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Pick the Perfect WordPress Travel Theme for Price Comparisons

Do you have a free price comparison theme for wordpress list on your website? These prices could be for services/products such as lawn care or they could be the prices of software packages. From the tech world to yoga studios, most companies could use pricing tables to better represent what they offer. Price comparison website theme plays an important role in helping visitors to quickly view and compare different pricing plan features.  

These should be simple, but at the same time explicit to clearly differentiate the characteristics and prices of the different products and services. Many price comparison template wordpress themes allow you to create price tables on a website. And in this article, we will offer you the best Wordpress themes designed to help you easily create price grids on your website. The best way is to take a look at the best Price comparison Wordpress themes, then implement one on your website. When it comes to price comparison themes and price comparison wordpress sites, there is no shortage of options. Some of the best themes can be used for free, while others are premium with no free option. That said, these themes deserve a spot on the themes list, and they have unique features that make them perfect for specific industries or companies.


What are the Price comparison themes?

If your web project is focused on the commercialization of service with different plans, web development, and similar, it is very possible that at some point your project has required to show tables of prices and characteristics of different services offered to show on the web to potential clients.The price comparison themes give your potential customers the ability to quickly compare and view the different options and features within their pricing structure. With a bit of pricing strategy, these comparison themes can be an effective way to position your products/services and improve sales.There is not much free material available for price comparison theme for wordpress that allows prominently showing price tables, with colorization of areas and also animation to attract attention, but we have found the Price comparison Wordpress themes and we will tell you how it works and starts up in Wordpress! 

Perfect WordPress Travel Theme For Price Comparisons Perfect WordPress Travel Theme For Price Comparisons

In many cases, the design of banners or tables is used to format texts so that the information displayed stands out and gains visibility from other information to attract the attention of a potential customer or buyer. With price comparison website theme it will not be necessary; in a few clicks you will be able to show professional-looking price tables in Wordpress.The pricing Table has a configuration panel where you can easily customize the appearance of the table, as well as each column. You will have the option to define the title, price, characteristics, duration, the button text, the URL, the colors of each column, and the order.

Free price comparison theme for wordpress themes highlights

  • Easy to use.
  • Fully Responsive behaviour.
  • Simple floating effect.
  • CSS effects.
  • Colour manager available for tablets.
  • You can view the table using short codes or using Widgets.
  • You can create as many tables as necessary and with separate settings for each one.

With Wordpress price comparison website theme tables can be displayed using an automatically generated short code or using a widget. The themes allow you to create several price tables and maintain different customization values ​​for each of the tables. Keep in mind that the view of the tables created will most likely depend on the wordpress rental booking plugin themes in use since Price comparison partly assumes some of the characteristics of your themes, that is. Typography, headline styles, etc., however, it is possible to modify the presentation of the table using CSS if necessary.


Why is it so important to have price comparison themes?

The answer to this question may seem obvious (you want to improve conversions, right?), But it's nice to understand why price comparison themes are. Why are price comparison airline themes more effective at making a sale than a regular bullet list, paragraphs, or even an image?

  • Price comparison themes allow you to create an ordered scheme and a comparison of your services or packages.
  • The most important features are shown in price comparison themes, eliminating any clutter and leaving it on another page.
  • The price comparison themes feature clear call-to-action buttons to show people how to proceed with the purchase.
  • Most of the price comparison themes use package/plan names which make it easier for customers to understand.
  • You have the ability to add emphasis on certain words, plans, or features, using larger or larger fonts or graphics.
  • It's much more interesting to read a graphics-based price table than one that only has some test in it.
  • You can improve conversions with urgency (such as "time is running out for a good deal") or free trials.
  • Price comparison themes take up a minimal amount of space on the web page, so you can add other information, such as a FAQ or chat for sellers.

What to look for in Price comparison themes?

Now that we know the benefits of Price comparison themes, let's take a look at some of the features you should consider:

  • Free and Premium Options - My favorite Price comparison themes give you a standard table to make your pricing table look better. After that, the premium versions, with their extra features, shouldn't be too expensive.
  • Integrations with major page builders - Some page builders have their own pricing tables. Popular page builders include Divi Builder, Elementor, and Bakery.
  • Price comparison themes to create pricing tables in seconds - We also like to see customization tools for colors, fonts, and icons.
  • A setting for displaying badges on certain plans, such as for "Best Value" or "Most Popular" plans.
  • Multiple currency options for use around the world.
  • Support for large, customizable buttons on each rate plan.
  • A drag and drop builder would be excellent.
  • We also like to see access to CSS and HTML, as more advanced developers will want complex customization opportunities.
  • We could go through dozens of useful features for pricing, but this is essential for a good start.


  • Design with excellent SEO
  • Professional mega menu based on Wordpress listings
  • WooCommerce standalone design and implementation
  • Responsive capability
  • Has a fantastic slider and instant suggestion widgets
  • Price comparison themes have a powerful user panel
  • Beautiful news template
  • Compatible with Visual Composer
  • Responsive to
  • Multilingual capability
  • Price comparison themes have different and beautiful colors.
  • It is multilingual and Persian and English languages ​​are applied by default.
  • Virtue art Professional Store Builder Template
  • The module capability has an amazing offer.
  • Fully responsive is
  • Price comparison themes have an application for mobile and make it easier for people to access.
  • Dedicated product order tracking page
  • Compare products together
  • Visual Composer page builder support
  • Powerful and flexible settings panel
  • Dedicated application
  • Ability to compare products
  • Multi-level mega menu by placing images in the mega menu
  • Compatibility with SMS plugin
  • Full compatibility with multi-store extension
  • Fully responsive
  • Low volume and high speed
  • Mega professional menu
  • Price comparison themes have an amazing slider and instant suggestion widgets.
  • Live product search
  • With its professional settings panel, you can change the site as you wish.
  • Compatible with multiple vendors
  • Product comparison
  • Existence of price change charts
  • View the comparison box light box after clicking the price comparison button
  • Display the price index image in the comparison box
  • Ability to adjust style and colors
  • Ability to compare text button from themes settings
  • Ability to display the compare button on the WooCommerce product category page
  • Ability to select a title for the product comparison table
  • Ability to display product prices in the comparison list
  • Widget support for displaying product comparison list


With the Price comparison Wordpress themes, you can provide customers with two functionalities in your wordpress price comparison plugin store. We suggest that if you need comparison features; discuss the issue with the designer when designing the Price comparison site so that it can create a more beautiful graphic look in the products. Above, we have introduced the best comparison themes, so stay tuned with the adivaha® team for more details. 

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