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There is many tourism or travel agencies, but there is something that can make you special: your design.Now you just need to take a look at their designs and choose the one that best suits your corporate identity. Your company will be one step closer to achieving its goals.

Here we present professional travel combo packages Plugins so that you have an attractive, easy-to-use, fast, and well-optimized website for Google.Wordpress travel combo packages Plugins are those plugins that are contracted with a travel agency in which a combo travel combination is produced, or offered for sale according to a global price. And offered more elements of the like: transport, hotel, accommodation, tour activities etc.Combo packages Plugins is one of the most powerful and flexible plugins for travel websites. It has a built-in administration panel that will allow you to give your website the original appearance. The plugins will look great on any device, so your audience can follow your updates anywhere.


What are travel combo packages Plugins?


Travel combo packages Plugins created specifically for travel agencies to offer their different travel services. These travel combo packages Plugins applies to both travel agencies and companies offering hotel, cruise, and car rental reservations. In this way, any company could make use of Book Your Travel.Its design has a favorable aesthetic; it is simple and easy to use, with more than four columns. It is customizable to include information about tours and offers, with photos and videos.It is even possible for the client to pay for their reservation through the same website. To facilitate this, it has a search filter. Thus, the user will find the ideal option according to variables such as price, type of service, and duration.

Wordpress travel combo packages pluginsWordpress Travel Combo Packages Plugins

On the other hand, it is optimized for SEO, facilitating its indexing in search engines. Also, it is fully responsive and offers the ability to create a multilingual blog with WPML.It has demos to import that are updated every month. In this way, the travel website does not have to remain static, but you can easily renew its design. It is responsive and optimized for SEO which makes it easy for many people to find the blog and view it on any device.

It is considered ideal for tourism companies because it comes with a custom search system. Thanks to this, the user can easily find the desired tour according to its destination, price, season, and duration. Besides, it is structured for you to upload photos and videos of the travel packages, being compatible with Vimeo, Youtube, and HTML5 video. Likewise, it includes dynamic effects.


As if that were not enough, it has the advantage that the buyer reserves online, through a private message. However, it is not feasible to purchase tickets by this means.It has a responsive design, therefore, customers can view travel options from any device. Also, it includes demos to import. In this way, your blog will look very aesthetic almost automatically.

Package travel requirements that must be met in combo packages Plugins:

  • Designed for all types of tourism companies
  • Simple one-click import of demo content
  • No coding skills required
  • Optimization of page loading speed
  • 100% fully responsive
  • Name and address of the organizer of the package travel, 
  • The maximum date is indicated to inform the consumer about the possible cancellation of the combo trip and the period within which the consumer can demand the confirmation of their reservations.
  • Possibility to show your latest publications directly on the cover
  • A very elegant design with a background made from your travel photos
  • You can get in touch with your clients using the contact form ordered at any time
  • It has a very wide variety of services like hotel, flight, car rental etc.
  • The prices may not be revised, except if the revision of the same has been explicitly established, both upwards and downwards, and for this purpose, the calculation modalities are defined.
  • Origin and destination of the trip, if there are different destinations, all of them must be reflected in the contract. 
  • The date, time, and place of departure and time, date, and place of arrival will be indicated in travel combo packages Plugins.
  • The time of stay in the destination or each destination with its corresponding itineraries, hours, arrival, and departure dates. 
  • Visits, excursions, and other services are included in the travel combo packages Plugins.
  • The means or means of transport to be used on the combo travel plugins, indicating the type of transport and characteristics.
  • The combo travel plugins have accommodation that specifies the place, location, category of accommodation, and main characteristics. 
  • If there is an official tourist classification in the country, it must be indicated.
  • If breakfasts, lunches, and dinners have been contracted, the total number of these must be included.
  • Price of the combo travel, forms of payment, and if desired financing conditions available.
  • The obligation to notify the consumer of any breach in the performance of the contract, in writing, or in any other way that is recorded.
  • It has a set of useful tools for the Elementor visual editor
  • Adaptability to different types of devices
  • No coding knowledge required

Wordpress travel combo packages Plugins are multipurpose plugins; this means that it is aimed at any type of travel blog. Therefore, depending on the needs, it is considered as a travel WordPress plugin. It is highly functional since it allows you to configure up to twelve homepages to put information into categories.


In general, it provides unlimited colors and headings. With the option to post videos and place visual effects. Visitors to your page can contact you through Mail Chimp. So if you are going to use these plugins for your travel company, users could communicate through that medium to buy tickets or make reservations. In this sense, it includes the alternative of placing price tables to offer any type of service or product.


Wordpress travel combo Plugins has a scoring system for customers to comment on their experience with the company, this could help you attract more public. Another important feature is that it includes demos to import, being able to decide exactly how you want your blog to look. Among its advantages, it brings unique colors and fonts that can be viewed from any device, since it has a responsive design.On the other hand, it is optimized for SEO, making it easier to find the web page. It even has a large number of customizable aspects, including the Revolution Slider and the frequently asked questions section.



In particular, for the purchase of tickets and hotel and car reservations. To achieve this more easily, PayPal is integrated into the plugins.Travel combo packages Plugins allows the buyer to register to pay for the tour and maintain contact with the owner of the travel agencies. It is responsive, which means that it can be viewed optimally on any device.

Also, it has more than four fully customizable columns to place information about the company. Another outstanding feature is that it is compatible with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Thus, you can share content from these websites. On the other hand, it allows users to register to keep abreast of their purchases and even create an online wish list. So if you are looking for plugins that meet the needs of your business, you should consider acquiring Wordpress travel combo packages Plugins.


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