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Wordpress B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace

The accommodation in the travel sector is one of the factors that directly affect everyone. Students and families are a bit hesitant at first to host Homestay. Wherever anyone goes, it is essential to know and learn everything from the beginning.

As the destination is abroad and sometimes there is a difference of hours and miles. But we can easily say that; Homestay accommodation is perhaps one of the best options for foreign language development. Because Homestay means accommodation; it means directly getting to know the culture, communicating, and getting along with that foreign culture.People who intend to Homestay Holiday in one country can be settled through various websites individuals and families find that they are consistent with the desired condition. The host of B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace may even foreign people with locations and directions; so today, Wordpress B2B Homestay Holiday System provides affordable and comfortable accommodation for foreigners.


What is Wordpress B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace?


Wordpress B2B Homestay allows a foreigner to stay in a local family home for a fee. This B2B Homestay kind of a residence inexpensive, and for residents, such as foreign students and professionals of all ages. As people can travel among local communities of the country are present and closely and directly with culture Get to know them. 

Living in the home of local families in different countries is one of the most interesting consequences of the power of the Internet. Millions of people with B2B Homestay experience now post their comments about hosts and guests online on their respective websites, plus people can find B2B Homestay accommodation online and directly Book your suitable accommodation in advance. 

Wordpress b2b homestay holiday marketplaceWordpress B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace

For many people, the question arises whether the Homestay Holiday Marketplace security is adequate.  Because these comments show which individuals and which families have been better and more desirable hosts. The social aspect of such sites is that they increase the level of security of residence. For example, a woman who travels alone can choose a family with children and a woman like herself as a host; in this way, Wordpress B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace can guarantee an interesting local experience. You may not agree with all the hosts, but reading the information will help you get to know them better. 


How does Homestay Holiday Marketplace work?

Wordpress B2B Homestay is a global accommodation booking system for those looking for an unforgettable travel experience. At the heart of the family, the experience is the host, who offers guests the chance to experience and savor local culture. Make new friends and memories as well as authentically explore new destinations. Host families can enjoy the satisfaction of being a part of their guests' new adventures and earn some money by renting out the excess space in their home.

  • Search and request
  • Guests search for available rooms and submit a reservation request.

  • Reserve and commission
  • Once you accept the request, the guest confirms the reservation and pays a commission to

  • Payment upon arrival
  • The guest will pay the total amount on the day of arrival. If you prefer to request payment in advance, you must clearly indicate this in the profile. 


It's very easy to book accommodation abroad with Wordpress B2B Homestay! Thanks to this opportunity, you will be able to arrive in a new city and not feel completely alone, but you will have the support and company of your host who can help you with practical advice and suggestions regarding your new city. The Wordpress B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace also offers accommodation for students who need accommodation for short or long periods. 


Perhaps while they are in a new city ​​or capital of the world to take part in the project or to study a new language. Staying with a family is undoubtedly an advantage that should not be underestimated when starting a new life experience abroad, where you will probably have no contact. This way you can speed up the time to socialize with locals, increase your connections, and maybe find some new friends. 


Features of Wordpress B2B Homestay

  • Rent a room
  • You can earn additional income by renting an extra room for professionals, international students, and tourists looking for accommodation per night, week, or month.

  • Value for money
  • We offer quality and affordable prices. Living with a family is the best option for short and long stays.

  • Authentic family homes
  • The hosts live in the same property as the guests; share moments and experiences that will make you feel like one of the others. They will help you settle in your new country. 

  • Relationship with the hosts
  • Use our filters to find the perfect family. If you also need a bicycle or have full access to the kitchen, we have the right room for you. 

  • Location is essential in Wordpress B2B Homestay
  • Location can make a property rank or fail, but the reviews that stand out most come from families raving about properties that have local attractions, shops, and restaurants within a few minutes' drive or across the street. Hotels or resorts can overcome the fact that their location is not the most ideal by offering frequent and free transportation to the most popular nearby points of interest. 

  • Activities and recreation areas
  • For parents, keeping kids busy involves more than just sitting them in front of the television; it means offering them both physical and mental activities. This includes everything from informal craft sessions, magic shows, or songs by the bonfire for children of all ages, to programmed stays in camps or clubs with instructors designed for specific age groups. 

  • Home Features
  • If families feel at home in an establishment, with all the space and comforts, they will be delighted, they will recommend it and they will return. Spacious suites where children can play are highly valued. Additional services such as refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, or dryer make the stay simpler and more profitable.

  • Extras with added value
  • For families, extras add value and enhance travel. The B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace "exclusive" offers are even better. If your rates are similar to other properties in the area but include admission to the local water park, this is added value. 

  • Wordpress B2B Homestay has all-inclusive activities
  • The B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace’s possibility of paying a single price that includes everything has a positive psychological effect that is multiplied in the case of families with children to feed and entertain.  

  • Pools and water parks
  • Whether indoor or outdoor, pools are always very popular with families. The bar has been raised now that establishments begin to incorporate water park elements, such as multi-level slides, lazy rivers, or play areas with jets and water cannons. The B2B Homestay Holiday separate shallow pools for kids are especially successful. As is one of the more recent appearances: padded-floor areas with bubbling fountains rising from the ground. 

  • Fun for all the family
  • Activities for children are often stars, but parents and grandparents also like to be offered activities. Such as fitness programs or culinary events. In the Wordpress B2B Homestay, this type of programming works well when children are participating in their own supervised activities and the "grown-ups" can enjoy free time.  



The safety of our guests and hosts is Wordpress B2B Homestay Holiday Marketplace’s top priority. Host families associated with a local partner will be visited and verified by the local partner before they are listed on

The public profile of the hosts only shows their first name and the area in which they live - the full name or address is never shown. If a guest completes a booking and pays the ---% booking fee, he gets all the contact details of the host and the host gets all the contact details of the guest. B2B Homestay encourages its guests and hosts to use our messaging system to get to know each other better before making a booking.


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