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How to Add Tour Package Plugin to Your WordPress Site

If you are thinking of creating a website for a travel and tourism agency, travel blogs, websites for hotels, or anything related to the business of travel and tourism in general, you will need to use the best for travel booking wordpress plugin agencies. There are many available, but only a few are really recommended. Do you want to know which ones? We started! 

Travel and tourism have always been an important source of income for many countries, but the truth is that with the internet boom, this has multiplied at an impressive speed. To meet this demand, the tourism industry has been expanding rapidly and numerous flight comparison portals, travel agencies, and online tourism offices have emerged.If you have decided to join the party, and create a website for your travel agency, hotel, rural house, or any activity related to tourism, you are in luck, since in this tutorial we are going to see how to create this type of page thanks to the best plugins available.Installing a ticket booking wordpress plugin of this type will help you manage reservations, payments with different currencies, give information to your clients. Everyone wants to get away from work somewhere. In fact, many people prefer to spend time on emotions rather than on things, and science claims that this is even better for us. This means that now is the time to start a travel company. Business is booming thanks to numerous hotels, hostels, travel agencies.


If your travel company doesn't have a modern Wordpress website, it's time to start one. If you are thinking about starting a new business, a Wordpress website should be one of your priorities.In this post, we'll show you how to create an attractive Wordpress travel company website with the Tour package wordpress ticketing plugin. Whether you have a hotel offering a room and breakfast or have an idea to start a brand new travel company, it wills valuable resources to launch your website.


What is the Tour package plugin?

Adding Tour Package Plugin to Your WordPress SiteAdding Tour Package Plugin to Your WordPress Site

Our Tour package plugin is the best Wordpress plugin that comes with the most complete tour management system. This plugin is specially designed for tour operators, tour package, travel agency, travel ticket vendors, travel ticket sellers and more. The system is integrated with many necessary functions. Please note that you cannot use WooCommerce payments with tour booking system for wordpress. Tour package plugin is the best plugin available for tycoons in the travel and tourism industries. It is the best option for a travel agency, tour operator, or destination management company, who wants to manage packages more efficiently and increase sales. It is a scalable, powerful, and easy-to-use plugin for Wordpress to manage packages and reservations. Decide to enhance your travel site with powerful features with our simple plugin. Tour package plugin is scalable, powerful, and probably the easiest plugin available in Wordpress for managing packages and reservations. 

Tour package plugin is one of the best-selling drags and drops plugins on the market. And for good reason, it's a pretty cool premium plugin. With the tour booking system wordpress plugin, you can choose whether you want to design your website on the frontend or backend. It also works with any theme you choose to install on your Wordpress site, and over 40 content elements included in the plugin come pre-installed.You can easily add more modules if you know what you are doing. In fact, you can make icon boxes, milestones, font grids, and more using the Tour package plugin Wordpress. Or you can use one of the hundreds of premium extensions to add any feature you may want or need.


Some important features of the plugin

  • Unlimited tour packages - Create an unlimited number of tour packages (which your server can store). All the details you need for a trip like description, itinerary generator, price, sale price, duration, gallery, and package included and excluded, map, and many more can be entered very easily.
  • Travel filters: the user can find their required itineraries by filtering or using the easy search form.
  • Tour Extras: This package tour plugin wordpress allows you to add a paid or free service for the individual trip.
  • Hassle-free reservation system: Tour package plugin includes a very easy and simple reservation system that the user can fill very quickly and get more reservations.
  • Comprehensive data report: Data is very important to all businesses. Tour package plugin has built-in booking statistics that help you generate the report from different date ranges, types, and locations.
  • Payment system: we currently have standard PayPal merged into the Tour package plugin and we have four additional payment gateways. See the link for the additional payment gateway. 
  • Multiple Price and Multiple Dates: This Tour package plugin feature allows you to add multiple prices and multiple dates for a single trip.
  • Tax Options: With this feature, you can add taxes to the price of trips if you wish or if that corresponds to your company policy.
  • Tour package plugin customer dashboard and book views.
  • Trip data: You can add trip data to your trips.
  • Email Notification - You as the administrator will be notified of all reservations made by users and you will also receive email notification of your reservation details. All email templates are customizable.
  • Customizable tabs: All the tabs on the trip details page on the front end can be customized from the backend. You can change their labels and order them according to your requirements or hide them.
  • Rating and Comments: You can allow users to add ratings or comments for each trip. You can also hide them if you want for each trip.
  • The Wordpress Tour package plugin has a custom filter system. In this way, the user can best search for a tour/trip. Search and filter by destination, price, season, trip type, and duration. You can insert your information into taxonomies to customize filtering. Booking a trip will be very easy for the user.
  • Revolution Slider lets you create fantastic slides to showcase your routes in the best possible way. You can add your tours and packages to your clients in the slider. Revolution Slider also supports HTML5, Vimeo, and YouTube videos, so you can post videos from the most beautiful places! Insert the best images on the slide to have a Colorful and creative plugin.
  • Map: For each trip, you can display the Google map. In front, the user can see where the trip location is.
  • Coupon: With the Tour package tour package plugin coupon, the percentage or fixed number of coupons are applied to the trips.
  • Main and left menu. You can choose from two menus to best manage your content. You can customize the colors and you can choose the main top menu Sticky or the "normal" menu. Use the sidebar to display your promotions or top destinations that you want to advertise on your site.
  • Dedicated support and documentation. We have a whole team of happiness engineers ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum.

Personalization and Flexibility

The Tour package wordpress tour booking plugin is very flexible and highly customizable. Some several hooks and filters make the plugin really flexible from a developer's point of view. There are a host of options that add more flexibility to the plugin.These themes are specially designed for the WP Tour package plugin. Therefore, it is 100% compatible with our plugin. It can be used with other themes and with some style changes. We are always here to assist with any issue using the theme.



Creating a travel blog, then a company that wants to sponsor or finance your vacation trip is a dream that almost everyone craves. However, there is no instant way to make this dream come true. You have to work hard, one of which is by learning various ways to create a travel blog. As previously reviewed, several things must be understood regarding how to create a travel website, namely choosing a unique name for the blog, registering the domain name, and the only and only best travel plugin, Tour package plugin Wordpress, and then deciding the right platform for blogging. Always keep these in mind before you really start blogging. 

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