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How to Choose a Travel Agency WordPress Plugin for Your Site

If you are thinking of creating a website for a travel and tourism agency, travel blogs, websites for hotels, or anything related to the business of travel agency template wordpress and tourism in general, you will need to use the best plugins for travel agencies. There are many available, but only a few are really recommended. Do you want to know which ones? We started!

Travel tour wordpress theme and tourism have always been an important source of income for many countries, but the truth is that with the internet boom, this has multiplied at an impressive speed.To meet this demand, the tourism industry has been expanding rapidly and numerous flight comparison portals, travel agencies, and online tourism offices have emerged.If you have decided to join the party, and create a website for your travel agency, hotel, rural house, or any activity related to tourism, you are in luck, since in this tutorial we are going to see how to create this type of page thanks to the best plugins available. Installing Wordpress plugins of this type will help you manage reservations, payments with different currencies, give information to your clients, and many other features.For this, I have prepared for you the best Travel agency Wordpress plugin for the travel agency of 2021. You can find it just below this tutorial that you must follow from the beginning if you want to create your own travel portal website.Let's go!


What is a Travel agency plugin?

Travel agency plugin wordpress is the best for creating travel agencies, travel packages, and tours for tour operators. It is a complete travel management system and includes many useful features. You can create your travel booking website using the travel agencies in less than 5 minutes.This WP Travel agency plugin is perfect for those travel agencies that want to offer tour operators or wholesalers the possibility of adding their products themselves on their website. What this plugin does is give tour operators access to the agency's website. In this way, they can post their offers: Description, photos, prices, comments, etc. In this way, you only have to give access and forget to place all the products manually.Also, the WP Travel agency plugin will be able to see the stocks of their products. Obviously, each tour operator will only be able to see their reservations, but not those of the others. It is important to note that this plugin needs to have the WooCommerce reservation plugin previously installed, as it is an extension for it.

Best Travel Agency WordPress Plugin for Your SiteBest Travel Agency WordPress Plugin for Your Site

The Travel agency plugin goes with years of technical support and updates. Also, you have the possibility to buy only the plugin or the plugin with the installation and configuration


Key features and highlight

  • Travel packages with no limitation
  • On the number of trips, there is no limitation. You can add a trip, trip gallery, description, regular price, sale price, duration, unlimited trip data, frequently asked questions and the cost included and excluded. It also includes an itinerary generator. So you can include the day-to-day itinerary.

  • Smart Travel Booking Process 
  • The online booking api process is easy, fast, and smart. The price is automatically adjusted based on the number of people selected for the reservation. The reservation form only includes the fields that are required, resulting in a faster reservation and more sales.

  • Payment Processing
  • Tour booking plugin includes standard PayPal payment processing. Your customers can book online and you can easily get paid using your PayPal account. We are working on plugins for further payment processing. If you have any suggestions or requests related to payment processing, please contact us here.

  • Inquiry Form
  • The travel agency plugin includes an inquiry form on the travel affiliate theme page so that travelers can easily find the form, fill it out and contact you. Now you can get more sales inquiries.

  • Email booking notification
  • You can customize the message your customer receives when they book a trip. Additionally, each time a traveler books a trip on your api travel website, you will also receive an email notification with all the reservation details.

  • Reservation details
  • The reservation information is saved on your website with all the traveler details. You are just a few clicks away every time you need information or reservation details.

  • Create more tabs
  • On each page, there are already four tabs. If you need more than four tabs on a travel page, easily create them and you can even change their order.

  • Unlimited Trip Data 
  • You can create unlimited trip “Data” such as group size, meals, accommodation, the best time to visit, etc., and then add the trip data to different trips.

  • Landing page 
  • You can easily create landing pages. For example, India , London, the United States. So when a traveler visits a particular landing page, the traveler can see all trips that belong to that destination.

  • Activity page
  • You can create different activity pages, such as hiking, sightseeing, mountain biking, skiing, etc. You can then connect different trips to these activities. Therefore, when a customer visits your hotel website templates, they will not only see the various activities that you offer, but they will also be able to see all the trips that include that activity.For example, if a customer visits a Hiking page, they will be able to see all trips that include hiking.

  • Travel Type Page
  • You can even categorize your trips according to their types using the Travel agency Wordpress plugin. You can create different types of trips and then connect them with your trips.For example, you can create trip types such as dogs, kids, quotes, nature walks, and weekends. So when a customer visits a single travel agency theme wordpress page (for example, for dogs), all trips that is for dogs are displayed.

  • Currency
  • You can also choose the currency in which you want to sell your travel package.

  • Translation Ready
  • The Travel agency plugin is fully translation ready.  Into any language feel free to translate your website.

  • Personalization and flexibility
  • The WP Travel agency plugin is flexible and easily customizable. There are various filters and links for developers to extend the plugin and customize it according to their needs.

  • Documentation and user manual
  • The user guide will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial to use the WP Travel agency plugin. If you need help setting up and configuring the WP Travel agency plugin, check out our user guide here.

  • Support and suggestions
  • If you need further help or support, please contact us on this support form. We at WP Travel agency plugin are also open to your suggestions. So feel free to tell us if there is anything we can do to improve the tours plugin wordpress.

  • Theme compatibility
  • Since the plugin itself provides a simple and clean design, you can easily modify it. The Travel agency plugin will work with any theme, but it may require a bit of styling matching.



The Travel agency Wordpress is one of the best known in web e-commerce. Not only is it popular, but it is also very rich in useful features. In turn, it facilitates the generation of reports and control of tax calculations. Another recommendation that you should note is to add the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. Most customers already have a PayPal account and like to transact with them.Travel agencies are a booming business and, as you know, there are thousands of online travel guides, hotel websites, travel, tours, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate to bear in mind the advantages of your business and adapt the best plugins that you need to favour the sale of your service.

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