Airlines and travel agents have been using Global distribution system (GDS) for almost 30 years. They have become a pivotal part of the travelling industry. One can say that, travelling would be difficult without a GDS.

To understand how the travel industry works, you need to understand how a GDS connects the world. A GDS is an online network for companies within the travel industry, it can connect travel agencies with airlines, hotels, car rentals etc. A GDS takes content from suppliers and makes it available to distributors. Let’s take an example of suppliers and distributors, Airlines have reservation systems, they keep track of their inventory, inventory is the number of seats that are booked or are available to be booked. A GDS has access to this inventory through a contract, the GDS then gives access to travel agencies. If a travel agency were to book a seat, the GDS makes sure that the airline reservation system gets this information and the inventory is updated, in this case airlines are the suppliers and travel agencies are the distributors.

 Just like airlines in this example, a GDS has access to many other suppliers. When a customer approaches a travel agency to book a vacation, the travel agency will then use a GDS to access thousands of flights, hotel and other requirements like car rentals, to provide their customer with the most suitable options available. After reviewing these options with the customer, the travel agency can use the same GDS to book the best option. GDS’ are vital for the ever-growing travel industry as more suppliers and distributors come to fore. The need for access to the expanding network continues to grow. A GDS helps suppliers reach more travellers and helps agencies give travellers more options.

Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport are the ‘big three’ within the GDS industry. They are responsible for vast majority of travel agency bookings.

Features of a GDS

  • Become more visible to agents and travellers through a more proactive marketing, focused towards travel agencies, consortiums and corporate accounts. It’s the most used booking method for consortiums and for negotiated corporate rates.
  • Get bookings by agents 24×7, never let a moment go to waste by getting bookings from all around the globe.
  • Get real time results and bookings.
  • Get all your customers travelling needs fulfilled through this one stop shop.
  • Little maintenance required.
  • Expand coverage to corporate and leisure travellers through special programs that allow year-round booking.
  • Achieve all your marketing needs through a single window interface

Benefits of a GDS

  • They help you in increasing your customer base.
  • Due to its real time status update feature, you can view price change which helps you in altering price points and make special offers.
  •  Agents can view price change instantly and can suggest new updates and offers to clients, to make a swift deal without any interruptions or delays.
  • Easy connectivity
  • Customers will stay on your website while booking, making it convenient for them and monetarily beneficial for you

How does Adivaha help you with GDS?

As a website owner, your priority is to create a site that has a nice user interface. You want your website to look good on every device like, on a laptop, on a mobile etc. At Adivaha we work ardently towards delivering the best product to you. Our team will implement different techniques to improve your presence on the web, we will also provide you with technical support, helping you with maintenance and optimization of your website. We offer you with the best GDS XML/API integration solutions. Our solutions provide you with a suave interface with the GDS that you have signed with, whether it’s Amadeus, Galileo or Sabre, we also simplify managing your website and GDS rates for you.

GDS systems provided by us for hotel and airline bookings, come with multiple options depending on your business model. We provide, business to business(B2B), business to customer(B2C) and business to business to customer(B2B2C), we also provide you with an admin module.

Our GDS XML/API integration will give your travel agency access to the inventory of, thousands of airlines, hotels and car rental services, and will also let you book them in real time. We are the leading service providers of GDS integration in various web-based applications throughout the globe. We specialise in travel agency portal and website development services.

Our portfolio contains of expansive experience of developing internet booking engines (IBE) and integrating different GDS functionalities for many airline companies. Our experience and expertise in designing and developing different types of IBE’s and integrating them with various GDS has made us a global leader in this service area.

Adivaha offers their services throughout the world, boasting of clients from countries like London, Australia and United Arab Emirates. We offer online travel agency solution to our clients for various business sizes and modes of operation including Online, B2B, B2C, B2B2C.

At Adivaha you will receive lifelong customer support, we will personally cater to all your needs, making sure that your website stays up and running.