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Few of the Online Booking Portals with realtime booking features, customers are not redirected to any third party website and can book and cancel while staying on your website.












The Essential Guide to Selecting an Online Booking Portal

As in many industries, with the advent of the Internet, the booking business organization has changed considerably, especially with the arrival of online travel agencies. They are offering you a series of reports and testimonials all this week on digital solutions for independent hotels.

Online booking's portals assume a fundamental role in the new normal that is emerging little by little, while the corona virus epidemic continues. Although they were always important, in these times they have become an essential tool. The reduction of customers due to the distancing that the protocol for reopening requires the careful organization of the restaurant. To assure clients that they will actually take place on the premises, advance reservations are essential. And they also contribute to ordering the kitchen for deliveries and take-off sales. Having online booking engine for hotels reservation portals optimizes resources, relieves tensions, and avoids problems.

What are online booking portals?

The sale of overnight stays on the internet has grown remarkably over the past decade. Today, almost all of the clients use the Internet to search for a hotel and use the services of api integration platform, in particular, to compare prices.

online travel booking system offer consumers efficient search and comparison services and are very practical showcases for making an optimal choice. Indeed, they make it possible to search, compare, and book hotels on the same site, benefiting from information available in several languages, customer comments, and photos. Booking portals have increased competition between hotels and allow them to be visible all over the world, freeing themselves from tourist guides and traditional travel agencies. In return, the portals charge the hotelier a commission proportional to the amount of the reservation.

How To Select an Online Booking PortalHow To Select an Online Booking Portal

Why are online booking system extremely important?

These booking portals, also known as online travel agency api (OTAs), are extremely important for the hospitality industry. Every fourth night in a hotel of any famous country was reserved via online booking platforms. Especially Booking.com, Expedia, and HRS are very well known for booking hotels. There are also booking channels that specialize in special international markets.

This tool can be synchronized not only with your hotel's website but also with your establishment's Facebook page. This means that customers can reserve your rooms without necessarily having to be on your website or any other online booking engines site. For travelers, this portal is a very convenient way to make a reservation: with a few clicks, they can book the room of their choice. 

Your booking portal will display your rates and availability in real-time and it will allow customers to choose their dates before finalizing their reservation. Online booking portals can also be equipped with other functions such as the automatic sending of booking confirmation emails. A booking portal can also be integrated with your channel manager. So you can manage it in the same way as the online travel agencies to which you are connected.

What Characteristics does the Online Booking Portal Have?

When choosing the online booking software for the restaurant, it is necessary to analyze the operating conditions. Booking portals must satisfy both operators. On the one hand, the portal has to be useful to the restaurant and adapt to its requirements. On the other hand, it must be easy for the customer to use.  

The alternative to the traditional system consists of reserving tables or dishes from the phone, with just a few clicks, at home or offices. Sometimes while hotel booking engine, people walk or are at the same time attending other activities. Therefore, these booking portals have to lead the user almost without thinking along the way to the reservation, without complications or endless screen changes. 

Real-Time Booking

The calendar format is very comfortable. The customer at a glance has an idea of ​​all the bookings and the dates on which there are places. It is convenient that the travel portal development company register in real-time what is the percentage of the restaurant's capacity that is already occupied. Probably, some people prefer to reserve a table in little frequented places, and if the portal offers this information, the better service it will be offering. A calendar that presents this information in real-time visually graphically is always a very effective tool.

Online Payments Integrated to Portals

One tool that is being used more and more is the virtual payment system. The portal must include payment systems, and in this sense, PayPal is a typical system widely used. Payments by bank transfers, payments through mobile phones, and even virtual currency are also used. It is convenient and practical for the customer to be able to make the payment from the same portal by the means that is comfortable for him.

Online Booking Portals in Delivery and Take Away

If the restaurant has food delivery or takes away services, the portal you use will include the three options: local, delivery, or take away. The kitchen is streamlined and tidy, and live contacts and unnecessary waiting are avoided. The centralization of all services in the same portal facilitates packaging management system in the establishment and reduces costs. One person can control bookings and orders without interference.

The Letter in the booking Portal

A prominent place for the restaurant menu is an important condition in this portal. In it, the menu will look attractive, with good images of the products and descriptions of each dish. The system will allow frequent modifications so that it is always kept updated. With a click on the menu, the customer can choose the dish they want to consume. Simple and practical.

Data and Information for Improvement

Many online portals keep records of sales. With them, it is possible to analyze the results, evaluate which dishes are sold the most, what is people's preferred hours, what days of the week the restaurant is empty.  This information is extremely useful in devising ways to attract customers and increase profits, taking advantage of idle moments.

The fact that you are working with different online booking agencies and portals. They have their own reservation system and compare the prices of different establishments in the same area are not at odds with having your own online booking on your website to the hotel. These portals attract a lot of traffic and are very convenient for many users as they allow quick comparisons. 

But most of their customers when they find a hotel or accommodation that interests them visit their api travel website to get more information and compare better. Once they are on their site, they compare the prices they have seen on the wholesaler's portal and it is mainly the hotel that has the best offer since the commissions that must be paid to intermediaries are eliminated. Further, Most users prefer to hire directly from the hotel's website. With online portals, you will not pay any commission for the reservations received, which means significant savings.


Your travel booking script represent a point of sale that allows you to obtain direct bookings for your establishment. When customer’s book in this way, their data belongs to you and you can thus control the customer relationship. You can thus put in place a strategy to make these customers regular. In a way, with a booking portal, you offer your customers the possibility to book and enjoy certain benefits while also benefiting from direct bookings yourself. In other words, it's a win-win. 

Always remember that the opinions that customers express on the portal are a good source of information to improve the service and their experience. These characteristics of online's booking portals are especially useful in these times of reopening in the context of corona virus. But beyond the new normal, they will surely remain in force even if the measures are loosened. The plus they provide to reservations is highly valued by businessmen and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Few of the important questions, which we think you should take a look in order to have better understanding of the application.

Every OTA (Online Travel Agency) use to make changes in their API standards in a certain period of time which makes most of the applications stop working after development (If developed by hired developers). Lack of knowledge may result in more hidden investments than estimated and you may end up with either incomplete website or wasted money. adivaha® Themes gives a reliable platform for Travel Agencies to take their business to next level. Application is well tested in every devices used nowadays and gets you maximum benefit out of the money invested Key part is that you can see the output before you invest. Our constant support ensures your website keeps working by delivering the patch or updated theme everytime OTA make changes in their API standards. This way, you can majorly focus on your core business rather than getting involved in the bugs and issues in your WEB SHOP.
You donot have to update your database at all. The theme is plug and play, in which you just have to feed your API key that you receive after theme purchase and you are all set. Theme takes care of the Availibilities, Prices and other informations updates automatically.
Every OTA has their own API standards and terms of usage. We can customize the applicaiton in order to use the API you wish to use. You must have the API access with you already before raising an inquiry.
Theme comes with integrated checkout system, you donot have to apply for Payment Gateway. All the payments are routed to hotels directly for automated reservations. You will be able to view all your commissions in your WP-Admin..
As its a WordPress plugin, you can integrate it on any existing WordPress websites. We have other solutions for Non WordPress websites.
Generally, its a bit difficult to get API access from Booking.com, Agoda or similar OTA (Online Travel Agencies) as you must have a volume of booking to qualify their affiliation enrollment program. So its a bit challange for new affiliates to get access to such OTA API access. We can surely customize the application to use the API access you have but it cannot be converted into price comparison website similar to Trivago.com or Hotelscombined.com.
As the plugin is based on API, Its 100% customizable.
We help you setting the theme up, Configure it, help you in Private Branding, Testing and putting it on Production including 24/7 Customer support and Free Lifetime Updates.

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