Here are eight reasons why you should start a travel business in India if you still need to decide if that’s your career path.

You don’t have to be an experienced entrepreneur or elite to start a travel business, and you don’t even have to be a travel expert. A new travel business will be started with us every two days in 2023. Having a passion for travel.

What It Takes to Open a Travel Agency?

First, those who are already thinking of spending the rest of their lives between beaches, deserts, mountains, and hotels must consider some fundamental points. A travel agent only travels some of the time. He rarely travels. His task is to organize trips based on customer requests and to work to ensure that everything is perfect, the accommodation facilities, customs procedures, excursions made with other means of transport, the presence of tourist guides and translators, the assistance in the event of an unexpected event, and so on.

Of course, the opportunity for a low-cost trip out of season may arise for those who work in franchising, but the travel agent’s profession is by no means relaxing or adventurous. Instead, it requires a strong spirit of responsibility and sacrifice.

Whatever the chosen formula, the beginning of the business marks the actual work phase, proposing and selling travel packages organized by tour operators.

In this area, those who travel a lot have an advantage, given that they know the technical and bureaucratic difficulties encountered along the way, visas, customs controls, documents for minors, reservations, currency and time changes, seasons, climate, and any other element which determines the success of a trip. Even choosing the most prepared and professional supplier takes work. The tourism market is saturated, and low-cost competition is always open. One idea that should be considered is taking a certain liberty and organizing niche trips. Still, it concerns independent agents, not tied to a brand, and above all, experts and technically competent.

Tour operators are large and rather complex organizations. Their activity is to create complete tourist packages, which include travel, means of transport, accommodation facilities, entertainment, the availability of tourist guides, the purchase of tickets for admission to museums or concerts, participation in courses and training when the trip is structured as a holiday dedicated to studying or sports training. The tour operator’s job consists of organizing the different services a trip can consist of, creating the final tourist package, and taking into account current trends and possible adversities.

As mentioned, the agency plays the role of retailer of the predefined packages but often proposes itself as an organizer, offering a complete service. In this case, a certain experience is required, as well as establishing collaborations in the destination countries. This explains why some agencies specialize in trips that concern specific destinations. In this sense, one’s passion for a specific geographical area can be useful.

The travel agent has the task of making customers’ dreams come true. He must be attentive to requests and needs, precise, responsible, and determined. His job is to provide a service, to sell a product on behalf of a supplier, with all the risks and consequences that may ensue.

The majority of travel agencies deal with tourism throughout Italy and abroad. Some, on the contrary, promote periods of stay, holidays, and tours in their territory, a type of activity that requires perfect knowledge of the geographical context of reference, not only from a tourist point of view but also from a cultural, food and wine, historical and artistic point of view. An agency that intends to make its territory known to tourists must necessarily be able to propose itineraries dedicated to sport, nature, art, local traditions, and the landscape, organizing recreational activities, excursions, and thematic itineraries.

Join a travel company or go it alone?

The first question anyone will need to answer when starting a travel business that can be run online is, “should I go it alone?”? Should I join a well-established company?’

Both options have pros and cons, and only you can choose which is right for you.

According to the British Franchise Association, franchises, or joining another company, have grown exponentially in India over the last 20 years. But why? It’s pretty clear from this fact.

A franchise business becomes profitable within two years, while half of all independent businesses fail within that timeframe.

What makes people pay money to start an online travel business?

Most people join travel franchises to start their own travel business for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The availability of a ready-made, tried-and-tested business model
  • In addition to the initial and ongoing support, training is essential
  • By investing, you become a part of a business with a strong financial base
  • Compliance with legal requirements, systems, and procedures is less of a worry
  • The use of a trusted, reputable brand in the market, with authority

Eight reasons why you should start an online travel business

Here are eight reasons why you should start an online travel business. What are the advantages of starting a travel business? You’ll need to invest money, time, energy, and effort.

We’ve compiled a list of our franchisee’s top 8 reasons for starting your own travel business. Each began as you did, contemplating a future and its next steps.

Earning potential is unlimited.

With this, you can make your budget as much as you want. As a rule of thumb, you get out of it what you put into it. You can earn unlimited money through your referral link when someone books a holiday. The commission you earn on flights, beach trips, luxury holidays, cruises, airport parking, guided tours, and attraction tickets is unlimited.

Franchisees at our company earn six-figure incomes. Their remarkable customer service was the key to making it happen, along with hard work and determination.

Remote work flexibility

The business can be run part-time while you maintain your current job. Travel consulting can be done at weekends/evenings while you keep your full-time job.

You can book your holidays from anywhere worldwide as long as you have a phone, a laptop, and an internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or traveling the world. Our flexible lifestyles allow you to tailor them to your preferences and needs.

Travel opportunities will increase.

To run a successful travel business, you should travel as much as possible. As you travel, you will have more experiences to share with your customers and more imagery on social media to encourage people to book with you.

By traveling more and learning about a country’s destinations, you can become an expert in that country or type of travel.

You will likely be able to participate in organized trips since you will work with many tour operators and holiday suppliers.

There are a lot of perks.

Additionally, travel businesses are popular because they offer incredible travel benefits and extra income. It is part of your job package to receive discounts and perks as a travel agent.

Bookings and travel through airlines and other suppliers may be eligible for travel industry discounts. Aside from that, you’ll have the opportunity to research and educate yourself about hundreds of wonderful destinations, making it easier to plan your vacation.

An excellent product to sell

You’re sure to get attention whenever you talk about travel. The language is universal. Choosing a specialty is the only thing you need to do. The key to success in this competitive industry is to specialize in a type of travel or a destination.

Our company has franchisees specializing in India and luxury trips and family vacations. Our supplier training days give everyone access to these places not only through travel to the places themselves but also through supplier training days.

You don’t need an office.

Online travel businesses can be run from home without paying for office space. As a result, your business can save a great deal of money on expenses. A computer, the internet, a phone, and an email address (which we will provide) are required to run a travel business from home. There is majority of people are satisfied with staying at home.

Over time, some of our franchise owners have grown their businesses, hired employees, and developed beautiful offices with world maps on the wall, plasma screens, and brochures in the lounge area. Sometimes, a portion of the house has been converted into an office.

No any formal education is required.

Our participants need more travel experience before joining us. In our 5-day training, they begin with a lot of knowledge. Still, after receiving the most in-depth industry training, we’ve seen courier drivers, biochemists, estate agents, teachers, and other professionals become certified personal travel consultants.

Good news: To work and succeed in this industry, you do not have to have a university degree. The training we provide will cover everything you need to know. It won’t just be at the beginning but throughout your entire career.

It will make you feel good!

The most satisfying feeling is when you sell holidays. Everyone enjoys discussing holidays, vacations, special events, and items on bucket lists. It’s not the same as selling something that people don’t A) Need or A) Want.

Numerous studies have proven that having a regular holiday schedule reduces the risk of developing heart disease. The bottom line is that it’s not just about making money to work at what you enjoy… It’s all about creating memories that will last to share with others.

Making Money as a Travel Agent

It is obvious and simple that travel agents make money by selling travel! Instead of focusing on high-level concepts such as air tickets or hotel booking, we want to focus on what a travel agent can sell. Travel agents have so many possibilities for generating revenue for their businesses that the possibilities are almost endless.


Travel agents earn money primarily by receiving commissions from sales of travel. Flight commissions, accommodation commissions, tours commissions, car rental commissions, entertainment commissions, insurance commissions, etc. There is always a commission when an agent sells travel. Still, it differs depending on who the agent buys the travel from and whether the agent is affiliated with a consortium or host agency, which also takes a percentage of the commission.

In addition to selling add-ons such as additional days of travel, tours, and trip insurance, travel agents can earn more commission by selling these services. To illustrate what a commission could look like, consider how a travel agent would charge a couple who purchased a five-night, six-day cruise. Besides earning commissions from cruises, the travel agent might also earn more if the travelers also purchase trips and trip insurance from the cruise line. Perhaps they will stay an extra night at the final destination, increasing commissions for the agent.

Service Fees

A travel agent may also charge a set service fee to all clients in addition to commissions when booking travel. All travel agents will have a different approach to this. Some travel agents charge a service fee (ranging from $100-$250+) for all trips, while others charge just for helping plan the journey.

Agents can also charge clients to plan and build an itinerary and let the client book their travel instead of booking all of the travel for them. When the travel plans are completed, the travel agent might provide them to the client for free after charging a flat fee for “planning.”

Group Tours

Because of the large number of travelers at one time, planning group tours can be a lucrative money avenue for travel agents. Group travel is an area where many travel agents specialize, whether it is planning family reunions, weddings, hobbies, or sports trips.

Travel agents, for instance, may book 50 cabins on a cruise and work on filling each one. Depending on the niche, they might promote a specific hobby or event that could encourage many people to book a cruise at once. Travel agents earn a commission from 50 cabins instead of one when a one-time traveler books a cabin.

Due to the high-income potential of group travel, many agents will only work with groups. The revenue that some agents generate is derived primarily from planning 1-2+ large travel groups each year. Taking advantage of group travel opens up an entire world of possibilities, which brings us to our next method of making money: Niche Travel.

Niche Travel

In addition to creating group trips, travel agents can become a go-to source for travelers searching for a particular type of travel experience or focusing on a niche. In some cases, agents even run two businesses under one umbrella, selling travel worldwide and specializing in a particular niche. For instance, a travel agent might sell cruises and resort packages but run a wine and food travel business.

Even though niche travel can take many forms, here are a few examples:

Surprise travel: This phenomenon has been growing in popularity. Travel agents book entire trips for their clients, but the travelers aren’t informed of their destination until the day before the trip or when they arrive at the airport!

Sports travel: Booking hotels, activities, and transportation for 50 people attending a sporting event can be done through an agent who rents a charter bus.

Destination wedding and honeymoon plans: This is a great option for couples who love weddings and honeymoons!

Historical buildings: Many agents specialize exclusively in historical experiences, and these agents are passionate about them. In addition to knowing each park’s ins and outs, they can help customize your trip to meet your family’s needs.

Consider a niche based on the needs of a particular demographic. When booking a trip, someone specializing in special needs travel will know what to look for, what accommodations may be necessary, where to rent equipment, etc.

In addition to the niches mentioned above, many others have yet to be considered. You can find niche travel experiences by asking where your passion lies and seeing what travel experiences you can get from them.

Corporate Travel

Another option for your travel business is to focus on corporate travel. Most agents specialize in booking corporate travel rather than leisure travel. The advantage of this is that you will have your main clients and you will be able to book travel for them continuously. Because you know the quantity of corporate travel is greater, you can earn great commissions from commissions when you book flights, accommodations, and rental cars. In addition to incentive travel, corporate travel can also include group retreats and events.

Bottom line

People who join us usually have no prior travel experience. As a result, when they begin our initial mandatory training, everything is completely new to them. Our training and support are the best in the industry, however.

It is good news that you are not required to have a university degree or any formal education to enter and succeed in this field. During your training, we’ll give you all the information you need. We’ll provide you with all the training you’ll ever need, not just at the start. People love discussing vacations, trips, special occasions, and bucket lists. You aren’t selling something that people don’t need or want. There’s nothing more satisfying than being paid to do something you enjoy doing…