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Booking.com Theme Online Demo(s)

Google Indexable Home Pages with nice professional layouts with integrated flight booking theme wordpress search widget.

How to Choose a Stunning WordPress Booking Theme

Whether you're launching your wordpress hotel comparison theme business or looking for an upgrade, having a high-quality website can make or break it. Currently, you don't need to hire a web designer or developer to bring your website to life; instead you can select one of the WordPress themes available on the theme site and easily edit it so that the site reflects your brand. It's an inexpensive option that doesn't come at the cost of quality.

Our reason for choosing travelpayouts wordpress theme content management system from other systems is the capabilities, features, and speed of WordPress. And that Wordpress Booking Theme ready for any field that you want to launch your site and you can only add various features to your site by installing various plugins. Now, if you are looking for a tourism and hotel and tour reservation theme, be sure to use this theme.

This theme includes attractive demos and great features, which is why it has become one of the best themes on the theme site. In the form of a booking theme, you can import any of your desired demos with just one click and use it. 


What is Booking Theme?

The booking theme with which you can create a leading and professional website in the field of online booking services. It is one of the best and most powerful tourism and tour and hotel booking templates in the world. This theme, in addition to a special and attractive appearance and layout, has a powerful and amazing reservation module or system that you can book and use any type of hotel or tour on your website. It has many features and you can easily use it.

This theme is on our list as one of the most functional, easiest to use, the highest level of user interaction, and the best looking travelpayouts WordPress booking system theme.

This theme allows us to add a professional online booking management system to your api integration in wordpress site. With this, your users can make an appointment for your service, and make appointments with the payment systems you want with WooCommerce compatibility. Your users can instantly view their appointment status, available dates, or times on the calendar.

Choosing an Impressive WordPress Booking Theme Choosing an Impressive WordPress Booking Theme

Using the shortcode it has, you can put a calendar for reservations in any area of ​​your site. Again, thanks to shortcode, it is possible to show your visitors an information screen with a list of appointments.With internal profile pages, your users can log in to your site and edit their profile pages. It is also possible for them to follow their appointments on their profile page. Apart from these, the Google Calendar button is also a great wordpress hotel themes booking feature so that your users can easily add their appointments to their personal calendars.

With this Wordpress Booking Theme, you can easily create an appointment form, add or remove the form fields you want. It is very easy to track and organize your appointments from the admin panel.You can customize the automatic emails related to appointments to your users with the admin panel. You can also easily design the booking form with color and style options.


Other features of the Booking Theme

  • Admin panel
  • You can confirm or decline appointments, receive email notifications about actions, and search or sort appointments using different parameters.

  • Simple editing
  • You can select multiple dates in a few clicks.

  • Easy synchronization 
  • With this feature, you can link your own calendar to other platforms (Google Calendar, Airbnb, etc.).

  • Multiple overview option
  • You can combine multiple calendars in one clean overview and link your calendar to a specific page.

  • Customizable indicator 
  • You can easily edit the physical properties of your gauge. All calendars can have their own display.

  • Fully compatible 
  • This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce wordpress ota plugin, so the possibility of a payment gateway has been added to this template, and your passengers and users can pay for their travel or flight.

  • Visual Composer
  • This theme is provided to users with the Visual Composer page builder viator wordpress plugin. Page builder plugins allow Internet business managers to customize their site without having programming skills, from having or compatibility with page builder plugins for business owners. 

  • Supports mega menus 
  • This theme supports mega menus and allows your site to have multi-menu menus. In fact, if you are looking for unique and attractive menus for your website, you should use mega menus; this feature of the theme makes your site more beautiful and attractive and becomes a user.

  • Responsiveness
  • Responsiveness of this theme is another thing that has made this theme attractive for business owners and users. Internet business owners with this theme no longer need to worry about cluttering their site on different devices, and users can safely use all the features of the booking theme with their phones.

  • Show your rooms
  • The best way to attract customers is through fantastic images of your hotel rooms, restaurant, and surroundings. Our experience confirms it, that's why we created this theme focused on big images. Thus, you can present them not only in slides but also in other modules on your website.

  • Comfortable booking process
  • Create your own reservation form fully connected to the reservation system. In the admin panel, you can create multiple forms with different information. You can use predefined data and information fields. Let's say you offer a romantic couples weekend. You can create custom fields to reserve champagne at an additional cost. You can offer customers more than they expect.

  • Slider Revolution
  • This WordPress theme comes with the wordpress plugin Slider Revolution that allows the creation of beautiful slides on the homepage. Transition effects and animations will be found between different slides. The WooCommerce plugin is available to integrate a powerful internet store into your website without entering any code.

  •  Multipurpose 
  • It is also a multipurpose, professionally structured, very attractive, and eye-catching full range premium WordPress theme designed to help you create a modern and professional website.

  • Completely flexible 
  • This WordPress theme is designed to help you create a wordpress plugin for flight booking website for travel agencies, tourism, cruise, hotels, honeymoon blogs, and also creative people. It is a fully responsive WordPress theme with a completely flexible layout and comes with about 100 components that will allow you to customize or create new professional pages and layouts. It is a powerful, flexible, and advanced booking theme that you can use for any business with peace of mind. 


It is a very suitable WordPress theme for organizations working on appointment methods such as cleaning, female hairdresser, auto hairdresser, technical service. As well as those who are looking for a WordPress hotel booking theme and WordPress restaurant reservation theme.With this, you can create variable pricing according to days and hours thanks to its dynamic pricing feature. You can assign additional features to the appointment form for down payment purchases and create PFD type invoices. It allows you to add coupon discounts and works in full compatibility with popular payment systems such as PayPal. 


The features of the WordPress reservoir theme are not limited to these. You can receive payments in multiple currencies and view payment details. With its easy control panel, fully mobile compatible design, and professional appearance, it is the most functional WordPress theme. 



Based on the above, it can be said that one of the best themes that will help you better manages tourist websites or hotels and airlines booking and offers many features to you and your site.

With the WordPress booking theme, create your website, integrate it with the Booking system. As a result, there is a growing demand for website plugins and themes that provide dating facilities. Thanks to the Booking Theme, your customers can enter detailed information about all the venues that they have contracted with, and you can offer your visitor the opportunity to make a reservation for the venue. 

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