How to start an online travel affiliate business

By end of this article, you will have all the information you need to know before you start your online travel business. If your only wish is to monetize the traffic you are generating through your landing pages, or you don’t want to get into trouble of handling customer care. A metasearch engine is a best-suited package for you. It comes with 7 Modules ie. Hotels, Flights, Tours, Car Rentals, Activities, and Sightseeing.

This business is the best for affiliates, startups, who’s motive is to bring their online presence with minimum investment or monetize their existing traffic. Your customers will be able to search for prices offered by different big players and customers can book the cheapest among them. This lets your customer find the best deal and saves time while searching for the best deal on different websites. Every booking is tracked through Cookies and you earn 2% in flight booking and 5% in the hotel booking. This is the best and most effective solution to put your first step towards the travel business. This project is somewhere close to the concept of Skyscanner, HotelsCombined, etc.

How to start an online travel business

How to start an online travel affiliate business

Travel Booking Engine is the best-fit solution for full-time travel agents, travel agencies offering customer support to their customers with 100% branding. From search availability, bookings, confirmation emails to vouchers, everything under your branding. In this business, adivaha® offers you the inventories under your umbrella. You can add your own markup on top of the net fares received by our suppliers and sell/invoice it to your customers. Any settlements will be made through one single deposit, this way, you don’t have to maintain deposits with various different suppliers. You will have to maintain a sufficient balance in deposits for bookings to operate. Wire Transfer and Online payment are the two-mode of payments that adivaha® accepts funds from. This solution comes with detailed reporting of all your visitors, funds, profits, and much more. This project is somewhere close to the concept of Expedia, Agoda, etc.

How to start online travel B2B business

Into B2B Business? Our B2B platform lets you onboard your agents and agencies onto the platform under your branding. The solution comes with an Expense management system to track and trace credit and debits. You and your agents will have full control over pricing and receive a detailed report about how their business is doing. Each onboarded agent has to be moderated by the Admin before they get into their dashboard.

How to start an online travel B2E business

Dealing with corporates? adivaha® B2E (Business to Enterprise) is the solution managing your policies and approval workflows for each onboarded Corporate. Define different rules and assign roles to users with few clicks. Detailed reporting helps you monitor your business and can be integrated into the invoicing software of your choice.

How to start an online travel planner business

This plugin lets your customers design their multiday tour itinerary by themselves. They can enjoy all the freedom to choose different services like Hotels, Flights, Transfers, and Activities from the inventories and book them all at once. End customers can even build and download their itinerary to receive the best deals in offline bookings. If you are a travel agency, you can follow up with them with your best offerings.

Third-Party API integration

Whether you are looking for quick API integration in your existing website or if you are thinking of having a fresh new website. You can use our solutions to get your online travel business up and running within a very short span of time. that too, with the supplier of your choice. All you need to have is the API Keys that you receive from the supplier at the time of contracting. You just feed your API keys in the back office and you are done. You are free to use any of our solutions, like, Plugins, SDK, Whitelabels, B2B, etc based on your API. This way, the business dealing will all be between you and your supplier and you will use our solution just as an interface. We have ready-made solutions for the suppliers like Amadeus, Travelport Galileo, Hotelbeds, TBO, Via, KIWI, Restel, Duffel, Viator, etc. This web-based Software not only helps you in bringing your business up and running, it even helps you with advance back office with detailed reporting and customization features.

Travel Plugins/SDK

Love your existing website and find a way to integrate the travel booking engine seamlessly into it. Our Travel Plugins/SDK is the quickest way to integrate real-time travel booking features into your existing site. Customize the SDK with colors and images as per your existing site. You have total control over how it looks through CSS. SDK lets you connect to the supplier of your choice or you are free to use the inbuilt inventories for real-time travel booking services.

White label Travel Portal

Do not want to dirty your hands in technicalities? If so, the White label travel portal is the best solution for you. It comes with interchangeable designs, easy back office, and much more. Connect the White label solution to the supplier of your choice. Just feed your API keys into the admin and you are done. Bookings to confirmation emails are all set to Go-LIVE! You are free to use the inbuilt inventories, the case if you do not have direct contracting with the suppliers.

Travel Mobile Apps development

Your private branded Mobile APP is hosted on your Play or Apple store. From Meta Search Engine to Booking Engine to B2B, we offer them all. Modern layout, tightly integrated to the back office. Take benefit of detailed reporting of customers, bookings, and much more.