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How to Find the Right Price Compare Plugin for Your WordPress Site

If you offer a range of products or services, you want to help your customers make the right purchase decision. One of the best ways to do this is to present everything you offer in practical price compare wordpress. By presenting your products/services side by side, you can show potential customers what differentiates each option, as well as providing a comparison price. Using pricing in this way can also help drive customers to a higher-priced product. Its human psychology: if you present your mid-range option as the "best deal" or the "most popular," you can influence the customer.

Adding a price compare system to your website makes it easier for your visitors to make a decision. But unless you are a developer, you may not know how to display your offers at an attractive price table. We've taken the time to find the most popular and (in our opinion) best plugins in WordPress price compare plugin on the web is Price Compare plugin Wordpress. So surely it will be an amazing price compare plugin for your project!


What is the Price Compare plugin?

Price compare cost comparison wordpress theme plugin has proven to be very popular since its launch. Being able to preview the compare at any time is useful as it allows you to get a good idea of ​​what it will look like without building, which disrupts your workflow.You also have access to some customization options for your table. This covers font sizes, border-radius, and button colors.  However, most of these options are grayed out and reserved for users of the premium version of the Price Compare plugin. While the color options and design templates in the free version may be a bit lacking, this is a solid option that works well and is easy to use.

Best Price Compare Plugins for Your WordPress SiteBest Price Compare Plugins for Your WordPress Site

There are a lot of upsells for the premium version on the back of this plugin, which might put some users off. However, the free version works as advertised and allows you to create attractive Price Compare in portal plugin WordPress with ease.In addition to the great features of the free version, the premium plugin gives you many more customization options to adjust how your Price Compare system will look.Another cool feature of the Price Compare plugin is that you can add a pry bar to your table. This toggle allows the potential customer to change the table to view monthly versus yearly payment offers. This makes it easy to offer a discount for long-term customers and helps increase sales. The extra features (compared to its free counterpart) should help you sell more products or sign up more customers.This responsive pricing plugin includes tons of options for creating an eye-catching table. 


Plus, building your tables is easy. Just use the live editor to add your packages. Other features of the plugin include multisite compatibility, translation-ready files, and cross-browser support. Also, if you find that you want more from your plugin, you can always upgrade to Premium.And Price Compare plugin packed with great features that you might have thought you could only get with a premium plugin. The plugin includes an easy drag and drop table builder with easy to use templates to help you get started quickly. Add unlimited columns and rows (just don't get carried away) and customize with color, scroll, and button style options.Also, you can use the price compare wordpress theme plugin to create a comparison table of your top products. Or enjoy, and use a comparison table to display affiliate products (just add your affiliate link to the button). This specific plugin also includes options to add the price to the top and bottom of the table, toggle background colors, and to use different fonts for the table items.


It has a fully responsive layout that will save you clutter and present your proposal beautifully. It also saves you the hassle. You don't need to know the coding language or complicated setup. Its main features include responsive layout, support for any price compare wordpress theme support for drag and drop, support for custom CSS, font customization, shortcode support, and much more.


Advantages of Price Compare plugin:-

  • Consumers can find the opportunity to choose the appropriate product for the product they are looking for.
  • In many Price Comparison Sites, you can safely shop from the most preferred ones because the popular and reliable seller signs are indicated.
  • It saves time to buy the product you want by looking at comparison sites instead of searching store by store.
  • 300+  ready pricing table options included
  • Monthly - Annual  transition price buttons
  • Animated  price tables included
  • Mobile Compatible Price compare system design
  • Customizable Mobile Compatibility to fit any portal wordpress theme 
  • Detailed Analysis for Price Chart Views 
  • Option to generate price comparison lists with automatic update of actual bids by keyword.
  • Automatically include your affiliate ID in the links.
  • Possible to use multiple locations for Amazon.
  • Price Compare plugin alerts for products and price history with charts.
  • It works with any theme.
  • More than 20 APIs of affiliate systems and more are being added.
  • There is no need to purchase a separate add-on for each system
  • The show offers anywhere, the plugin works with shortcode
  • Content modules. Add additional relevant content to your posts. Videos, images, news, tweet.
  • Blog in automatic
  • Common comparison lists for all modules. Give your users the best offers.
  • Price Compare plugin has CSS Based Ribbons and is fully customizable.
  • price comparison wordpress theme Compare plugin visual Composer integration is supported.
  • Separate settings for Title,  Body,  Pricing, and  Buttons
  • Along with Browser Default  Fonts, you can also use Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome support included.
  • Column Rotation with lots of options
  • Unlimited Column  support
  • WPML Ready

It is one of the most elegant and debatable price compare wordpress theme plugins. Price Compare plugin allows you to create beautiful and responsive pricing tables, with up to 7 columns and an unlimited number of rows. Even better - it's compatible with all the major page builders including Elementor, WP Bakery, and Beaver.This Wordpress plugin looks great and has a lot of cool features. These include a large selection of table templates to promote and compare a wide range of product types. Plus many customization options to further customize your system. You can choose to include a price for each product/service, but you also have the option to hide the price, which means that you can use the plugin for other creative purposes. Good examples of this include comparison tables, or knowing the team tables.


Perhaps because this price compare wordpress theme free download system builder plugin has so many features, creating tables was the least intuitive of the options presented here. However, if you persevere, you will be able to create an attractive and media-rich comparison system.This particular plugin is much more than just a simple Price Compare, but if you are using the Elementor page builder, it is worth looking into. Customize your Price Compare plugin with Elementor front-end page builder. Everything is fully responsive and easy to change thanks to the intuitive Price Compare generator.



Whether you are selling your own products or services (or promoting affiliate products) adding a price compared to portal wordpress has never been easier. Just take advantage of the best Price Compare plugin Wordpress! By making it easier for your visitors to compare plans or product options, you can increase their chances of signing up, increasing the profitability of your web business.Do you have any questions about the mentioned plugin? Or another option that you think should be on the best WordPress pricing plugin? Leave us a comment below!

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