API stands for Application programming interface. It is a set of, well defined rules which helps an application to interact with certain system/libraries/application etc. It is intended to simplify the implementation and maintenance of software. An API can take forms, but often includes specification for routines data structures, object classes, variable or remote calls. POSIX, Windows API and ASPI are examples of different forms of APIs. Documentation for the API is usually provided to facilitate usage and implementation.

 In more layman terms, imagine going to a restaurant for lunch. You don’t know what’s on the menu, and they don’t know what you want. How can you communicate? You can go to the kitchen, ask them for their menu, decide, go back to the kitchen to give them your order, go back for the third time to collect your food and finally go back for the fourth time to pay your bill. Sounds like a lot of work, right? But a restaurant will have a waiter, who will do all these tasks for you, he will act as a conduit between you and the kitchen, saving precious time and effort for both, you and the restaurant. The waiter here is a perfect example of an API. An API communicates on your behalf and saves you both time and effort. Another good example of an API would be apps like Zomato, where instead of going to individual restaurants you can get many menus with a simple search.

How does an API help?

  • It saves you a lot of time and effort by doing all the work on your behalf.
  • It also provides your customer and you with security. An API communicates with servers on your behalf, protecting you and your customers from information theft.
  • APIs make service provision more flexible. APIs help you prepare for the future by making data migration easier and by viewing information more closely.
  • Through API your customers can customize the content and services that they use the most.

Adivaha Hotels and Flights Commission based API

A hotels and flights API acts on your behalf and, interacts with multiple websites to provide you with tailor made results. Instead of going to multiple websites you can get all the required information to plan your trip through a simple search. API also books the ticket on your behalf and provides your customers with PNR number and other booking details, its features are not limited to providing you with search results, it also provides you with the finished product.

Adivaha provides you with the best commission-based Hotels and Flights API solution, we provide you with 10% commission on hotel bookings and 3% commission on flight bookings. This is the highest commission available in the affiliate market.

Our Plugins are fully customizable and can seamlessly integrate in your WordPress website.

We also act as technical backend, providing free assistance for any technical issue. We also provide you with multiple home page Layouts.

With us, your customers also get pre-insured flight connectivity. They can book or cancel flights and hotels without leaving your website, increasing their session duration on your website.

At Adivaha you can avail both private and public APIs

Benefits of getting a private API:-

  • Streamlined Website Development- Using an API will make the website code more streamlined and transparent. Using common API documentation will ease the development process.
  • Saves Time- Streamlined website development increases collaboration efficiency and easier development, you can create more functional workflows and allocate resources in a more advantageous manner. This way, you can speed up your development significantly and roll out the website sooner.