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I need you to build a travel website whose main activity will be to sell accommodation, tours, airport transfers, car rental, restaurant listings, events listings and banner space online. The design of the website should be professional and easy on the eye. The design, structure and functionalities of the website will be mostly like the following website: ###  Property owners, Tours/Excursions providers, Airport Transfers providers, Car rental companies, Restaurants owners and event organizers can post their offers online through a CMS interface. Admin must approve their listing before it goes live. Those wishing to insert a banner Ad, should also have an interface to do so. For banner advertising also, admin needs to approve before the Ad goes live. The advertisers do not pay any listing fee but a commission is taken by us everytime a booking is made. When a booking is made (accommodation, tours, e.t.c) on the website, we intend to take a percentage of the fee. This may vary per booking. The idea is for example clientA books accommodation for a value of $1000. We charge him 15% of the $1000 and he pays the remaining 85% to the accommodation owner when he arrives. The 15% will be our commission. We should be able to set the commission rate for each travelproduct/Client in the CMS. Banners and events, will be charged per time period and per event respectively. Restaurants can be listed at an annual fee. The website will have to be able to accept credit cards payment. We do not have a merchant account and would prefer to use a Third Party merchant for now. You will have to advise us on a Third Party Merchant / Payment Gateway to choose. Then you will have to integrate it with the website so that we can accept payment by credit cards. Bear in mind that we are located in Mauritius and that not all are suitable for Mauritius. For example for the time being we cannot accept payment with paypal in Mauritius. Preferably it should be a payment gateway where a merchant account is included (e.g stripe, Braintree, paypal..). You must have used a few of them, so your input will be valuable. The main sections of the website are: Again see ### to have an idea. The look should be more or less the same.
• Homepage
• About Country ( Overview, Traveller Essentials, Culture, Photo Gallery etc )
• See & Do ( Tours, Activities, Attractions, Events etc )
• Eat, Drink & Shop ( Restaurants, Pubs, Malls etc )
• Where to Stay ( Hotels, Villas, Apartments etc )
• Transportation ( Car Rentals, Airport Transfers etc )
• Advertisers Register/login We will send a detailed website structure to the 5 preselected freelancers. The Homepage, Accommodation Page and Tour Page, should look like, Homepage### The CMS We have a preference for Drupal. But all suggestions are welcome. All aspects of the website must be fully CMS controlled. The CMS must control the design/structure of the website, as well as bookings, SEO, reports on sales, invoices, booking status etc. We also must be able to insert meta tags through the cms for individual pages. We intend to buy a few domain names targeted at specific keywords. Therefore I should be able to use the same structure and CMS for the the different websites. I should be able to change color tones, menu etc. Must be able to track bookings from each of these websites individually. Affiliate websites must have separate logins to track earnings and traffic. CMS Training & CMS Documentation must be provided Other Elements of the website
• Must be W3C compliant
• Must be search engine friendly
• Google Analytics integration
• Quick loading pages
• No use of flash
• JQuery slide shows
• Clean and organized layout
• Clear and simple navigation menu
• Search box with filters
• XML sitemap
• Reviews from past clents
• Website must be compatible with all major browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera).
• Website must provide a consistent experience regardless of the device being used, whether they use a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or smart-TV.
• Website must be developed using “Responsive design” technique.
• Social Media Integration(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube)
• Users are to be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to email lists and e-newsletter
• Compose e-newsletter through the CMS.
• Must be able to send emails/newsletters to multiple recipients from the email list.
• Integrated reservations system
• Realtime inventory management
• There must be a “Warranty Period” of at least 3 months following the lauch of the website.
• Intellectual property: All work carried out will be owned by us.
• All web pages must be shareable to social websites.
• In order to have “safe & secure” transactions, the website must have an SSL certificate. Please make sure you include projects that you have completed as we need references. Do not send us references of projects which are not travel related. Only those who have experience in travel websites and CMS programming will be considered. We need a company/freelancer who will be available for maintenance and upgrading of the website in the future. We are looking for a company/freelancer to build an ongoing relationship with. We will send a more detailed project brief to those shortlisted. All suggestions and input from you regarding our project are welcomed. .

Best Regards, Prisula

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Hi Prisula,

Please check your inbox. Feel free to ask us in case you have any questions.

Adivaha Team


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