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Create Events with the Best Ticket Booking System for WordPress

The ticket booking system is designed to automate online ticket purchasing through an easy to use online booking system. Embed our online ticketing system into your website and allow your customers to book tickets for various routes and destinations. With the Ticket booking system Wordpress, you can manage bookings, customer data, and passenger lists. You can also plan routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map, and allow customers to select their seats.

What is a ticket booking system?

Our computerized ticket booking wordpress theme software work, which aims to enable intercity bus companies to work easily and quickly. In our age where computer technology dominates all sectors, bus companies were still operating in the old system without breaking the tradition of "paper, pen, and clerk". The distance between the ticket sales points, the staff who cannot accept the change and fear of control, and most importantly, the lack of appropriate software prevented the transportation sector from moving to automation.The most important feature of the ticket booking system is that it can run in an internet environment. Thanks to the ticket booking system, people can make reservations and purchases for the route they want from the company they choose by entering the company websites via the internet. Also, ticket self-service apis can be provided with places in the busy centers of companies or areas with high human density. 


The ticket booking system program is the most comprehensive, easiest, used, and a safest computer program that offers practical solutions, prepared by considering the needs of all companies operating in the intercity bus management sector.


Why do we choose the ticket booking system?

Manage Events with the Ticket Booking System for WordPressManage Events with the Ticket Booking System for WordPress
  • Online ticket booking system in real-time
  • One of the main advantages of having a ticket booking wordpress plugin solution is that the customer does not have to ask questions and wait for answers and does not have to work through each request manually. Clients must have at their disposal, and visibly, all the dates and be able to book. If there is no availability for the selected date, it must be blocked in real-time without involving you even the slightest effort.

  • Different currencies and languages
  • Most organizers of leisure activities also want to reach an international audience. For this reason, it is essential that the possibility is offered, at least in English and in the best travel wordpress themes of cases in the mother tongue, to make reservations and payments in the client's language and currency. Also, there is the risk that the client makes the reservation through the competition for not understanding in the language of publication what or how to reserve. Ideally, the online reservation system recognizes the language and currency to be used through the client's IP address.

  • The promotional and special offers vouchers 
  • And we are not only referring to the discount vouchers that are put on sale, but also the promotional and special offers vouchers that serve to stimulate the commercialization of your experience. No matter what type of vouchers they are, all of them must be generated and managed efficiently and easily in the reservation system. Also, vouchers from external portals, should be integrable so that your customers can redeem theme travel wordpres themselves during the online booking.

  • Payments through PayPal
  • PayPal is a simple and secure online hotel booking api payment method, and that is why more and more users from all over the world use it. Implementing it shows that you value the security and privacy of your clients and that makes you earn their trust. Likewise, you have the assurance that you will receive online payments from your clients directly and reliably. For this reason, PayPal is essential in any online ticket booking system worth its salt.

  • Smart calendar
  • A clear and intelligent availability or ticket booking plugin wordpress calendar shows the user an overview of all reservations, capacity, and billing for the desired time periods at a single glance. Thanks to this, resource planning is greatly simplified. To avoid wasted work, the reservation calendar should be able to be synchronized with widely used digital calendars such as Outlook or Gmail.

  • Online support
  • Before or after the software we use gives some problems when we are using it and we need the help of the manufacturer. In those moments there is nothing more frustrating than not receiving the support that is expected of him, and even that he had promised us. In that sense, a problem help database where a solution can be found quickly and autonomously to problems related to reserves or capacity is often sufficient. If not, we will need to be able to contact the manufacturer both online and by phone. A little tip: When you try the template wordpress travel software, also put the assistance system to the test!

  • Increase efficiency
  • More ways to receive money in advance through the online ticket reservation system or install an access control system

  • Professional planning
  • When knowing the number of viewers for each day from booking online in advance Able to plan to prepare enough food and drink to meet the traffic.

  • Instant sales report
  • Can recognize the amount of income immediately easy to check numbers Reduce the time in the traditional card tails counting.

  • Automated emails make user management easier
  • The sending of standardized and regular emails, such as reservation confirmations, reservation reminders, cancellations, etc. requires an inordinate amount of time. This is a cumbersome and exhausting task that we should definitely leave to a ticket reservation system. For example, a customer should receive confirmation of a sabre reservation system immediately after making it online. In this way, the client has the certainty that the reservation has actually been carried out. However, the ticket booking system should not only send confirmation emails to its customers but should also offer the option for you to receive the information.

  • Safe capital management
  • For your day-to-day work to be really simplified, at least the first nine points mentioned must be met. But it is useless if the latter is not fulfilled. The most important thing is that the company that offers the solution is totally reliable since it will be in charge of safely storing your data and the capital produced. Your money should be safe in case of insolvency, for example. It is possible that the capital is not managed at all by the company itself, so the best travel wordpress themes of things will be to create a trust account in a trusted bank through which the capital will be managed.

  • Support for modern devices
  • Improve service levels for customers to be more special, such as using a Wristband system instead of a regular ticket.

  • Special customer system
  • For customers who book online can be separated to receive the card to increase the speed and convenience.

  • Take care as in front of work
  • Providing fast after-sales service with Remote Support.



The ticket system, which contains all information relating to the flight, passenger, and payment. The passenger who buys the ticket receives only the confirmation of the purchase of the e-ticket in his email, together with the hotel booking template wordpress code or the ticket number and the personal data of the traveler. The Ticket booking system Wordpress itself takes the form of a collection of information, which is recorded in an airline's database in electronic format.

The email with the reservation number and the ticket will be sent up to 48 hours after purchase. If you do not receive this email, or if you do not find it after a certain period of time, for example, if the ticket is purchased a few months before the scheduled flight, you must contact the company. The ticket will be returned to the email address provided.Our ticket management software integrates seamlessly with your existing technology to make ticketing for your event easy. Our hotel reservation api software offers clients the ability to set up and sell at no cost to themselves 

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