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The price variable can strongly affect the purchase decision, but it is not always easy for consumers to identify the store with the best offer and stores often struggle to reach potential customers interested in what they have to offer. For users who are looking for the lowest price for a given product or for e-commerce who want to increase their online visibility and increase revenues, a wordpress price comparison plugin can generate great benefits, responding to the needs of those who are looking for something and who instead want to propose the most convenient solutions. 

What Price comparison?

When I was little, I used to see my father placing lots of flyers from the supermarket on the table. He began to compare them, based in particular on the price of the various products. When he noticed a convenient item he circled it with his pen and added it to the shopping list, specifying next to it where he would buy it.Do you happen to make decisions of this kind? I buy milk from there because it costs less, biscuits instead I buy them here because they are cheaper and so on.This comparison between the different rates can also be done between the different e-commerce sites, without getting too stressed out with flyers and above all without opening ten browser windows with different e-commerce sites that sell the same item.None of this: just connect to specific platforms called price comparison sites.


These systems are real search engines where you need to type in one or more keywords related to a product, to immediately have a comparison between detailed product sheets. Here is what the search result of a famous comparator looks like, by typing a specific product like 'Samsung Galaxy S4:As you can see next to the products you can read the name of the retailer, view the stars, and read the opinions of both the store and the product. In this way, the user can browse all the rates without jumping from one web page to another.  Recently, Google also made its debut in this world, implementing Google Shopping which offers a comparison between product sheets starting from an online search for both specific products and more generic content. 

Popular Price Comparison Travel WordPress ThemesPopular Price Comparison Travel WordPress Themes

Quite often, comparators are confused with the marketplace, although there is a huge difference between the two services. In fact, while the former represents spaces to be rented within platforms such as Amazon or eBay and do not refer to the main e-commerce; the price comparison template wordpress allows, via connection, to connect to the e-commerce and buy directly from there.


What is a Wordpress price comparison and how does it work?

The Price comparison site is a web portal that hosts the catalog of affiliated online stores. It works as price comparison engines that allow users to do searches to find the best price between products of the same product type.On the Wordpress price comparison site the products are not sold directly as is the case on Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay Comparators, on the other hand, are tools that facilitate the search and comparison of products by giving visibility to the offers of advertisers.Wordpress price comparison theme is also a showcase to show the characteristics, descriptions, and reviews related to the products sold on the e-commerce site. Upon clicking on the product, the user is redirected to the corresponding page of the advertiser's ecommerce store.


The Wordpress price comparison is a portal that allows you to compare the prices of thousands of products belonging to hundreds of different sellers and to compare items based on their characteristics. Internet users looking for the best price or rightly interested in quickly comparing the characteristics of similar products, resort to comparators to save time and money.This Price wordpress comparison theme system is designed so that users are quickly redirected to advertisers' virtual stores by contributing to increased ecommerce sales. Since this is a target of highly profiled visitors interested in buying, the conversion rates after the click are quite good.In essence, it is a search engine that allows you to find the best offers for a specific product or service in a simpler and faster way. Grouping the different proposals, of the different shops, in a single site and comparing automatic the different options to facilitate the consumer's choice. Once the desired product has been identified, the Wordpress price comparison directs the user to the related ecommerce so that he can proceed with the purchase. 

Price comparison theme showcases goods belonging to very different product categories from clothing to electronics, from food and beauty products to toys. It also presents products or services belonging to a single category. 


Why Price comparison considered as a marketing tool?

We integrate the use of price comparison into our e-commerce marketing strategies.But what do these platforms have to do with our work?In fact, comparators are real marketing tools as they allow e-commerce to increase traffic and above all conversions. In fact, a user just needs to search for a product in your catalog to be present in the results.Of course, to be competitive you need to have an average cost and an optimized product sheet: even with the lowest price comparison website theme. If the customer notices that you are not professional, you do not describe the product well, you do not offer a photograph and other important details that may influence the purchase. Here he will prefer to spend something more but be sure to rely on a more serious company.

For this reason, we think that wordpress plugin price comparison can be a source of income, but only for those websites that are already optimized and have competitive prices.


Web marketing through price comparison sites

Millions of monthly users and great visibility on search engines and Google of the Wordpress price comparison theme. Including them in your marketing mix is ​​an option to consider even when the prices of your products are not as competitive.For the ecommerce stores being present with your product catalog means giving visibility to your brand-site and above all generating qualified traffic by increasing online sales. Since advertising costs are usually incurred with the pay per click the advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the product and it is sent to the digital store.

It is useful to optimize online marketing on airline wordpress themes price comparison:

  • Offer competitive prices. All the studies done on the subject show that the price factor is the first that guides users' choice. It is easy for the user to make a price comparison. The price leverage is especially important. For the same reason, those who sell online on marketplaces are subjected to considerable pressure on the price;
  • Create clear and detailed product sheets using well-made photos;
  • Use the leverage of promotional discounts with attractive offers that incentivize the click;
  • Focus on special offers related to events such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, sales, etc.
  • Giving visibility to the entire assortment of products including niche and very original ones able to isolate themselves from the competition of other shops
  • Activate product tracking to exactly monitor the contribution of the Wordpress price comparison among the various one's online web marketing strategies.


The Wordpress Price comparison is price search engines that try and compare the prices of products in a large number of sites e-commerce spread across the Internet, giving you the ability to sort items by price, look at the opinion about the store, product, and much other.This is not a product sales site, but a portal that advertises the offers of the sellers, in which the user can evaluate the best offer and, by selecting the desired item, will be redirected to the e-commerce site of the seller who proposed the offer. To perform these comparisons, Price comparison rental booking plugin wordpress acquires specific data feeds from online sellers that describe the products themselves and the relative commercial conditions under which they are offered.  

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