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High earnings from travel traffic monetization. Travelpayouts White label solution cover flight and hotel booking portal with customized design. Get paid from 50 to 70% of travelpayouts earnings for every paid-up ticket and hotel suite.

Cater your services to different audience such as B2C, B2B, B2E etc with the help of ready to go-Live travel solutions (ie, White label Portal, WP Plugins, Joomla extn etc) based on Mahan API under your direct contracting.


Custtomized Travelpayouts Integration

What Solutions We Provide to
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We Help to Implement Your Ideas into Automation


Have something unique in mind ? Speak to our Experts!

We offer ready made and customized OTA solutions for Travelpayouts affiliates. Stay unique among your competitors, Multiple designs, DIY Products and much more.


Benefits of adivaha® Travelpayouts solutions

Go LIVE within 24 hrs with your own private branded web portal and integrated travelpayouts solution. Operate an online platform for booking hotels and flights worldwide.

Easy Integration

Integrate into any website regardless of the platform you are using

Multiple Designs

Choose the layout you find best fit or go with our premium designs


Offer the price in local currency based on customers Geo location


You are free to decide the coding language, this plugin fits almost everywhere.

Advance features

Like customized multicity feature, get benefited with many more similar features.

100% Customizable

Customize the plugin as per your branding and layout with easy interfaces

Partner with us

Specially built for developers!


Don't just sell inventories Sell an experience

Onboard other Travelpayouts affiliates and get more commissions. Relax and watch your business growing.


Online Mobile APP Builder

Creative ways
to Showcase your business

Let your agencies bring their Android APP to life with few click. Multiple designs, Easy Customization, Online Compilation, Instant Download!

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One Time Setup Charge

  • B2C Plugin/Whitelabel
  • Hotel Integration
  • Flight Integration
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Free Setup/Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - $199
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One Time Setup Charge

  • B2C Plugin/Whitelabel
  • Hotel Integration
  • Flight Integration
  • Multiple Designs
  • Free B2C Android APP
  • Must have your own hosting
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - $199
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One Time Setup Charge

  • Customized B2C Website
  • Hotel Integration
  • Flight Integration
  • WordPress Plugin Builder
  • Mobile APP Builder
  • Platform to sell Your Api
  • Resell White Labels under your own branding
  • Multiple Designs
  • Must have your own hosting
  • Email/Whatsapp Support
  • Yearly Maintenance - $499
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Travelpayouts Solutions

Travelpayouts technologies are a great way to start a business in the Tourism industry or maintain a blog or website dedicated to travel.

People have asked this question many times. "How do we monetize my travel traffic?" "How can we monetize my travel traffic?"


We use Travelpayouts Solutions, which we have also tested. This network is accessible from anywhere, regardless of where you live or who your audience may be. This solution offers many travel affiliate programs and language options and can be used to monetize international and local traffic.


All you need to know regarding Travelpayouts Solutions.

The Travelpayouts Technology Solution is an innovative solution specializing in developing travel software. This includes tour operator software, software for travel agencies, software for travel agencies, and website development.


We develop the best travel technology solutions for businesses. We are a leading company in travel technology, and we promise to provide the most innovative travel software for any travel agency, travel management company, portal development company, or tour operator. This solution is extremely useful for automating business processes, increasing profits, and improving customer experience.


Are you now ready to learn more about Travelpayouts technology solutions? Travelpayouts Solutions will be the topic of our discussion. Let's talk about Travelpayouts Solutions.

Air ticket booking wordpress pluginTravelpayouts Solutions

This gives them the time to decide to travel. It also allows you to motivate them through emails and new content.


It doesn't matter how many programs, flights, tours, and so on you sign up for. It is easy to see how many commissions you have earned. It also helps you to improve your content and your affiliate strategy.


Travelpayouts Solutions offers unique tools for affiliates that can increase conversions.


You can choose the tool that best suits your site for widgets, tables, and banners. This is not all. I also see the network constantly improving and creating new tools, increasing Travelpayouts users like mine's income.


Travelpayouts Solutions offers high commissions.


You get 70% of your earnings through the network. This amount has been credited to my account, so I can tell you if you don't believe me. You'll earn 3% on an airline ticket and 5% for every hotel reservation.


Every month, you get a one-time fee for all programs.


Travelpayouts Solutions offers several ways to get the money. These include PayPal, Web money, SWIFT, and Epayments. You decide how you want to receive and spend the money.


Why should we recommend Travelpayouts Solutions?

  • More convenient registration
  • Travelpayouts Solutions make it the easiest way to create an account. It takes just a few minutes. It's possible to time it! You can time it! Travelpayouts have now been created. You can immediately start using the network and confirm your account when you receive the confirmation email at your email address.

  • It is simple to use and fun to view
  • The Travelpayouts Solutions interface is appealing to the eyes. It's simple and aesthetic.


    It can be customized: choose the language you prefer to work in, select your payment currency and choose a theme. You can quickly view the statistics by navigating to the dashboard. This will allow you to compare your earnings over time. It's great to see statistics for different features, such as how many visitors visited your site, what searches they made, how many people clicked on the services, and your earnings, earnings, and bookings. It is possible to see the data that your users entered when they sought help. This can also be used to help you run a campaign.

  • Promotional Methods
  • Travelpayouts Solutions tools for promotions have helped me see my progress. Your forms can be customized to fit the theme of your blog. You can combine and match colors, fonts, sizes, and fonts. There are also ready-made options.


    You can add tables and widgets to your website using the WordPress plugin option. This will help increase your reach as well as conversions. Banners and text links are also useful. You can also add hotel prices to travel maps to your articles for free.

  • Attractive websites
  • Take a look at the front page. Did you see it or not? You now know why I don't need to explain anything further. It is incredible how they managed to convey so much information in such a simple way.


How can you make money with Travelpayouts Solutions?


Travelpayouts Solutions offers four different monetization options for bloggers:


It is easy to make money with Travelpayouts Solutions by submitting a link to their search engine via a text link or one of the high-quality banners they offer in the affiliate area. If we blog about our recent trip to London, we might include a link on Travelpayouts to a similar website where visitors can book a hotel or flight.


A travel search form can be added to our website or blog as a second option for monetization. Travelpayouts Solutions provides pre-designed search forms that you can easily copy and paste into your blog. We receive sales credit every time someone uses the search form and purchases.


We should be looking at making money by searching for travel via mobile applications, given the incredible growth in mobile traffic—link to Travelpayouts Solutions mobile apps. Once our visitors have installed the app, they can make reservations for one year.


We can also make money by referring other Travelpayouts users and bloggers to our Affiliate Program. Our affiliate program allows us to earn 5% from the Travelpayouts Solutions revenue generated through our sub-affiliates.


Why promote with Travelpayouts Solutions?


Let's start with the registration process. Travelpayouts Solutions was easy to set up in just 5 seconds. Enter your email address and password. After a few seconds, you can access your registered user panel. You also receive a confirmation email. Once you click the activation link within the email, all is set to view this business tool that can help you generate profits.


This dashboard displays some general statistics to compare earnings over time quickly. The dashboard shows searches, clicks, visits, reservations, benefits, CTR, and CPC. You can also see the dates and destinations for each form submitted. We have high-quality promotional tools.


Travelpayouts Solutions provides a plugin that allows you to insert search forms directly onto a WordPress website. The interface is simple and user-friendly


The Adivaha Team has created a simple, easy-to-use website inviting users to make reservations and take action.


Access to maps that show the lowest prices in the area is another useful function. White-label tools allow you to brand mobile apps' search and search/data API. This Travelpayouts Solution allows users to build their search with all the required functionality.


Travelpayouts Solutions Advantage


Travelpayouts technology offers an intuitive interface. The news section on my dashboard's top bar is something we love. It gives me all the information we need about Travelpayouts partners. It also displays a list of the top ten partners and their income. This motivates me to work hard to make my name on the top.


You can use the forms they offer to add search fields to your website. You can use their template or customize your form by choosing colors, fonts, etc.


You can link your WordPress website to your Travelpayouts Solutions account by using the Travelpayouts plugin. Similar to social media widgets. This plugin redirects your visitors to your social media pages. Like the Travelpayouts plugin, users will be redirected if they click it. After they click on the Travelpayouts plugin, they will be paid for any transaction.


Travelpayouts Solutions offers white labels for hotel and flight searches. A map feature can be used to help you navigate.


Travelpayouts API Integration


Are you looking for integration with the Travelpayouts API? Travelpayouts provides integration of the Travelpayouts API to book flights and hotels on its travel payouts WordPress website. Travelpayouts API integration in WordPress travel website. WordPress is possible quickly and cheaply. We can integrate this feature into your website to improve your services and enhance user experiences.


Our custom web design services include hotel bookings, rental car bookings, and flight reservation API Integration services. For the best user experience, integrate Travel Payouts API into your website. All details of a customer's purchase, including flight, hotel, group tour, vacation, and business travel, and local transport, will automatically be saved to your dashboard.


They book their tickets online directly from the airlines and hotels. This API Integration allows you to track their travel and instantly know about cancellations or bookings. This software solution provides excellent customer service. This software solution allows you to customize and access all hotel, tour packages, and flight ticket reservation features.


We offer customized travel websites that include White Label Travelpayouts API Integrations. Let's discuss your travel plan.


The Travel Payouts API is useful for your Travel Agency and customers booking their Travel Arrangements with you. This software solution is also easy to integrate with your website. After API Integration has been completed, these advanced tools make it simple to sow the lowest/comparable airline fare and to book the flight. Your website can be used to search for the best flight, hotel, car, or accommodation deals.


They can search for the lowest flight prices and best deals in every booking. This Travelpayouts API Integration software application provides many tools, such as advanced search options, filters, and the ability to compare different offers instantly. These software tools are mobile-friendly and can be installed on any device.


Why Travelpayouts API?


Travelpayouts API Software is a well-respected travel industry company that provides efficient technologies to make your business more effective and easier. We have years of experience in the IT industry and are one of the most trusted Travelpayouts API Integration Companies. We have forged long-lasting partnerships with tour operators, travel agents, and travel agencies worldwide because of our commitment to helping them.


Benefits of Travelpayouts API


Travelpayouts cover all travel services. These include flights, hotels, and car rentals: insurance, transfers, transfers, and insurance.

  • Available immediately after registration
  • Connect to the network at no cost.
  • All tools are intuitive and easy to use immediately.
  • You will find the best prices.
  • Provide a complete set of travel services to the customer.

With custom design and features, we integrate the Travelpayouts API into your website. Your visitors will be able to organize their vacations easily. To attract your visitors, we create a custom design.

  • Tested web for ease of use
  • Book an easy reservation with smart navigation
  • A transparent and simple booking process
  • Get your featured website at a much lower price
  • Customers can get a complete set of services easily.

Travelpayouts API Integration allows you to take advantage of their ten years of experience in the travel niche. This Travelpayouts API will allow visitors to search for hotel and flight tickets directly from your website. Below is a screen showing you how to create a travel White Label website using Travelpayouts technology. This solution is customizable to suit your brand and audience to increase travel bookings.


Travelpayouts White-Label


The Travel Corporation discusses our white-label travel packages. They greatly benefit our partners—only a few people in the industry know-how white-label services work. We'll show you how a white-label product can help you and provide key details.


What's a white-label solution for the travel industry?


Travelpayouts White-Label is when a company sells products or services under another company's brand. You will need safari vehicles, staff, or offices in the region to solve this problem.


Instead of spending hundreds of thousands on these assets, contact a provider to supply them. A provider will offer to sell their services on a white-label basis to you. This means they will operate under your brand, 'Global Travel Adventures. Your logo will be on all vehicles, uniforms, marketing materials, and other items. Your customers will have a consistent brand experience, and they will be clear about who is taking them on safari.


What are the advantages?


Your brand can open up new possibilities with white-label services. They can give you access to almost any travel service or experience. They will allow you to develop innovative travel products that compete with the best holidays.


You'll also save money. Because you need the high-priced start-up costs for the travel service you desire, it is expensive to hire coaches, safari jeeps, and cruise ships. You can buy them, but you can still use them under your brand with a white-label arrangement. Travelpayouts White-Label will allow you to have an in-country partner for travel issues. You won't have to explain anything to the customer, and someone will always be in-country to assist you if necessary.


Get the Luxury of Choice


There are many options for white labeling any product or service. You are responsible for researching the best products and services for your clients and then deciding which will be most successful in achieving your goals. Save time creating one product that is more well-researched and successful than others. Instead, choose the one that you feel has the best features.


But be smart. The third-party product should enhance your brand's image. Your clients will associate bad service with your company, not the origin.


It Saves You Time & Money


Anybody who has ever created a product from scratch knows the effort required to make it functional and quality. It takes effort, time, investment, knowledge, and continuous support to keep the product at an acceptable level. It must work, of course! These can be taken care of if you white-label a product. Your product will develop as well. This directly implies our third advantage.


Take the chance of expert work.


It is possible to do this, even though it sounds strange. It is not your job to pay the high-end developers. They must see it through, make it happen, and fix bugs. Although you will still pay the original company a fair amount, you will have fewer headaches than them. They will be responsible for all aspects that make a product unique and functional. They are just responsible for ensuring that products work properly. They must ensure that the product goes through beta testing, revisions, troubleshooting, and other fine-tuning steps. It is time to relax and let them do their best work.

It Takes the Pressure Off


In most cases, third-party tool owners can resolve any problems if something go wrong. They offer customer support for white-labeled versions. In addition, they fix actual bugs and malfunctions in products. But, even when human errors occur, it is important to remember that mistakes can be made. It's easier to blame others when you could have experienced something similar if you were the original company. It should be a good partnership.


White labeling increases customer loyalty.


Introduce a service that has been well-developed by someone else. Your existing customers will more likely feel connected to you if the service is well-designed and works. Most likely, you will be responsible for several aspects of the business.


You are responsible for ensuring that the product you white-label is reliable.

Attracts New Customers


You will find new customers once you offer a new product/service. To test the product, it is smart to offer it to only interested clients to ensure they are satisfied with the service. It's a win-win scenario. The new clients may be more interested in your services if satisfied. You will have your existing customers and still know how to make things better for them.


Travelpayouts B2B software


Corporate travel is an expensive expense for businesses. In 2022, global corporate travel spending is expected to exceed $1.7 trillion. Companies are constantly looking for ways to cut costs in their travel budget, with so much money invested in business travel. B2B travel solutions are here to help.


Here we will discuss the best B2B travel software to meet your travel needs.


Why Travelpayouts B2B software?


Travelpayouts B2B software is the ability of Tour Operators, DMCs, Consolidators, and Travel Agents to efficiently distribute their products to other business partners through an online ecommerce B2B portal. This Travelpayouts B2B software system allows companies to expand internationally, regardless of whether their business partners live in their area. It also makes it possible for other partners to book from any location.


Businesses, particularly travel agencies and tour operators, are concerned about hotel bookings. With extensive booking tools and a wide range of hotel options, this software allows businesses to streamline the booking process.


Enterprise Travelpayouts B2B software is designed to serve companies with high travel expenses and frequent corporate travelers. The key to choosing the right solution for your company is managing expenses.


Our top picks for this category are AMEX Global Business Travel and SAP Concur. Let's see what makes these online B2B travel software solutions different.


Travelpayouts B2B software offers a complete travel management solution to help organizations plan, manage and report on business travel. Its "simplicity"-- is a favorite feature, but don't let this fool you into thinking it lacks any functionalities.


Travel policy compliance: By integrating the travel policy into a booking process, travelers can only book travel tickets, accommodation, and transportation not covered by the policy. Only a manager can approve this. This reduces the supervision cost and ensures that travel expenses remain within the limit.


Customer support is high-quality: Our support team ensures that you speak to a human being in less than 15 seconds.


provides the best deals for your traveling employees with negotiated rates and global partnerships--including travel aggregators and low-cost carriers (LCCs).


Flexible: Travelpayouts B2B software flexible options for travel ensure that you get at least 80 percent of your money back if you cancel travel plans.


Carbon offsetting: Travelpayouts B2B software helps you offset the environmental impact of business travel.


VAT Recovery: Travelpayouts B2B software allows you to save up to 20% on your business travel expenses using its simple VAT recovery tool.


Third-party integrations: Integrate with Travelpayouts B2B software for a seamless, end-to-end solution to corporate travel management.


Travel Care: Travelpayouts B2B software's solution for managing travel risks gives you all the information and visibility you need to ensure safe travels.


A global network of more than 180,000 partner accommodations is available in, Europe, and Asia.


Regional contractors: It has local contractors who actively search for and scan new properties at competitive prices. Travelpayouts B2B software offers more than hotel accommodations. Many options are available: apartments, homes and villas, resorts, hotels, apart-hotels, and boutique hotels.


Transport solutions: Travelpayouts B2B software can also help with transport and transfer. They offer a variety of destination experiences. They partner with 60k travel agents to transport passengers to more than 200 destinations.


The Travelpayouts B2B software is our highlight. You can choose flexible booking dates and filter hotels according to different metrics. Also, you get direct upgrades. You can integrate all of these functions into your enterprise suite.


Travelpayouts B2B software is a great choice for small and large businesses. It offers several plans that suit your needs, and you pay only when you travel. Travelpayouts B2B software Plan allows you to try before buying.


It offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use and keeps employees up-to-date on all travel arrangements. It is one of the most highly-rated travel management companies in the market. With solutions that will support your business growth, it's one of the best.


Travelpayouts SDK: What is a Travelpayouts Software Development Kit?


Software developers face many challenges every day. Beyond programming, they must design new applications' concepts and prototypes, plan and organize development phases, analyze intermediate results, and eliminate errors or weaknesses. The trend towards the increasing complexity of software certainly does not facilitate their work, which is why tools such as frameworks, or ready-to-use code scaffolds, are an indispensable part of the daily work of software developers.


Travelpayouts SDK solution is another indispensable tool that plays a vital role in daily work with programming languages and in developing and releasing software for specific platforms.


A Travelpayouts SDK can be composed differently depending on the reference platform and include elements such as APIs, compilers, debuggers, IDEs, frameworks, reference documentation, usage licenses, string examples, and tutorials. It must contain everything you need to guide a developer in programming: the Travelpayouts SDK is a way to facilitate the adoption of the specific platform by the developers and to spread its use.


How the Travelpayouts SDK work?


Even if the Travelpayouts Software Development Kits can vary a lot between them in size and technologies made available to users, they are usually composed of some fundamental tools and packages present within the vast majority of Travelpayouts Software Development Kits. For example, there will be one or more compilers, the standard libraries equipped with API, and all the documentation necessary to use the Travelpayouts Software Development Kits itself. . To these elements can be added a debugger, the IDE (an acronym for Integrated Development Environment, useful for modifying and customizing the various modules and packages already available) and much more.


Thanks to these elements, the programmer can develop his app, program, or video game without being forced to write the entire source code of his creature. All he will have to do is call up the various libraries and modules needed at the right time. Then the compiler will insert the functionality or graphic element where necessary.


Travelpayouts plugins


In this part of the post, we will learn about the new technology solution of Travelpayouts plugins to help you create an effective website. The plugin improves the overall functionality of a website by adding various features to the site. Even if you use the best business travel WordPress themes, you will need some extra plugins to add new features.


Travelpayouts plugins can help you manage your website more efficiently. Competition is annoying, and your website needs to be unique and innovative.


Thanks to these travel agency plugins, you can provide the following:

  • A better and easier ticket booking system.
  • Safer payment systems.
  • A full FAQ section on your website.

So, without further ado, let's get started with the list of the eight best WordPress plugins for travel agencies.


Travelpayouts plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin for booking trips and tours. The plugin creates tour and travel packages and landing pages for travel agencies.


With many timely updates, the Travelpayouts plugins allow you to create unlimited tours and packages. You can also create a full activity page for your customers.


The plugin allows you to create and facilitate the booking process on your website. You can add and create unlimited travel and tour categories on your website.


The Travelpayouts plugin is also fully translation ready, which is very much needed nowadays. You will receive detailed email notifications of each booking, cancellation, and payment confirmation.


Travelpayouts plugin becomes a complete package with features such as an "Account Section," a separate customer section, and regular updates.


Why should you get the Travelpayouts plugin?


Travelpayouts plugin is one of the top-rated booking plugins which lets you provide an extraordinary booking experience for your customers.


Travelpayouts plugin is a powerful plugin that allows you to convert your time, products, or services into Bookable Resources. This plugin allows service providers & businesses of all types to easily integrate & empower their Woo Commerce website with a booking solution.


You can sell bookings by hour, day, month, or minute. You can also choose how many bookings you would like per time slot. You can specify minimum and maximum booking times and allow users to cancel or edit bookings within a specified time frame.


This plugin dynamically calculates the booking cost based on customer preferences such as the number of slots chosen, additional charges, number of guests & service providers, etc.


Key Features

  • Offers single and multiple-day booking
  • Send email notifications & reminders
  • Allow booking confirmation & cancellation
  • Sync Google calendar
  • Allow partial Payment & Deposits
  • Staff Management
  • Set buffer time between the bookings
  • Complete control over the bookings
  • Individual or group bookings
  • Create Bookings Manually

Travelpayouts mobile app


Travelpayouts has the largest affiliate network to make money on flights, hotels, insurance programs, and car rentals.


Travelpayouts mobile app was designed for people who already make money selling travel services and those who have just joined the affiliate network.


Their primary goal with the Travel Payout mobile app is to offer their clients substantial savings on their next hotel or flight bookings. This could be for their next weekend away, business trip, or dream holiday. The Travelpayouts Mobile app is a new mobile application that allows travelers to book directly from their travel application.


Travelpayouts Mobile App Development is creating a custom mobile app using the Travelpayouts API. The Travelpayouts SDK template can be used in any mobile travel app or developed as a separate application.


Here we will contain descriptions of the content and general functions of the Travelpayouts mobile app, available for Android and iOS. The app is a mobile version of the affiliate dashboard, but it has additional features described below.


General overview of the app


The app's main purpose is to show affiliate programs' overall and detailed statistics.


The app also allows you to:

  • receive notifications
  • check your balance and payments history
  • Share your referral link
  • find the information on how to earn with Travelpayouts

Please note that with the Travelpayouts app, it isn't possible to edit your details, set or change payment details, change your email address, copy affiliate links or widget codes, or add projects.


An optimal solution and long-term cooperation


The Travelpayouts mobile application sought a team to create a mobile app for their three travel services. They needed an API rewrite for each of these services. Because the company's requirements were similar, they sought an ideal solution and long-term partnership with an outsourcing IT partner. Previous attempts to create apps with other developers failed because of poor API design. The app should have been re-engineered, including code review, and rewritten following current mobile app API standards. The final product would be a mobile app that integrates with three travel services.


Quality Assurance for legacy code


Adivaha began by reviewing the legacy code and then rewriting parts of the API and code that the previous developer had poorly developed. Next, Adivaha and the team developed a cross-platform mobile application. It was integrated with three different web services from three domains. The React-Native framework was chosen to allow the app to support both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It requires minimal code. Multilingual, the app can be easily extended to support additional languages.


The Travelpayouts app design was based on Adivaha's best design guidelines and brand books. It also incorporates design elements from the company's UIkit and web app design. Adivaha provided a team consisting of a UI/UX designer, a full-stack developer, and a backend developer to cover the entire scope of work.


The following features are embedded in the app: Search for tours and trips by filtering by keywords, tags, categories, tags, company travel blog, localization in three different languages, and location. To improve the efficiency of the CTA, the team used sticky elements. Firebase also allows service managers to send push notifications to specific groups of users, which can increase engagement among app customers.


Adivaha Offers the best Travel Technology solution in the Travel Industry


Adivaha, a travel technology company, offers the best travel technology solution to travel agents, tour operators, hotel owners, and travel companies. It automates day-to-day operations and optimizes bookings, while also increasing operational efficiency.


We develop the best travel technology module and supports advanced travel technology. This allows travel agencies to automate their travel process and allow customers make online bookings for flights, hotels, tours, and transfers in order to maximize revenues and bookings.


Technology and travel has become a perfect match. This union is a powerful influence on how we travel. It influences everything from where we go on vacation to what we can do when we return home and even the choices we make about what we do.


Consumer interaction in the travel industry is growing more important. Technological advances have allowed companies to reach out to customers and get to know them better.


The current period in which the travel industry is experiencing its greatest growth is characterized by technological innovation, which is transforming traditional practices and replacing them. Winners will be those who can use various aspects of the internet and mobile technology to solve the problems of travelers all over the globe.


Conclusion: Travelpayouts Review | you should try it.


Travelpayouts technology is an affiliate network that supports bloggers and website owners in the travel niche. Travelpayouts solutions are like a coin with two sides. However, its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.


To make this more personal, we recommend this platform to everyone. It's just amazing how this platform works. There is a notable increase that I have seen in my income since using this platform. They have training programs that have helped me master new affiliate tools and improve my websites. They have also kept me motivated to win more, and motivation can be hard to come by.

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Our Services

adivaha® is a one-stop-shop for all your travel website needs. We offer a multitude of services that empower you to become a market leader. Contact us for more info.

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Our Travelport solution gathers, ranks and presents data systematically.

WordPress Travel Plugins

Make your WordPress website a one-stop-travel-shop.

White label Travel Portal

Create a internet booking portal from scratch.

B2B Travel Booking Software

Become a supplier to agents by integrating our B2B module.

Corporate Travel Booking Tool

Cater to corporate clients without any fuss.

Itinerary Builder

Let your customers build their tour itinerary by themselves.

GDS/OTA Integration

Get API's of global travel consolidators.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programme

We Design And Develop Digital Gifting Solutions For Everyone.

Mobile Apps

We are in a digital era and if your business does not have a mobile app,

Travel APIs

Integrate API's from other vendors into our plugin .

For API Owners

Are you looking to market your API to other agents without incurring the costs of integration and maintenance?

Please don't hesitate to


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    Since inception of my talk with Mr

    Since inception of my talk with Mr. Prashant, he has been kind and quite responsive in assisting me with my expectation in creating travel platform. Excellent and really good support as their team is really enthusiastic in comprehending and delivering the requirements. Appreciate your efforts and keep up the good work, Team Adivaha!

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    I think it is the best company work well. adivaha® has been responsive to my wishes, and I am happy with corporation . Quick response too. The price has also been very reasonable. I can recommend adivaha® for anyone who wants to build a travel website.

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    I think it worked well. adivaha® has been responsive to my wishes, and I am happy with the end result. Quick communication too. The price has also been very reasonable. I can recommend adivaha® for anyone who wants to build a travel website.

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    I worked with many travel technology companies and I am sure that adivaha® is one of the Best in

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    Advaha is a very recommended travel…

    Advaha is a very recommended travel solution having really energetic professional team. Our project has been handled very neatly and all issues are well solved by them with their passion of work. I really recommend then for any need of travel solution. Their Services are awesome and prices are really reasonable.The communication team is pro active and give all their time and informations on notime. Thanks to all the Team of Advaha.

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    Awesome Service! Great Support!

    Awesome service! I have used several of Adivaha's travel solutions and always the service has been A+! I can open heatedly recommend them to anyone looking to monetize their travel related traffic. They guys and girls at adivaha® are fast and extremely competent! Thanks a million!

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    Mar 03

    Good support

    Installed plagin within 2 weeks, good support, I recommend travel plugin from Adivaha, as they are professional in the field with high values on customer satisfaction and their team is so nice with a quick responds.thanks Meghali , who are always there in communication and do the needful as required.

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  • Ak


    Dec 30

    Honestly they surpassed my…

    Honestly they surpassed my expectations!!!!! Even on holiday still I got response to my questions. Their WhatsApp solutions is the best I've seen in any platform. Thanks to them my web portal is now live and I'm now in business.

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  • Ak

    Kola Kins

    Feb 21

    adivaha® has good travel solutions and competent team

    adivaha® has good travel solutions, their developers are patient, understanding and very good. Hum! I was troubling them but they were calm and professional. They work with time, they completed my job before the deadline date. I strongly recommend them.

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  • Ak

    Chal Gman

    Feb 21

    5 STAR Professional Services

    This is the second time that my boyfriend and I purchased travel platform from adivaha® for our new domain, and this time, we invested in full package for different domain. You know what that means and what brought us back for the second time with the goal to expand our business based on their platform. Those who have been doing business with this team know what I am talking about. THEY SIMPLY NEVER LET YOU DOWN! Their organized team of developers provide professional services far beyond and above what they promise. Their prompt responses in refining and polishing our platforms for professional look and optimum operation landed us in positive return on investment in our previous purchase, and thus, we decided to invest more in different package to diversify our business this time. Through the past few years, we worked with Preeti and Prashant, and this time, Meghali partnered in our new package purchase and setting up new platform. All we can say is Thank You for your good work! Know that there are also a group of developer team by their side whom I have not mentioned their names, but equally deserves our gratitude. Because of their patience, care, kind responses and professional work, we developed a relationship that goes beyond being business partners, and, thus, we see them as friends. Thank you for your good work!

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  • Ak

    Ravi Gupta

    Feb 15

    I highly recommend the travel…

    I highly recommend the travel solutions from Adivaha, as they are professional in the field with high values on customer satisfaction and their team is so nice with a quick responds.I would like to thank all staff of adivaha® especially Meghali , who are always there in communication and do the needful as required.

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  • Ak


    Feb 13

    Dear travel agent over the world i was…

    Dear travel agent over the world i was looking for professional and cheap Solutions >> here with adivaha® Team i find it pulse a good services and any time i fell the welcome between theme, the words is not enough to say thank you Adiavaha Team, and looking to work with you again and again.

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  • Ak

    One Media

    Feb 11

    Very quick and very professional

    Very quick and very professional. Also good Plugins. They take time for the questions and ask if you want any modifications. Also you can reach them out in different ways like whatsapp, mail and phone. Happy working with them, more projects Will follow soon.

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  • Ak

    Koko Kassem

    Jan 15

    I appreciate them effort ,profissional…

    I appreciate them effort ,profissional and Mr. parshant is very friendly .and they finish everything in 3 weeks API flights and API hotels .thanks adivaha.

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  • Ak

    Altimimi Altimimi

    Jan 13

    Excellent company Adivaha

    Excellent company, it is with you every step of the way, communicating, solving any problems or changes on the site very quickly and always answering and advice on emails quickly. I use adivaha® only when I need to work on my site

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  • Ak

    Rakesh Kumar

    Jan 10

    Thank you so much Mr.Mukesh

    Thank you so much Mr.Mukesh. your are slove my problem & deliver my project according to my requirements! so again thank you so much for work hard

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