How to Use the SABRE Booking API in Your Website Integrations?

Hi, i have this project
The scope of work shall include but not limited to;

  1. Implementation of Sabre Hotel Api into the TravelAfric ( travel portal
  2. Ensure that the complete Hotel component of the travel portal is fully functional and ready for effective use in terms;
  • Searching for Hotels on the portal
  • Applying filters to hotel searches
  • Booking a Hotel/Room on the portal
  • Making payment for hotels
  • Receiving Vouchers for reserved or paid for hotels
  1. Assist in integrating a seamless payment solution on the portal
  2. Provide further assistance during test run and initial launch of the travel portal

Can you leyt me know how much it will cost me to have this intergration on my php website

dhotte Default Asked on June 4, 2021 in
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Dear Dhotte,

Thanks for posting your query. It will cost you $2499 or the Sabre Hotel plugin excluding the User and Developer license. You need to speak to your local Sabre office to learn more about the licenses.  Once your contracting is at place, you can then order the plugin.

adivaha® Service Desk
Travel Technology Company Purchased Answered on June 7, 2021.
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