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How to Create a Ticket Store With WordPress Tickets

The Ticketing white level booking system is part of the resources that every company needs to grow and achieve success. Thorough incident management is essential, as well as providing customers with accurate answers at the right time. However, none of this is possible without efficient ticketing. 

Have you ever thought that to meet the expectations of your customers you would need an army of people working for your brand? Or that the day should have many more hours to reach all your pending tasks?A ticket system allows you to meet expectations and improve your customer experience. You can also increase productivity, decrease response times and obtain many tangible benefits for your company. In this post, we will tell you how you can achieve it with our new Tickets travel booking wordpress plugin system.


What is a ticket system or software?

A ticket system or software is a tool that allows access to an unlimited number of customer requests and incidents, coming from different channels, to be managed through a single interface. The Tickets tour booking system is a computer tool that allows interaction with customers who present technical requirements and offer solutions in the shortest possible time. Ticketing cannot be confused with online customer service, since the purpose of Tickets Systems is not to offer immediate responses through online chats, but to generate cases through tickets or support tickets that are later assigned to an agent to follow up on them. You can find many ticketing tools on the market; some have more features than others. In any case, the best decision will always be to acquire the one that best suits the requirements and resources available in the company. 


It is specially designed for customer service teams or business service desks. The objective of a ticket manager is to process and resolve such requests and incidents according to their priority, assigning those responsible, tracking, and monitoring the progress of the resolution.It is a booking management system wordpress that allows the management of customer calls that can be opened by different sectors of the business, have different priorities, and be registered through different channels. The ticket system, for example, allows users to register their demands by e-mail or on the icon on the desktop screen.

Creating a Ticket Store with WordPress TicketsCreating a Ticket Store with WordPress Tickets

What is a Tickets System for?

  • The Wordpress Tickets Systems are used to organize incidents, make proper monitoring of them fully and store cases, regardless of whether they are resolved or not.
  • This Wordpress ticketing program makes it possible to channel the raising of tickets, that is, to consult the cases issued via email, social networks, or telephone on a single platform.
  • Tickets Software simplifies the recording of statistics and data to evaluate the operation of a company's support department.

Main characteristics of a ticket system

Each ticket wordpress hotel management system software has its own characteristics and functionalities, but these are some of the main ones:

  • Facilitate interaction 
  • The main characteristic of a ticket system is to facilitate interaction between customers and the company in a single interface, receiving inputs from the different channels.According to a Customer Experience report, high-performing customer service teams are more than twice as likely to take an Omni channel approach as low-performing ones. Companies that offer Omni channel support solve tickets three times faster and their agents reduce waiting times for customers by 75%.

  • Creation of ticket forms
  • Refers to creating different support request forms with a single selection of ticket booking plugin wordpress fields. The objective of these forms is to know the type of attention that clients need, through the correct questions in the application forms. 

  • Conditional and custom fields in tickets
  • Conditional and custom fields allow you to collect important details from customers. This feature favours the customer experience and facilitates the agents' work, thus allowing them to also improve their experience.

  • Visibility of service level agreements
  • This feature allows you to monitor the status of SLA objectives (service level agreements), avoid non-compliance, and monitor metrics in real-time, based on the agreed conditions.

  • Multilingual interface
  • This online Tickets bus booking wordpress theme system, in addition to integrating different channels for customers, integrates work teams from different company headquarters, in different countries. From this perspective, your ticketing software must be prepared for current and future global needs.

  • Multi-brand support
  • Through this feature, the administration is facilitated by centralizing the interactions of the different brands of your company, its different lines, products, and regions.


Other slightly more advanced features that this ticket system offers can be!

  • Organized tickets or guided mode, which allows to establish a resolution order under defined criteria and prevents the choice of the simplest cases; 
  • Automatic ticket assignment based on agent skills;
  • Automation of responses in repetitive activities and predefined actions such as state changes;
  • Dynamic content that adapts the conversation with the agent to the client's preferred language and vice versa, to avoid translations and the time they take.

Benefits of implementing a tickets system

By implementing a ticket management tour booking system wordpress you can obtain, among others, the following benefits:

  • Facilitates traceability
  • When you do not have ticket management software, it is possible that due to the volume of requests or incidents, some remain unresolved. This causes customer dissatisfaction and hurts management indicators. With a ticket system for technical support, it is possible to process all requests and incidents, because it has a complete database, which allows prioritizing and monitoring each activity. 

  • Quick Failure Detection
  • Through smart metrics and categorization that enable correlation between past problems and their recurrence, problems can be quickly identified.

  • Reduce effort and costs
  • The use of ticket booking management system wordpress software allows strengthening and elevating the customer experience through the different channels. This, in addition to reducing customer effort, can also lead to lower costs due to increased use of cheaper channels, automation, and self-service tools.

  • Avoid rework and omissions
  • The intelligent assignment of tasks automates the task of distributing tickets booking wordpress plugin among agents, according to defined criteria. In this way, there is always clear about the person responsible and avoid duplication or omission of tasks.

  • Promotes teamwork and increases productivity
  • Fluid communication between the team generates collaborative processes and promotes achievement orientation with a common goal. This increases team productivity and improves the collaborator experience.

  • Improve response times
  • The constant control, notifications, and other functionalities of tickets software generate a reduction in resolution times. This benefit has a positive impact on two of the pillars of the customer experience according to the methodology: Resolution and Time and effort. It also influences metrics such as the customer effort indicator, the degree of satisfaction, and the solution in the first contact.As a consequence of these benefits, it is possible to improve both the customer experience and that of the collaborator, factors that are key in the api travel management system of customer service. Your company can also achieve it; decide to improve the experience of your customers and collaborators!



Within the tourism sector, there are several programs dedicated to this industry that try to globalize and integrate the maximum possible services for a better customer experience. If you don't know where to start, we recommend that you can contact the adivaha® team. An excellent solution that in addition to being a Ticket System also integrates Help desk software. This makes it the ideal tool to boost your customer support department.If you want more information about it or any other software solution, don't hesitate to contact us. adivaha® company professionals are always available to provide you with timely information and first-rate advice. So what are you waiting for? Get our Tickets tour booking system for wordpress System and start providing your clients with exceptional service delivery? 

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