Can I Make B2B Website, Using Adivaha WordPress plugin Platform

Dear Adivaha support Team,

Info is that – I want to make B2B travel portal using third party API integration. So I have some query

1. Which thirty party API will be best Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre for startup OTA B2B travel business?

2. Do you implement”SSLCOMMERZ” payment gateway . This is Bangladeshi payment gateway.

3. Do you services full package : API Integration + Payment Gateway integration+ Domain hosting services.  Do you share your development full package cost?

4. Do I need any official document  for travel API integration.

5. Can I contact with you by skype, my skypeid: ‘alam124XXXX-hidden’ ?

Thank you





alam12 Default Asked on March 7, 2024 in
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Dear Alam,

Thank you for your inquiries. Please see the responses below:

  1. It’s challenging to provide a general answer due to various factors. However, if we were to prioritize, the order would be Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre.
  2. Absolutely, we can assist with integrating any local payment gateway. If it’s pre-integrated, there’s no charge; otherwise, a nominal integration fee applies.
  3. Unfortunately, no, it’s copyrighted.
  4. Yes, you’ll need to obtain all the licenses required by the GDS. Additionally, you must provide your government ID, address proof, and office address as legal documentation.
  5. Certainly, our team will be in touch with you via Skype.

Best Regards,
Team Adivaha Purchased Answered on March 8, 2024.
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