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Travelpayouts Wordpress Plugin - The Ultimate Guide

Travelpayouts can be described as an indispensable system for managing all travel and tourism companies that depend on the Internet during the reservation process, as it is one of the most advanced and least expensive systems to serve medium and large enterprises. And this system also has the ability to carry out multiple tasks and high efficiency.

By using the Travelpayouts system, you have put your money in a product that adds real value to your company and business as it contains many subsystems that facilitate the mechanism of your interactions with travel and tourism agents, tourism activities, registration of reservations online. And integration via api with external parties in online reservation systems.  And the possibility of merging your company with another institution or company to exchange services, tourism activities, and much more.


And now to make your tour website more powerful adivaha® team has introduced the plugin with a travelpayouts system. Travelpayouts Wordpress plugin is specially designed to optimize the travel website development services and to provide comfortable use for its customers. Here we know more about this plugin.


What is the Travelpayouts plugin?

WordPress plugin, which is a very suitable choice for those who are looking for a WordPress travel website development company plugin and for companies operating in the sub-services of this sector such as holiday villages, hostels, spa centers, spas. Travelpayouts plugin stands out with its user-friendliness. It has a form and reporting feature specially designed for your convenience as both your customers and the owner of the company.


Forms that can be applied to all themes, shortcode support, instant notification to the best channel manager for vacation rentals of errors while making a reservation, e-mail notifications, synchronization with calendar services such as iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, export in CVS format, some of the main nice features of the Travelpayouts plugin...

Setting Up the Travelpayouts Wordpress PluginSetting Up the Travelpayouts Wordpress Plugin

The most important feature of the Travelpayouts plugin, which has a distinct place among WordPress plugins, is that it has tools that meet all of the required travel systems features for various travel website designing businesses, regardless of service type.Group reservation, multiple reservations in one session, changing appointment duration, showing instant appointment information, cancellation and early reservation limits, customizable view and fully compatible mobile view, unlimited programs, unlimited staff member assignment, unlimited appointments, payment system. You can have the Travelpayouts plugin together with the WordPress plugin.


It is possible to easily reflect your own style with 80+ ready-made forms of the plugin, which has a particularly stylish appointment form. In addition to ready-made views, you can freely enrich your design with features such as using your own fonts and adjusting unlimited colors.


Another feature of the plugin is that you can set an appointment lock for your associated services. We can say that it is the most functional and richest content WordPress plugin for the plugin that has many more features like these. With this Wordpress plugin, you can create variable pricing according to days and hours thanks to its dynamic pricing feature. This flight tour booking software plugin even allows you to add coupon discounts and works in full compatibility with popular payment systems such as PayPal.


The plugin with basic features for travel vacation system is offered in an ideal structure for travel companies who do not want to struggle with details but are looking for a WordPress plugin to reflect their professionalism. With the add-on, you can receive payments for each service separately, and you can design service packages and offer them to your users. The Travelpayouts Wordpress plugin, which also has shortcode support, has nice features that allow your users to make an appointment using their location information.


What are the advantages of the Travelpayouts plugin system?

  • Achieve the highest percentage of investment returns in the tourism sector.
  • Ensuring the maximum level of security and confidentiality of your data against any theft or vandalism, and protection from any catastrophic risks.
  • Reducing operating costs for partners by easily integrating their organizations with the Travelpayouts plugin system.
  • All means will be available for your partners to sell more and more trips so that they can make more profit.
  • Within the Travelpayouts plugin system, there is an electronic customer service that is distinct from any other system.
  • You always have full control over running your business and providing hundreds of reports.
  • Your partners will be in touch with the Executive Office.
  • The Travelpayouts plugin interface is very easy to use.
  • Search-like booking interface
  • Catalog view for categories and services
  • Step-by-Step travel Wizard
  • On-Site Payment Support
  • PayPal Payments Support
  • Stripe Payments strategy
  • You can manage the system anywhere (from the office or even via the Internet on your mobile phone).
  • Maintaining constant contact and reducing the effort required for communications with all departments and branches of your organization on an automatic and daily basis (via e-mail, fax, and paperwork).
  • Informative backend control panel
  • Interactive Calendar for Planning
  • Multiple Employee Support
  • Multiple Services and Category Support
  • Appointment Extras Support
  • Multiple Business Location Support
  • Increasing the performance and productivity of tour operators and tour operators.
  • Reducing human errors and technical problems that usually occur during transactions and transfers.
  • Maintain professionalism and consistency in managing your business
  • Travelpayouts plugin gives you a professional appearance for your organization in front of your partners and guests and helps you expand your activities and business.
  • Flexibility. Your customers can easily navigate your site and reserve your service directly. As the owner, you can customize your appointment form, block double appointments, and set the timeline as you wish.
  • Appointment synchronization. This feature allows you to import newsletters from Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, or any calendar that uses the .ics extension. It is also very easy to integrate Google Calendar into your admin panel.

The features of this WordPress plugin are not limited to these. You can receive SMS notifications using flight booking api for each appointment. Set your tax and VAT items, receive payments in multiple currencies, and view payment details. With its easy control panel, fully mobile compatible design, and professional appearance, this plugin is the most functional WordPress travelpayouts plugin.


Travelpayouts plugin comes with different ready demos. Thus, you can easily integrate your travelport software management you need into your website. It is also possible to create your own system with the tools it offers other than demos. You can create unlimited appointment forms, add or remove the features you want. The plugin, which also includes the necessary security measures to prevent abuse, also has multi-language support. Boasting all the features and more you can find in a WordPress online plugin, the Travelpayouts plugin is among the most preferred WordPress travel plugins.


This plugin is fully compatible with Google Calendars. You can create separate appointments in the same form or individually for different products and services. You can export your reservations in CVS and XLSX formats in the plug-in where you can create separate control panels for your staff. The Travelpayouts plugin, which has multi-language support, also has shortcode and e-mail notifications.


This plugin is built with the latest technologies by the adivaha® team that has won multiple awards in WordPress. It can be used as an automated travel website templates specialist whose work will be done 24h / 24 to ensure that your customers make appointments even while they are sleeping. Travelpayouts Wordpress plugin is a complete solution for your traveling site that offers features such as ease of use, use on various websites, and an extremely user-friendly control panel. Support for payments from multiple gateways, configuring multiple employees with customizable working hours and days, multi-location support, availability of graphs and diagrams, and much more.


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