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Start your online Fixed departure marketplace with pre-integrated inventories. Let the other agencies sell their fixed departures in your marketplace under your own branding. B2B fixed departure white label portal offers a dedicated dashboard with smart crm to view, book & manage fixed departure & pre-purchased inventory deals.

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Fixed Departure Flights. Unsold Seats at Last Minute Offers. Save in Seconds. Book Now Online!

What is Fixed Departure Flight Fare?

Fixed Departure Flight Fare is a fare in which is helpful when you think that the days when you want to travel are the peak time of travel. You have limited options to book a flight ticket or the flight fare is very high during this time of travel. You can book your seats in advance for “Fixed Departures“.

Most Popular Routes

We provide you with interesting and exciting tours to different parts of the world. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis disney turien nascete ridiculus duru in the mus nellen.

  • Delhi to Bagdogra
  • Kolkata to Bangkok
  • Mumbai to Ahmedabad
  • Jammu to Delhi
  • Delhi to Port Blair
  • Hyderabad to Banglore
  • Delhi to Goa
  • Guwahati to Jaipur
  • Amritsar to Delhi

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Business is not only about selling rates. Its about selling it through different channels. Onboard your partners regardless of their audience be it B2C, B2B, B2E or a Tour operator. Relax and watch your business growing.

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Customize and build your Fixed departure Android APP online in few minutes.


Fixed Departure Android APP

Build your APP and host it on your Play Store with your own Branding. Let your customer have the last minute deal on their finger tips. adivaha® with a sole goal of helping your customers find the best flight option for their personal travel plans.

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Let your cusotmers book Fix Departure in Just Few Steps


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B2B Fixed Departures Flights Marketplace Solution

At Adivaha, We offer some of the most notable deals on your air flight booking. We keep you informed on modern and well-known airline price ticket booking offers with attractive deals. With the current data and high-quality prices, you can book your flights at the best price.

On our search results for flights page, you can view all flights available in your holiday area. You can also alter the duration of your trip. The airline's requirements can be altered using filters within our search results for flights by selecting direct flights, one-way return flights, or finding the top-quality B2B flight booking site that offers discounts on tickets to airlines. You may also choose multiple airways to get the same return flight, seats, and airport magnificence. Our B2B Fixed Departures Flights Marketplace Solution allows you to change dates, passengers, origin, or destination for excellent cost research.

Why B2B Departures Flights Marketplace Solution?

Its departures Flights Marketplace Solution can convert your site into a comprehensive travel portal. Integrated seamlessly into your new or existing website, our software developers enable the creation of customized vacation packages that meet your client's requirements. We integrate our white-label travel portal on our customers' websites at reasonable costs.

Air ticket booking wordpress pluginB2B Fixed Departures Flights Marketplace Solution

The bundle that includes Flight Bus, Hotel, and a holiday gives you the most refreshing and uplifting motive for selecting the package. It is compatible with the company's B2B and B2C modules and offers the most efficient service experience for your business. The model's view of the company and its compatibility with multi-dimensional capacity makes it a worthy addition to the catalog.

The user interfaces are responsive to users that can be customized to any device to create an enjoyable experience for clients. It is a stable framework. It allows Audi websites and applications to be accessible to as many users as possible. The rules laid out here are used as a reference. The B2B and B2C modules make this software an ideal option.

The pre-integrated GDS and APIs allow it to be usable with different online apps and are worth the price for those looking to purchase. The admin console created to meet the needs of businesses and priorities helps keep your business advancing and more secure.

The choice of payment gateways we use gives our customers an important reason to choose us. The payment gateways that we work with are selected under the terms and conditions of payment, business exposure, and value.

It's not a question of the fact that Departures Flights Marketplace Solution can make agents swoon for magic that will aid them in expanding their businesses. These travel portals are trustworthy due to the high-quality technology they employ to conduct their business.

Our help will help you attain the highest levels of your enterprise. Our dedicated team will ensure that you get everything you want from your white-label travel websites will be provided most effectively.

We have updated the Departures Flights Marketplace Solution to allow you to enjoy a relaxing time as we take care of the entire process for you. One stop for all your travel requirements. We're there to assist you to the fullest extent of your desires. Be part of our community and discover how our clients have been able to trust us with their projects.

What features does the B2B Departures Flights Marketplace Solutions have?

Online B2B Solution provides self-service and digital environments that allow multiple sellers to provide their products and services for business clients. Much like B2C websites, B2B platforms claim to be easier to find the most suitable supplier, enhancing customer satisfaction by making transactions easier and transparent.

  • Focus on office furniture, supplies and equipment, and packaging. However, the category includes other players. One type of service is structured using menu-based services like maintenance, repair, and operational service providers.
  • Typically, it offers transport, travel, IT and technology, temporary staffing, and management of facilities.
  • It offers telecommunications, marketing, energy, and other similar services, rental of real estate, sales, as well as professional and expert services. Examples include Globalist which specializes in digital services. Also, Field Engineer is a platform that provides telecommunications engineers and technicians.
  • The sales portals have developed from the captive portals that major companies developed for their supply networks. It was adapted to other businesses.

The implications of B2B online departures Airs Solution.

The B2B Online marketplace solution for departures flights provides many benefits for businesses. One of the most well-known is increased transparency regarding the availability of services, products, and suppliers and regarding prices and purchase terms. The markets are global as they do not operate in a certain time zone.

On the other hand, sellers also gain access to new clients, a better understanding of pricing structures, and other features and services they would need to be able to create, like cheaper shipping costs or superior marketing analytics. Ultimately, online portals will provide economic benefits and expand possibilities for small-scale sellers.

Speedier and more affordable delivery.

Unlike B2C websites, B2B Departures Flights Marketplace Solution can offer faster delivery time due to its advanced logistical and IT capabilities. Their size enables them to provide extremely affordable freight rates, often better than the rates directly negotiated in current contracts.


Based on the type of industry, the company typically spends between 15 to 30 percent of its earnings in indirect areas, which means savings are plentiful, particularly for those industries that have the highest proportion of indirect costs to total. Private firms may gain the most from this because their spending tends to be less diversified than private firms, and their internal purchasing resources are often less.

Solutions We Provide to Our Valued Customers

B2B Departures Flights API Solution

Its B2B Air Departures API can assist your travel business in expanding its product line and offering travelers numerous options. By offering reservation services for airlines from the world's most renowned GDSs, consolidators, and low-cost carriers, you can expand your reach into the global market and boost your earnings. Offer competitive rates and the most efficient flight schedules.

The B2B Airfare Departures API Integration services allow clients to search for the lowest prices negotiated by searching for different suppliers and showing the most effective results for a certain location or product category. Then, you can get your net rate to add your markup and then sell more and all done automatically through the Booking Engine.

B2B Departures Flights API integration is efficient and reliable and can change travel options online. This API for B2B departures flights solution simplifies booking flights for travel agents and customers. Integration of APIs for booking flights is essential in travel services. This API bundles all travel-related services into one place and ensures that customers get the best deals.

The B2B departures flights API Solution allows travelers access to APIs, XML providers, and the global distribution system. This API integration comes with innovative features that can benefit travel agencies and travelers. Our unique integrated flight reservation API that is multilayered into the portal and flight XML integration is a top-of-the-line supply system for you and your customers.

Our API solution for departures flights allows travel agents to communicate with businesses and provide better customer service. The travel solution that includes an airline's website helps save time and does search and booking a lot easier. Our Fixed Departures B2B Solutions for Flights Marketplace allows agents and other companies to offer flight tickets to B2B/B2C customers using actual-time rates for flights and availability.

Based on the customer's needs, the software for booking flights could connect to one or multiple GDS systems, LCCs, third-party flight APIs, IATA, and non-IATA agents.

Adivaha provides a custom booking system for all travel agencies to enhance their services. Our software includes everything you need to have the capabilities and functions needed to increase your business's revenue and sales channels.

Utilizing the B2B App for Departures Flights, you can enable real-time reservations for international and domestic flights. Global distribution systems will be integrated with the major international and domestic airlines. Our API is an original yet cost-effective method for designing and managing travel reservation applications.

Our expert developers design and develop various flight booking systems, ensuring that you have integrated flight reservation software that can meet your company's requirements at a cost-effective price. Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from our services by making complete reservations through a simple API.

White Label Fixed Departures Flights Marketplace Solution

As an industry-leading Travel Technology Company, we offer innovative white-label solutions for travel professionals and tour operators, travel agencies and travel management companies, and companies that manage destinations to build travel Websites using advanced solutions and packages, transfer, and Activity that automatize the business process of travel and increase revenue.

Our travel experts create and build White-Labels utilizing advanced technology in travel to offer high-end white-label solutions customized according to the client's needs.

This White Label Fixed Departures B2B Marketplace Solution is equipped with the Third Party API Integration feature that seamlessly integrates inventory of travel from global suppliers through your travel website or the website of a travel agency to offer the hotel, flight packages, transfers and activities on the Internet with faster response times and more dynamic travel information to enhance the customers' experience.

We have developed a White Label Solution that allows us to expand our global business and increase the brand's visibility. It is easy to integrate with an internet-based travel portal or website. It allows travel companies to change the name of a successful product and broadens the offerings of travel agents and businesses.

We provide various products that help technology to provide travel agencies and other suppliers with the best solutions. We give our customers the tools needed to provide the best travel experience for their customers.

The White Label Fixed Departures Flights Marketplace Solution allows you to transform your website into a complete travel portal. Integrated seamlessly on your current or brand-new website. Our software developers permit the creation of customized holiday packages that cater to your client's requirements. White-label Travel integrates our solutions to customers' websites for a reasonable price.

The White Label fixed departures Marketplace Solution is ideal for Travel Agencies who want to offer services through the Representatives of Registered Agents. The B2B Module's services are not accessible to registered customers. Agents can access the services.

Our system permits the complete registration of agents, as well as managing discounts by category, along with markup and discount management. The White Label, Fixed Departures Marketplace, gives a powerful mid-office to every agent to monitor the number of bookings, sales, and business volume.

We have a White Label Fixed Departures Flights Marketplace System that easily assists travelers in booking services. It allows payments using various payment options such as debit and credit accounts, internet banking, etc. Available through your payment processing gateway.

Why do we need White Label Solutions for B2B Flight Departures?

White-Labeling allows a business or service provider access to a huge distribution network via their reselling partners. This allows resellers to increase their offerings without the difficulties of creating their goods by hand. The principle of white-labeling is confidentiality since the customers who purchase the products, in the end, need to be made aware of the originator or manufacturer of their product. Therefore, many goods and services are white-labeled and sold by large brands without their customers knowing they are doing it.

B2B Flights Marketplace Solution

Single is a highly dynamic marketplace for B2B flights Development. Single is a platform that meets the requirements of numerous B2B travel businesses. The complete solution is extremely helpful to sub-agents, agents, tour operators, as well as companies. With the help of the B2B Flights Marketplace Solution, you can reserve hotels, car flights, and more. The process of creating customized tour packages is quick and simple.

We strive to provide top-quality services to customers seeking travel planning, booking, and configuration support. We will provide you with a top-quality travel experience when you use our website. Choose our outstanding B2B flights Marketplace Solution and grow your travel business more effectively!

What B2B Flights Marketplace Solution can benefit your company?

B2B's Flights Marketplace provides your business with many benefits. One of the most notable is automated reservations and bookings. It helps you save long hours searching for and booking various events.

We provide excellent solutions for tour operators, travelers, travel agencies, aggregators, and consolidators. Our top-rated web-based interface assists in the efficient operation of the system. It allows access to various services, which increases the retention of clients.

Another major benefit to this B2B Flights Marketplace Solution is the cost-effective approach. The capability to alter or alter different aspects of the prices for travel immediately results in maximum revenues and fewer operating and maintenance costs.

Additionally, you can get actual-time information on the availability of flights and hotel reservations, transfer to airports, hotel reservations, and many more! It also gives you crucial information to customers, as well as access to various well-known GDS systems and more.

Flights Marketplace Plugin Solution

The main goal of this system is to provide an integrated and complete software solution for all areas of the tourism business. This WordPress Flights plugin solution differs from the reservation system for airlines and other areas related to it. This plugin is used for developing, programming, and selling various reservation systems used by travel companies and multinational corporations.

A revolutionary solution that will assist your airline booking business in growing effectively and efficiently. This software for booking airline tickets is ideal for any company that wants to establish an effective ticket-booking service.

The WordPress Flights Plugin Solution is a software application that lets users manage the entire ticket reservation process within one application. Integrating it with the Global Distributed System, the online ticket booking system offers an online ticket booking service that provides real-time information for agents and passengers to complete their booking.

This WordPress Flights Marketplace Plugin system provides users special rates and inventory information. The WordPress Flights Marketplace plugin WordPress is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the aviation industry. It's a complete online booking tool.

Integrating Flight APIs to your travel platform lets your B2C clients and agents buy airline tickets online with live pricing and availability. WordPress the Flights Marketplace plugin Solution removes the need to access various supplier systems to find the most competitive price for your customers since the content for international flights is accessible via a single user interface.

A WordPress Flights Marketplace Plugin system is just one way to reserve flight tickets. The system also assists in tourism by offering various reservation software. The plugin's functions include the software to make reservations for flights, hotels, tourist services, and airport software.

This software for airlines provides users with a lot of flexibility as they can manage and control the entire system anywhere and at any point. If you're looking for additional features, you are able to add them to your system.

Departures Flight App Solution

The software has revolutionized how people travel, their destinations and when and how they share their travel experiences. It also has allowed the decentralization of travel, allowing travelers to book hotels, flights, and adventure tours easily. Thanks to technological advances, traveling has become enjoyable and convenient, allowing passengers to connect to the Internet during flights, book accommodation in advance, and read reviews of hotels and restaurants.

It's also changing the way travel companies operate, allowing real-time inventory, pricing, and demand monitoring. This allows travel businesses to provide greater value to their customers by gathering data on their clients, improving their customer service, and allowing their customers to share their experiences with others. As the travel industry expands and businesses expand their offerings, they are constantly creating new technology and software solutions to address real-world challenges.

The travel industry remains an extremely diverse space. Different strategies, models, and processes make it difficult to create products that meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of consumers. In addition, the diversity of the travel industry makes it challenging to make a single product get widespread acceptance.


In this article we have taken a look through what the Flexible Departures Fixed Flights Marketplace Solution is accessible for the industry of travel, what benefits this solution ought to include, and offer some predictions about how this will develop in the coming years of the rapidly-changing business.

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