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The Complete Guide to Integrating a Hotel Reservation API

Let's think about any satisfying relationships, professional or otherwise, that we have had. It is quite likely that one of the common denominators between them is effective communication and collaboration.

The same principles would have to apply in the hotel business. If the systems are not perfectly synchronized in real-time, the probability that they are working as required is low at best.The two most important pieces of the mechanism are the website and the hotel booking company system. These two systems have to be in sync to avoid errors, erratic results, and confused or annoyed customers. Here we will introduce the best hotel booking system the hotel reservation API.


To achieve optimization

  • The hotel booking system has to be in sync with the website
  • The website has to show a button «Book now»
  • The use of the website and the booking engine has to combine functionality and performance
  • The quality of the website design also has to be reflected in the hotel booking engine and vice versa.
  • The website has to be HTTPS secure with an updated SSL certificate

For the hotelier, the hotel reservation system must respond to several premises: flexible, configurable, and easy to manage. Far from being a headache, the hotelbeds api integration of this software on the hotel's website should facilitate the work of those in charge, allowing varying parameters such as the number and types of rooms, changes in the calendar, management of availability and rates, charges fixed extras, quotas, etc. Therefore, the hotel reservation system has to be flexible and easy to manage to increase its efficiency and productivity.However, the hotel reservation system must be both configurable and scalable since not all businesses have the same needs. In other words, it must be able to adjust to the characteristics of the establishment and the services it provides.For the client, who has already gone through many online pages looking for the ideal hotel, the hotel reservation engine must be intuitive, fast, and safe. We must avoid that the number of clicks you make to close the reservation is high and that you know at all times where you have to "click" to get what you want. At the same time, you have to offer guarantees that indicate that you are in a safe environment so that you have full confidence in the operation you are performing.

Integrate a Hotel Reservation APIIntegrate a Hotel Reservation API

Features of the hotel reservation system

Like any product purchased for the hotel, quality varies with price. Obviously, the minimum that is required is to cover the basic functions.Here are several of the features you can expect from a hotel reservation system.

  • Up to 25 images in the image gallery
  • After all the effort and dedication that has gone into renovating a beautiful hotel reservation system and rooms, you will want to show them off. It is a proven fact that the visual experience through the image gallery is one of the determining factors that make guests book. Being able to add tons of high-resolution images is important when the goal is to convince guests to book.

  • Ad with images
  • What is the first thing that stands out on a website? Isn't it the image ad that makes a splash at first glance? The hotel reservation system has to allow an interesting ad with the image to be shown.

  • Integration with Facebook
  • The hotel reservation system needs to be easily integrated into social media pages and includes a 'Book Now' button for guests to easily locate and start the flight booking apis process.

  • Automatic optimization of room requests
  • When you want customers to experience a smooth and easy hotel booking mobile app process, the best thing to do is offer them the options they are looking for. This feature displays rooms based on guest search criteria at the top of search results and allows guests to book quickly and easily.

  • Intuitive reservation summary
  • When a guest selects a room that does not match the search criteria, a reservation summary will alert them with a message that the room they selected does not match what they were looking for. This way, guests are always involved and guided to choose the best option.

  • Google Analytics integration
  • When you have a hotel business and most of the reservations you make are online travel agency, you need to know exactly where your website visitors are coming from and where they are coming from. The information is essential to analyze the level of acceptance of the hotel website; therefore, the hotel reservation API has to allow the integration of Google Analytics to monitor the visits to the site and make decisions based on the information.

  • Promo codes
  • You can always stay one step ahead of the competition by attracting more customers with promotional codes. The hotel reservation system has to allow the creation of its own promotions and give a code to customers to redeem the discounts. You can make special offers during school holidays, local festivals or even company promotions and sell the rooms much faster with good value for money.

  • Multilingual
  •  As the hosting airline business travel involves a fairly broad customer base from various regions and countries internationally, customers need to be able to select the language they want and enjoy a comfortable booking process without language barriers.

  • Multicurrency
  • When multiple languages ​​are offered, multiple currencies must also be offered. Setting up the API hotel reservation system to receive payments in local currency should be easy.

  • Additional features
  • Extras are a great way to increase the sale of your rooms. They are items or services that can be sold together with a room for an additional amount. In fact, you can keep your room rate low and profit from the extras. 

  • Hide rooms that are not available
  • Sometimes customers can leave the hotel extranet system website and go to another hotel if they see more unavailable rooms than available. Well, you don't always have to show what's not available; instead, you can present everything available and let guests choose from the offer.

  • The quick and easy booking process
  • The booking engine hotel reservation system should provide a short form for guests to fill out when they are ready to reserve a room. They do not have to be redirected to a different site to complete the reservation or payment process.

  • Mobile compatibility
  • The number of reservations in the sector through mobile devices increases every year, so the hotel's reservation ticket booking software has to allow reservations to be accepted through mobile. 

  • To increase reserves
  • There are many reasons why guests are likely to book your property if it has a built-in booking system. First, the hotel API booking central reservation system is always open and the hotel reception may not be, so travelers can book regardless of personal factors such as time zones. Second, when travelers land on the website, the engine makes it easy for them to click and book - instead of having to go back to the OTA to book and get distracted by other options.



We have summarized the minimum characteristics that the hotel reservation API system must consider to be good; we add a requirement that Hotel-UP has very much in mind: the mobile version. The tendency of users to carry out this type of operation through our Smartphone makes it unthinkable today that the flight booking api engine is not displayed correctly on the small screen of a mobile phone and less than hinders the experience of the Internet user.Software updates, independence from third parties, advice, maintenance, and no commission payment for your direct sales complete the list of what is a good booking engine for hotels, apartments, hostels, or rural houses.


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