In order to connect to the supplier of your choice, you need to log into your dashboard and then navigate to my apps. Here you’ll find all the suppliers that you can connect with. All the models are separated so you don’t have to purchase the services that you don’t need. Suppose in this demo we would like to connect to the Travelport Galileo uAPI.

In this demo, we’ll activate “Travelport” uAPI flights. So for that, we will log in into the dashboard, then navigate to “My Apps“, and then find “Travelport Flights“. Click on “Activate”. Once activated, you will then find the newly activated app in “Website Settings” wherein you can set up your Travelport API credentials.

Once you are finished with setting up the API credentials and other configurations you can then navigate to the “Combined search box” and “Activate” it. You can deactivate any other Flights module you may have by simply switching it off from the “Combined Searchbox” menu.

Your application is now having a full-fledged flight booking system based on Travelport API. In the very same way, you can activate the hotel supplier of your choice, enter your credentials and enable it in the “Combined Search Box”