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Introducing the Ultimate Multiple Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

This is probably the first time you have heard of the multi-hotel wordpress booking integration system. This hotel reservation system is something like a search engine that you have been dealing with many times and many hotels. Many hotels today use this system to facilitate the reservation of their rooms. But the question is how does this system work? Are there any benefits to using this system for hotels? Here you will know in detail about this system.

To manage and expand a hotel business, you will have a system as the main platform to fully control and organize every operational aspect of your property. The right hotel booking system increases your operational efficiency, cuts costs, and helps you deliver the best experience and service to your guests. When you choose a Multiple hotel booking WordPress Theme that integrate api into wordpress directly with your property management system, you avoid transferring data from one platform to another. Automating updates of your availability, prices, new reservations, cancellations, credit card details, and more, will save you a lot of time in operations.


What is a Multi hotel booking system and how does it work?

A multi hotel booking system is a reservation processing system used by hotels, hostels, B & Bus, vacation rentals, or other lodging businesses to capture reservations through their website, social media, and more marketing channels. Multi hotel booking system, also known as Internet Booking system for its acronym in English, is usually an application or software whose main function is to collect reservations and credit card information from guests and integrate api with wordpress this data with another software hotelier, such as a PMS, channel manager, CRS, or payment gateway. Most of the online booking systems can be integrated into your current website to work only as your reservation system. They can also be used as the website itself, thanks to customizable web templates and lists that they normally have. The main benefit of using a multi-hotel booking system is generating new bookings without a commission from an external distribution channel, including OTAs, GDSs, travel api integration in wordpress agents, or online marketplaces. Guests can book online anytime, from anywhere and their credit cards can be charged immediately if the booking engine is integrated with a payment platform.

Multiple Hotel Booking WordPress ThemeMultiple Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

As a channel manager, look for a multi-hotel booking system that integrates with your booking system to offer real-time data synchronization. In this way, a new reservation from your booking system will be imported immediately into your system control panel, the central calendar will be updated, and the guest data will be available to send messages/emails. Every time the availability of room changes or the rates are modified in your booking system, they will be immediately updated in your multi hotel booking system wordpress engine, therefore on your website.For expanding tourism businesses, establishing your unique brand is important. In addition to highlighting the value proposition of your property, your brand booking system helps to build trust and loyalty in a direct-to-consumer environment such as hospitality. Once you have defined the attributes of your brand, from the logo and colors to the “personality” of your brand, your website is the perfect place to start implementing them. Look for a customizable multi hotel booking system that you can tailor to your brand.


Features of Multi hotel booking system

The multi-hotel reservation system has many features that include

  • Availability of a hotel reservation system
  • The most important feature of a multi-hotel reservation web service, its availability. This means that users can access the hotel reservation system at any time and place with any system (laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), use its services and book their desired hotel according to all possible cases.

  • Security of a multi-hotel booking system
  • By referring to a valid online reservation system, you can ensure its security and not be afraid to give your personal or banking information. There is also no possibility of fraud using these systems, and this is a feature of the hotel reservation system that has been able to attract many people to use it.

  • Online support
  • Using the hotel reservation system in case of any problems, users can get help from a backup that is available online. This support is also provided for the hotel staff by the system production company to fully master it, so online booking system wordpress support for both users and hotel staff is a feature of the hotel's online reservation system.

  • Access to information and reports
  • Another feature of the Multiple hotel booking WordPress Theme is quick access to information in the form of classified reports. For example, the accepted people, the required statistics of the restaurant, and in the form of classified reports are quickly provided to the employees of the relevant department or management. Information about hotel rooms and their capacity as well as service costs are also displayed online for travelers.

  • Ability to modify information
  • The ability to modify information is the best feature of this system, which allows users to view information about guests, including increasing and decreasing the number of people, editing the wordpress service booking plugin of various departments such as restaurants and cafes, cancel reservations, and… Do it easily.

  • Entering business information in the system by hotels
  • The first step is for hotel booking system wordpress to put the required information such as room availability, room rates, descriptions of conditions, facilities and services, pictures of the hotel and rooms, etc. In this hotel reservation system so that users can access and go to the next part. As mentioned, this information and the speed of access to them are considered as a feature of the multi-hotel booking system web service.

  • Hotel reservation by guests
  • In this section, each user or guest can use the services and facilities available in the hotel according to their own conditions. It is also necessary to enter the required information of the hotel such as the number of people, the identity information of the people, the license plate number if using the parking lot, and accurately in the online booking system wordpress.

  • Email sending option
  • When the user finalizes their information in the booking system, they will receive a text message or e-mail from the hotel. This email contains complete information about the person's reservation and assures the person that the reservation has been made correctly and everything is going according to plan.

  • Submit guest comments
  • You may think that after your stay at the hotel is over and you return to your city, you will no longer have anything to do with the hotel and the reservation system. But I must say that this is the most important part of the reservation system. In this section, after using the hotel services, the guests must express their opinions, by doing so, you will help both the hotel services and the people who intend to use the hotel. Which can be considered as a feature of a web multi online hotel booking plugin in wordpress service was also considered.



It is the process of automatically updating room inventory on multiple online distribution pages using a channel manager. As your website is the most important channel for direct sales, you should always show the most up-to-date and correct information. When choosing a Multi hotel booking system for your hotel, hostel, B&B, or vacation rental. Look for one that includes a real-time integration with a channel manager that guarantees that the information, prices, and availability of your property are always updated. A Multi hotel booking system will be in charge of updating your prices and calendar automatically from and to your booking system. This will help you avoid overbookings and other manual errors.Here, we have mentioned some important features of the Multiple wordpress class booking plugin Theme. These features allow users to use online methods instead of face-to-face and traditional methods. We also explained the mechanism of this system in detail so that you can proceed to book a hotel according to it.


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