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Ten or fifteen years ago, clients had to go to a travel agency or make a phone call to book their flights and hotel stays. Today, the vast majority of travel contracting is done online and service providers in all sectors have recognized that online bookings are easy. After all, the possibility of reserving services online not only benefits companies, but also customers themselves. Therefore, the need for reliable online booking software is on the rise. 

And now adivaha® has introduced the Class booking system Wordpress. It is the best online booking system that allows clients to schedule their next hair salon appointment, book their favourite restaurant or a canoe ride - all conveniently from their personal computer or mobile.Meanwhile, each industry has its own requirements when it comes to having suitable booking software. For example, businesses that offer mountain bike tours have reservations for specific dates. This means that in your software tool you need a calendar with available dates within a fixed schedule. However, homeowners who offer their vacation home for rent need a tool with a calendar that includes the length of time the home is available for rent.


The vast majority of Class booking system providers are specialized in providing solutions adapted to each of the sectors. Other reservation systems are multifunctional and serve several sectors at the same time. These range from a Wordpress system to a more complex reservation system with special modules for managing dates or clients. Regardless of the specific requirements of each sector, service providers should always consider some of the most important characteristics of a Class booking system before deciding on a reservation system.


The class booking system is a reservation solution

Nowadays, leisure providers do not spend a lot of time working on a computer and can manage their business through tables and smartphones. Being cloud-based, you can access the software from anywhere in the world and this also benefits you for automatic updates. 

Class Booking System WordPressClass Booking System WordPress

This Wordpress reservation system is also known as software as a service. This means that the software and IT breach are offered through a third-party vendor. Therefore, the Class booking system is an alternative that saves money and time, especially for small companies that do not have the capacity to hire a reservation tool made to measure, and most of the time, services are offered free.That is, there are no fixed costs and you only pay when a customer is going to make a payment for your service.


The class booking system is a versatile online booking system

All-in-one solutions for reservation systems have several advantages:

  • They help you manage all your online booking thanks to their different functionalities. For example confirmations of reservations, cancellations and invoices are sent automatically.
  • The Class booking system accepts payments with direct debit or PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard. Typically, payment service providers charge for each online payment; however, these costs are already covered in the rate itself for each reservation made.
  • The class booking system is constantly improving thanks to customer feedback. This Class booking system ensures that there is an intuitive use of the user interface when using the booking system. On the contrary, if you have your own online reservation system made with PHP and MySQL it will cost more time and money to make those changes.
  • When customers have problems with the software they will need customer support. Custom reservation software does not usually have the same support as a professional reservation system provider. In the latter case, the Class booking system telephone support is direct and will offer online help to solve any inconvenience instantly.
  • Class booking system tools ensure that your offers appear on the most important portals. This will allow you to reach new customers without any effort. One word of advice: make sure that your reservation system provider is independent and not only connected to a specific reservation portal.

Booking software: the most important features

  • Booking software: the most important features
  • Your clients can see all available dates and make reservations immediately. As soon as a date is no longer available, the high-performance online class booking software blocks it so that there is no other booking request.

  • Language and currency
  • Many providers, especially in the tourism or leisure sector, are interested in reaching international customers. Ideally, the online Class booking system recognizes the customer's location through their IP address and adjusts the settings to that language.

  • Flexible payment options: 
  • With the Class booking system, you will be able to choose which payment options to offer your customers: PayPal, credit card, direct debit, payment on site, etc. We recommend that you always offer PayPal as one of the payment options, as it is one of the safest, simplest, and most popular online payment solutions known to most customers. That is why PayPal should always be present in any professional online reservation system.

  • Personalization
  • Class booking system Wordpress software allows you to integrate the reservation form on your website, thus adapting to the identity of your personal brand: from being able to add your own colors and font to create your own texts and additional fields within the reservation form.

  • Gathering your customers' information
  • You can decide what data you need from your customers as they contain very valuable information for your company and are sometimes underestimated. Class booking system software providers give you a clear picture when it comes to obtaining customer data to fit your marketing strategy.

  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Every day more customers surf the internet with their smartphones and tablets. It is important that booking websites automatically adapt to different screen sizes. Class booking system designed to work on all devices

  • Promotional Codes - Customers love coupons
  • That is why a Class booking system tool should offer the option of creating promotional codes for users. With this Wordpress professional online reservation software, you can manage the different offers you want to offer, as well as being able to import coupons from external portals so that your clients can use them when making their reservations online.

  • SEO optimization
  • The class booking system is well optimized with the main search engines so that its services appear in Google searches and are able to attract more potential clients.

  • Show availability in an organized way
  • The Class booking system ensures that the availability calendar is always up to date.

  • Better planning thanks to smart tools
  • The class booking system gives you all the important data, including dates, time, user, and payment information. The zones that are highlighted usually indicate the available time slots. The information provided through this booking tool is key to the success of your company.

  • All in one interface
  • The Class booking system will synchronize your booking calendar with other calendars, so you never miss a thing. The class booking system also links offers with other reservation platforms and automatically adds reservations to your calendar.

    he class booking system is that class of system that fulfils its mission without complicating our existence. And along the way, they also solve certain specific tasks for us. This reservation system is available in two versions. The class booking system will help you to get up to date with the dynamics of the reservation systems. 



The class booking system offers you very powerful professional online booking software that adapts to the needs of any event provider. By events, we mean activities that each one enjoys and that they would give to friends: cooking classes, dance classes, sightseeing tours, escape games, massages, yoga classes, visits to museums, and more. You just have to register on the platform, create your own event, and mark the available dates in our Class booking system Wordpress. 

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