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How to Set Up a Hotel Reservation System Using WordPress

If you prefer to use an integrated hotel booking wordpress theme free download reservation system and manage it from your Wordpress Administration Panel, we can recommend one that we have seen in operation and that is very easy and intuitive. It has much functionality, and for a Hotel / Hostel it can be very useful.

From our agency Adivaha, we must say that the performance of this type of booking system is less professional. For this reason, we offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy an outstanding hotel booking system service such as the Hotel reservation system travel agency wordpress theme.It is the system that we have integrated and the truth is that it works wonderfully. You also have the possibility of using different payment gateways. It is a very complete system in which we can configure the seasons, the quotas of the rooms.As I said before, it is a 100% hotel reservation management system; it does allow us to manage a Hotel, a Hostel, or a small Hostel. At Adivaha, we are specialists in the integration of booking engines for hotels, apartments, hostels ... Whether internal or external.


What is a hotel reservation system?

The way a hotel establishment is sold has changed a lot in recent years. Needs have changed: today the user searches for information about hotels through the web. They want to compare until they find a service that achieves the best value for money. Once they have done so, they buy a hotel and stay comfortably, without having to leave home.For this, they need the hotel to have a platform capable of managing online reservations and this is where the online reservation system becomes important.We can define it as a practical system to enhance the usability of the hotel. It will also improve the impact of the brand, the reputation, in addition to facilitating the reservation by the customer. Unlike other methods (such as making a simple call), it will be the customer who has to take care of everything, without going to third parties unless they need help for any reason.The Hotel reservation system is nothing more than a type of software that is integrated into the hotel's website. It works in an automated way, being able to receive the reservations that arrive from the client, directly and regardless of the distance.

WordPress Plugins for Hotels and Reservations WordPress Plugins for Hotels and Reservations

The hotel staff, meanwhile, will receive these reservations and you can manage them in the best possible way. It will be much more advantageous for the hotel to have its own reservation system than to opt for options such as hotel booking payment gateway, among others.The main advantage is that the hotelier will have absolute control over the system, being able to quickly manage offers, manage opinions, answer questions or give it the format that he prefers according to his type of business.Above all, it will help save time and money. It will save the client, the staff, and the owner of the hotel complex. If you still do not have an online booking engine for your hotel, we recommend that you take a look at the software that can be useful and that you implant it as soon as possible.


Discover all the advantages of our hotel reservation system

  • Extras sales
  • Increase your sales revenue with additions directly when booking.

  • Discount coupons
  • Create campaigns with exclusive promotions, without affecting your public rates.

  • Budgets
  • Send quotes through thehotel reservation api system and allow your customers to close the purchase with one click.

  • Payment integration
  • Transact the cards directly on your engine, without the need for manual sales.

  • Direct Payment and Bank Deposit
  • Set additional payment methods according to the time in advance of purchase.

  • Mobile and Facebook version
  • Multichannel booking engine with dedicated versions for Mobile and Facebook.

  • Smart calendar
  • Reduce search dropouts with our calendar that features real-time availability and restrictions.

  • Security certificates
  • Security of sensitive data with SSL certificates, encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

  • Messaging Automations
  • Configure purchase, cancellation, pre-check-in and post-check-out, and abandonment messages.

  • Simplified purchase
  • Make it easy to purchase reservations on your website with just 3 clicks and without screen transitions.

  • Payment and Instalment
  • Immediate credit card collection with the possibility of a payment in instalments.

  • Smart Offers
  • Create exclusive promotions on your website. Last-minute offers, number of nights, mobile, for members or for those who abandoned their purchase.

  • Redemption of Abandoned Reserve
  • Increase sales by up to 15% with automatic redemption of abandoned reserves (with or without redemption discount).

  • Insights reports
  • Discover your accesses, conversions, room reservation plugin wordpress recovery, hot dates, and the origin of reservations. Optimize your strategy!

  • Your guest will find your availability, very fast
  • The smart calendar will assist the guest in finding the best date.

  • Offers of all kinds, plus some
  • Your rate may vary by the number of nights, advance, device, whether wordpress hotel management system reservation system Wordpress is an abandoned reservation or the combination of all of that!

  • To interact with your guest
  • We search for abandoned hotel plugin wordpress reservations automatically, and you can even include a discount to pick up the guest.

  • Accurate information in your hand
  • Important information from your buyers and metrics that help you decide where, how, and when to invest your time.

  • Direct sales channels
  • Website, mobile, Facebook with optional iPhone and Android apps. Your hotel can be on all direct sales channels.

  • Smart Calendar
  • Your guest will be able to see availability and restrictions directly on the date selection

  • Fidelity program
  • Bring your guests back with the cash back-based loyalty program

  • More direct bookings
  • Beat the strong commission structure that thrives on your income by owning relationships with your customers and generating direct sales through your website. The first step to success is a high-performance hotel bookingmulti hotel booking system.

  • Hassle-free booking experience
  • Our direct booking converter system is fully customizable for your brand and website, offering users a simple and intuitive booking process. Your guests will appreciate the hassle-free online booking experience that is secure and fast.

  • Faster booking conversions
  • A 3-step booking process a price comparison widget ensures faster conversion from visit to the reservation. The direct best booking sites converter system provides a secure transaction, integrates with all major payment gateways, and ensures that you get paid instantly.

  • Unlimited sales opportunities.
  • Engage guests with targeted marketing of complementary services and upgrades to increase guest spend and extended stay. Our direct best booking sites system is an easy way to create and sell cross-sell promotions that increase your property's income.

  • Make the reservation on any device.
  • Get a reservation route with a fully responsive and mobile hotel listing wordpress plugin reservation system. Whatever the device, the direct booking engine is designed to seamlessly move users through the booking path.



This Hotel reservation system, for hotels, tour operators, and other accommodation facilities, transforms your hotel website into a new direct sales channel. Receive bookings from your website in just 3 clicks. Offer your user a fast, safe, and simple browsing experience from all devices such as pc, smartphone, or tablet.Thanks to the Hotel reservation system listing wordpress theme, thanks to its simplicity and clarity in its use, your users will be able to book your hotel rooms in complete safety, automating much of the process and thus reducing waivers and waits. The hotel reservation system is a tool to improve the Booking department of your Hotel, thanks to the complete management of all the types of negotiations that your Hotel has with its customers. 

When you choose this hotel booking lite wordpress plugin reservation system you choose the most complete Booking Engine on the market, a sales system capable of managing all the negotiations with your potential customers. Reduce their waits, automate your quotes, and collect results.When guests book directly, you are the sole owner of the collected data and customer contact information. Without the best Hotel reservation system, you don't have this option. In a way, you can improve the profitability of each guest, one by one, simply by guaranteeing their direct booking and earning their loyalty.

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