway within the clients mind.

Google Map Integration

Integrating Google Maps on your travel portal permits delivering clear-cut data concerning the destination that your clients are visiting. With Google map integration it is possible to induce the precise data concerning the locations and distance with Google’s comprehensive system.

Analytical Search bar

Procuring a ticket or vacation package over the internet gets just about easier once it's an analytical search option. This feature is that the most significant as a result of most of the travellers get on these items firstly. As a travel agency or agent, sometimes you have to ask the travel portal development company to introduce this feature on your travel portal. With intensive analysis within the travel sector, adivaha® Travel Portal Solutions has known solutions to completely different issues that are arising within the travel business recently and is functioning towards the betterment of travel services at a worldwide level.

Technologies To Invest

Businesses are experiencing evolution as a result of the technological advancements happening round the world. Over the previous couple of years, the travel & tourism business has witnessed this advancement that has majorly wedged the general operations. Let’s not return a lot of, several years earlier before we embark on a vacation parents’ accustomed move to the travel agents workplace so as to induce the bookings. Then, we have a tendency to travel with paper tickets that square measure seldom, then you would like to clarify everything to your travel agents and afterward, they supply you with the vacation package. These days we have a tendency to simply pull out our mobile/laptop, scroll through a visit planner web site or app and select everything we want or need, we have a tendency to access different services relatively easier than that offered by travel agents years back. This can be the key amendment that has return up nowadays as compared with the services several years back. These days travellers search for completely different deals when booking for hotel, flight or vacation packages, etc. Recently customers visit completely different websites or mobile applications so they'll compare the costs on different travel booking websites or apps. They prefer some versatile choices additionally that is introduced as a “Pay Later” possibility. The Pay Later feature, presently offered by various OTAs, has clothed to be particularly far-famed for a lot of leisure travellers thanks to rigorous visa culture between nations. This feature permits them to order their building rooms while not creating payment that is helpful for them just in case their visa gets refused it won’t price them the booking quantity, thus in spite of whether or not their visa gets won’t, they don’t lose money. In fashionable days, the impact of technology is thus huge that it's wide modified the general functioning of the travel sector. This has junction rectifier the shopping for method to hike as technology square measure simplifying everything.

We’re living within the age of instant gratification and customers need everything to be sleek and quick. as a result of this travel firms ought to assure the tools they're mistreatment is drawing some nice advantages for his or her customers else they’re out of the sport. Let’s take a glance at numerous tools that ought to be enforced in any travel business to stay existing and potential customers happy.

Online Reservations and Back-office Management

A Travel ERP improves shopper loyalty; however it likewise decreases the organization’s operational expenses. Automating the ticketing and accounting, it permits travel agencies and their employees invest less energy in manual tasks, for instance, booking affirmations and computing agent’s commissions. Additionally, it likewise diminishes accounting mistakes that emerge out of manual/offline reservations. A decent ERP to boot encompasses a considerable focus module that permits operators to create on-line appointments within the interest of their customers utilizing live inventory this protects them from the matter of linguistic communication into numerous systems or career suppliers for fares and accessibility, eventually limiting turnaround and serving them to produce more bookings appointments during a given timeframe.

Tour Inventory Management

Tours and activities are the quickest growing sectors compared to others. A most variety of individuals recently are searching for trips and outdoors experience which might match their budget and tastes that they surf the web and explore. However, tour building and inventory management remains one in every of the foremost long areas for travel technology solutions supplier. Fortunately, there is variety of solutions that square measure accessible within the market that facilitates travel agencies and operators to manage their catalogue with efficiency and permits to deliver tour packages with ease. Utilizing this tool, travel agencies will decipher their valuation scale, allocations, schedules, content and a lot of very important aspects of their inventory on a easy web/application interface. proprietors will administer evaluating, assignments, calendars, content and diverse alternative important elements of their stock on a simple to use electronic interface.

Online Reservations and Back-office Management

A Travel ERP improves shopper loyalty; however it likewise decreases the organization’s operational expenses. Automating the ticketing and accounting, it permits travel agencies and their employees invest less energy in manual tasks, for instance, booking affirmations and computing agent’s commissions. Additionally, it likewise diminishes accounting mistakes that emerge out of manual/offline reservations. A decent ERP to boot encompasses a considerable focus module that permits operators to create on-line appointments within the interest of their customers utilizing live inventory this protects them from the matter of linguistic communication into numerous systems or career suppliers for fares and accessibility, eventually limiting turnaround and serving them to produce more bookings appointments during a given timeframe.

Personalization of Customer Experience

These days, client satisfaction is taken into account because the utmost priority for the success of any business. Personalization is some things that each client would opt for within the course of the travel. Presently personalization is all about creating that environment where the client feel that they're at their home once they’re addressing your as a whole. That’s why, once any client lands on your website, they must get personal suggestions supported their browsing history that is on the market to you by the assistance of “Cookies”. Different website out there uses the Microsoft and iOS platform to offers custom browsing expertise to the users, tons of travellers became conversant in a high level of personalization from popular brands and currently expects an equivalent from their travel service suppliers.

The Cost of Developing a Travel Website

Numerous factors determine the value of availing travel portal development services. Travel portal development price are some things that causes a way of quandary within the mind of a business owner once it involves building a portal for thebusiness travel booking software. So, these square measure the list of services explained below that play a significant role when deciding the value of a travel portal.


When you think about building a travel portal there’s forever a alternative ahead of you whether or not you must select a GDS or an API, It's up to you what you'd wish to integrate into your system. If you're thinking of a GDS, they’re quite expensive as compared to the API. On the opposite hand, despite being expensive GDS tends to figure higher. So, if you've got to settle on between an API or a GDS, i will be able to recommend you – ‘look into your budget’ and select consequently.

The Security of the Travel Portal

If you would like your white label travel portal to be secured of every kind of threats, you would like to use each potential security live. This ultimately can assist you to forestall your web site from any security breach and data stealing, sanctioning such system travel portal development firms to want to alter 3D verification code and alter captcha on your web site.

Payment Security

Secured payment method considerably raises the travel portal development price and for your profit, you must invest in it this is often as a result of the online travel portals deal during a heap of transactions per day as a result of booking and everything else and keeping loopholes can cost your business a major loss.

Interactive Website

Travel portal with booking options ought to be quick and may have a responsive style as a result of recently folks need everything quick and reliable. It solely takes veteran Travel Portal Developers and designers to figure on your web site to supply the most effective expertise for the users. However, the standard of labor you're expecting from them is directly proportional to the value of hiring them; this implies that the level of the experience will determine the fee are charged by them.

Website Structure

A well-structured travel portal for certain helps in boosting your on-line selling and you're probably to induce an enormous response from on-line users too. you would like to create certain that the structure of the portal is being maintained with utmost priority throughout the course of development.

Our Comprehensive List of Services

adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

GDS/OTA Integration

Seamlessly connect your travel website to GDS and online travel agencies with GDS/OTA integration.

Plugins & Widgets

Integrated travel booking features in your existing site.

White label Travel Portals

Create a customized and branded travel booking experience for your customers.

B2B Travel Software

Simplify and streamline your B2B travel bookings with powerful and user-friendly travel booking software.

Travel Agency APP Builder

Create your own Mobile APP and host it on your Play Store.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool service

Efficiently manage and book corporate travel with a comprehensive and easy-to-use travel booking tool service.

Travel APIs Services

Integrate powerful travel APIs into your website or application to access a wealth of travel data and services for your customers.

Itinerary Builder

Create and organize your perfect trip with ease using a customizable travel itinerary builder.

Allotment Marketplace

A search engine for search engines. Find the best travel deals across multiple search engines

Travel Chatbot

Chatbot service offers a convenient for travelers.

UPI Payment Gateway

Fedup of bank transaction charges? Go LIVE with 0%

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programme

Increase customer retention and satisfaction with gift cards and loyalty programs for your travel business.

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Keep Refreshing your customers - Who doesn't want his site to stand out from crowd? adivaha® gives you multiple options for home pages, headers, colors etc. Which can easily be managed from admin via shortcodes and settings. The theme supports almost all the big players in this market ie, WEGO, Travelpayouts, Agoda, Booking, Expedia etc.




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