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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using WordPress and

Booking is the most used platform today for booking hotel rooms around the world. The company has grown exponentially, with properties available in 223 countries.It has become very common for occasional and even business travelers to use to book their travel accommodations, becoming a vital tool for hoteliers looking to increase their income. Today we will introduce the best system of Wordpress 

How does WP work?

Wordpress travel booking plugin is an elegant and easy-to-use booking platform that displays a list of an hotelier's properties. This eliminates the inconvenience of making reservations on the hotel's website, as well as some of the difficulties of promotion and advertising. Booking markets each hotel based on customer ratings and other factors, such as price.There is no initial registration fee; instead, hoteliers pay a commission for their hotel reservations made through the site. This figure ranges between 20 and 25 percent depending on booking factors such as the availability of hotels in the area and the reputation of the hotel.

  • Creating a catalog
  • To create a listing, hoteliers provide flight booking plugin wordpress with property details, photos, and payment policy rules. Booking assesses the hotel's eligibility. Once the platform has confirmed the acceptance of the hotel, the hotelier will be able to establish his hotel on the platform and start receiving reservations immediately.

  • Confirmation progress
  • Reservations are instantly confirmed for guests, and once verified by the person or persons staying, the hotel receives the confirmation via email. Guests pay their bill upon arrival or departure from the hotel, depending on the hotelier's preference. The guest or guests pay the rate as confirmed by email, which reflects the rate displayed on the site to the guest when they made the reservation.flight ticket booking api integration markets its available properties based on the searches that guests use to find hotels in the area where they want to stay. The better a hotel's earnings preview, the higher it can rank. 

Booking System with WordPress and Booking.comBooking System with WordPress and
  • Preferential property regime
  • If you have a hotel in a very popular area, you can participate in their “Preferred Property” scheme, which promotes your property above others who are not participants. This requires an increase in commission in exchange for a spot in the top 10 properties in the area. The agoda wp hotel will need to meet certain performance criteria before it is allowed to add the Preferred Member logo to its profile.

What makes WP the best?

Having access to a powerful Wordpress engine can make your life easier. A good booking engine needs to be smart so that it can quickly give you access to a wide selection of hotels that offer a variety of complementary products. Then what else makes a booking machine the best? Keep reading!

  • Extensive customer-oriented filters
  • Every customer has special needs and requests when booking a hotel. So it is important for us to quickly understand and provide the right solution in meeting these needs. That's why, with more than 20 filters available at, you can more easily fulfil client wants and needs. You can refine your search by boards, categories, areas, likes, customer reviews (TripAdvisor), and much more. Is your customer traveling with a pet? Refine your search with Pet-Friendly Hotel filters. Would they like to stay near the Eiffel Tower? Search by Likes. These, coupled with a portfolio tailored to the needs of your market, will be your best friends when looking for hotels for your customers. You can quickly offer a variety of options tailored to the specific needs of your customers. 

  • Effective map features
  • Some booking engines use a map feature that is only used once or twice and then simply forgotten. Why? Because there are times when the map feature is not user-friendly,' doesn't display enough information, doesn't have adequate filters, and just makes our site slower and more frustrating. This is a bad sign because, for the customer, the info about the pointing point comes first, and having an effective map feature can make a big difference.The map view on the wordpress expedia plugin platform is clearly different from the others. It can display hotels based on search results, complete with map views supported by Google Maps. All of this information is displayed in a single search results window. Switching views from Map to list can be done easily.All of the extensive filters found in List view are also available in Map view. You also get a quick view of the hotel info you've selected and can book a room directly from the map. Easy, fast, accurate. It's good, isn't it?

  • Comparison tool
  • Variety is taste, and customers want that. Now, just presenting a good offer is not enough. Customers want to see, compare and make sure that they are making the choice that is right for them. To do this, in many booking engines for viator travel agent you have to go through different tabs and windows, which can confuse yourself and even the customer.With the WP comparison tool, you can compare all the features of up to 4 hotels with side-by-side views in the same window. Then you can document it in PDF form, then print it or send it to customers. Easy to use, clear, attractive design and professional appearance will make your company profile appear more attractive to customers.

  • Cross-selling tools to increase income
  • Being able to offer a variety of selected products will be good for you and your customers. They can have an unforgettable travel experience, while you can maximize and increase your income. To add activities, transfer, or rent a car, that's why you need to have a cross-selling affiliate wordpress theme.With cross-selling tool, you can easily add activities, tickets, or personal / group transfers in the same booking process. That way you can be time and energy-efficient. More than that, you can proactively offer the best variety of activities based on customer preferences.

  •  manager to control everything
  • There are times when problems arise, and you need to provide your customers with quick answers. That's why you need tools that can make changes easily.Having a manager that is responsive, organized, and easy to use is a feature that many travel agents demand. With Bedsonline's booking manager, you don't have to call or email providers. You can make all changes or cancellations of bookings with one or two clicks, plus confirmation from the provider instantly.


Essential characteristics of


Pleasant, easy, and intuitive environment for the client.Possibility of adding special offers or cross-selling additional services or activities.Optimized for any mobile device, with automatic language and device detection.The responsive web portal of the booking engine is integrated into the website itself.viator api integration with PMS and Channel Manager.Constant technological innovation.Quality after-sales service.Fulfilling these essential premises and many others, offers you the perfect technological solution to ensure that this is a lasting relationship, adapted to continuous technological changes, and to increase the number of direct reservations.



WP has a powerful booking manager, complete with extensive filters, useful features, as well as great maps and comparison tools. All these features have one thing in common; they are all designed to meet your needs by actively listening to input from various website development for travel agency, thinking about their real needs, and building a line of products that best meet their highest expectations. Combine these features with a local portfolio that has been tailored to the needs of your market, as well as other bright ideas that will make your business grow. Wordpress, the best booking engine for travel agents in the tourism industry.

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