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How to Integrate Joomla and Sabre API for Maximum Results

Sabre API Integration is the world's leading technology supplier to the travel industry. joomla sitemap plugin Sabre API offers software, mobile, and data processing solutions used by hundreds of OTAs and thousands of hotels to manage their key operations.

This includes reservations, revenue, flights api integration, network, and staff management. Joomla Integration also operates a global marketplace that manages billions in travel spending each year by connecting suppliers and buyers.


Joomla Sabre API Corporation is testing the first APIs on the market of Airlines. Joomla Sabre system beyond the adivaha® travel agency website can access these features to make NDC reservations in real situations.


Sabre joomla api integration is working with all of its partner airlines beyond APIs to integrate their NDC content, the statement said. There are also plans to launch additional features throughout the year, including integration into the agent workspace. The adivaha® OTA specifies that its "global approach goes beyond research capabilities and will include important processes for agencies such as issuing invoices/routes, mid / back-office procedures, and the duty of protection."


By the IATA scale, Joomla Sabre API's is a certified level 3 NDC aggregator (inventory management of offers and orders). Joomla Sabre APIs is also recognized as a level 3 NDC technology supplier (supply and order management).

Guide to Joomla and Sabre API IntegrationGuide to Joomla and Sabre API Integration

Joomla Sabre API solution beyond APIs partner agencies can access these features to make real-life NDC reservations and provide customers with a more comprehensive search experience. The adivaha® Company thus becomes a large airline to use joomla search module API Integration capabilities.


The Joomla Sabre API integrates and standardizes air content from all sources, including traditional and low-cost carriers. A significant advance for the adivaha® group and the travel industry. Joomla Sabre API's joomla integration solutions will enable United to offer new pricing options and additional services. Joomla Sabre API strives to provide the best experience for adivaha® OTA customers at every stage of their journey, including when researching flights. By working with Saber APIs to improve the booking process, it's the entire customer experience that adivaha® improves.


Modern business travelers have specific expectations: they want access to all available content and to know that they benefit from the best rates and personalized services. This is why adivaha® collaboration with Joomla Sabre galileo api integration is so important for the development of the travelling sector. Joomla Sabre APIs Corporation, a leading technology provider for the travel and travel industry,


The adivaha® OTA is part of the Joomla Sabre API apollo integration strategic initiative to rethink tourism approaches. This is the only platform in the industry that allows for a complete digital transformation of the airline business through the introduction of intelligent retail, which includes dynamic pricing capabilities, a set of flexible and open APIs, ultra-fast shopping functionality and an intuitive mobile workspace for agents at airports. These solutions help airlines provide passengers with quality service and maximize revenue.


Key Benefits of Joomla Sabre API Technology

  • Extensive series of car, air hotel, and passenger name record, awesome services to access Sabre APIs content.
  • With Joomla Sabre, APIs reduce development costs and streamlines development processes.
  • It provides a single point of access to the APIs system.
  • Increases development speed - uses API, and travel industry standards.
  • Frees you from constraints of existing systems and technology with Joomla Sabre APIs.
  • Sabre APIs allow you to connect any OTAs Web service-enabled functionality in your own customized applications.
  • Joomla Sabre APIs using Event Notification Services minimizes mid-office and can reduce scan volumes.
  • Joomla Sabre APIs services perform common functions in a single service call minimizing development time and reducing IT overhead.

Joomla Sabre API Integration Corporation, the world's leading technology for the travel industry, recently announced the signing of a technology agreement with Adivaha, the leading provider of customer relationship management solutions. This relationship accelerates the deployment by Sabre API Integration of a new intelligent client profile and functionalities to manage the experience within the enterprise hotel booking api integration platform. These innovations will revolutionize the way of understanding the client and offer more personalization opportunities for the accommodation sector.


adivaha® customers begin to take an interest in improving customer interactions and personalizing offers, this alliance with adivaha® allows us to take full advantage of Sabre amadeus api integration php to generate actionable information. We will allow hotel staff to offer outstanding and consistent service while generating new revenue opportunities based on customer characteristics - including preferences, stay history, and purchasing behavior. Joomla Saber APIs provide powerful tools for OTAs, and here adivaha® has identified the opportunity to combine our technologies to improve the overall customer experience for the hotel industry.


Features of work with Joomla Sabre Platform

  • Strict requirements for agency names. In case of violation of the requirements for names when booking services, errors of the following type appear:
  • The name of the agency should not contain punctuation marks.
  • The name should not begin with numbers.
  • If you need the name to start with numbers, set space as the first character - this will avoid this error.
  • On the booking confirmation page in the currency column of the reservation system, prices are displayed in the currency of the airline’s fare.
  • In response to a search query, Sabre APIs transmit information on baggage allowance.
  • Reservation at Saber APIs is possible strictly no more than 330 days in advance from the date of reservation. When you request a reservation at a distant date, Joomla Sabre API returns an error.
  • When issuing a iata ticket booking software for a child with the document type Birth Certificate in the Sabre API, the type of document is displayed in the itinerary receipt - Replacing document, since Sabre API does not support the type of document Birth Certificate.
  • When looking for business class tickets, if there are no suitable business class flights, APIs Sabre can send economy class flights. Moreover, the system can send a first-class tariff if its cost is equal to or less than the cost of a business class tariff.
  • In Joomla Saber API Integration, there are situations when an airline takes off successfully taken seats right after creating a reservation.
  • In Saber API, there are situations when it is mandatory to pay by credit card for places or additional services in the order, in this case, at the checkout stage, an error shows.

Joomla Sabre gds api integration and adivaha® collaboration provide customers with fully integrated profile management, personalization, multi-channel marketing automation, and loyalty program management tools, paving the way for cutting-edge innovations in customer experience for the current year.

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